Easy wall is a mobile application that has been around for more than a couple of years now. Since there are many scam apps out there, it's now making it very difficult to identify a legitimate app that pays. You might have discovered this app called Easy wall while browsing through the internet or through all these online advertisements. But the question now is, is it a legitimate app that pays users or just a scam app that only use it users to make money for itself alone then leaving them empty handed?
We want to help you make an informed decision before using this app, and to answer all the above questions, let's take a few steps to learn more about the app before we get to conclusion. This will be helpful to those who are new to the app and wants to know how it really works.

What is Easy wall?

When heard of the name "Easy wall", you might have been wondering about the type of Easy wall this is. During our research, we discovered that there are other apps including a company called Easy wall. But this particular Easy wall we are discussing about here is an application that rewards users for playing games. That simply means it will get you paid to do things you love and have been doing without getting paid for.

Ways to make money on Easy wall:

playing games:

Easy wall is an app that has been around for more than a couple of years now. With this app, you can earn money by playing games sponsored by third-party partners, and this is the only way you can earn money on this app.

It is important to note that finding games on Easy Wall is not that easy, meaning that games are not always available, as they are not created by Easy wall itself but rather sponsored by third-party partners. However, the app has made it easier to locate games by providing a "Discover" button that displays all available games that you can choose from when you click. So you can take little of your time to browse through the options and select the games that best suit your preferences.

Before choosing a game to play, it is essential to read and understand the requirements. Some games reward you per game level, while others pay at the end of the game. Therefore, it is crucial to select games that you have a higher chance of winning to maximize your earnings. Additionally, ensure that you are playing the game online as this is the only way Easy Wall can track your progress and reward you accordingly.

When you click on a game of your choice, Easy Wall will redirects you to another website or app to download and install the game. The game you download through Easy Wall features an ID that enables Easy wall to track your progress and reward you accordingly. Any amount you earn from playing games is credited to your Easy Wall account. Later we will discuss about the payout options the app offer.

How much can you make from playing games offered by Easy wall?

We can not directly tell the amount of points you can make from playing these games because it all depends on some factors .

Firstly, the amount of points you can earn will depend on the game you choose to play. Some games may offer higher rewards while some lower. For instance, a game that requires more time and effort to play and win will offer more points than a game that is simple and quick. Additionally, some games may offer bonus points for completing certain tasks or challenges, which can boost your earnings.

Secondly, the flexibility of the game will also determine how much money you can make. Some games require you to play continuously for a long time, while others allow you to play in short bursts. If you have a busy schedule, you may not have enough time to play games that require continuous play, which could limit your earning potential.

Thirdly, the frequency of playing games is also a crucial factor. If you play games regularly, you are likely to earn more points and, therefore, more rewards. However, if you only play games occasionally, your earning potential will be limited.

Easy Wall withdrawal:

This is always the most important part of every earning apps, before we can conclude if the app is legit or scam, we first need to talk about this, this will be helpful to some people.
To request payment from the app you will have to earn and reach the minimum withdrawal threshold which is 1,000,000 (One million) points.
While testing the app, it can take you several days to reach this withdrawal threshold which could make you to finally give up after much effort. This is one of the important things to consider before using the app because you might end up not gaining anything from it.

Is Easy wall app safe to use?

Regarding if the app is safe to use, of course the answer is yes, while scanning the app, there was no malware found, meaning that it is safe to use. Not just that, the app has been verified by popular app stores like Google play (Google play protect), so you can use it safely without attacking or spying on your device. However, it is advisable to download the app from a secure website or app.

Is Easy wall app legit or scam?

If you were looking for a reliable app that will get you paid to play games, we suggest you find other ways. The red flag on this app is the high withdrawal threshold which is 1 million points giving $10. This can take you several days to reach which could later result in giving up halfway.
We can not guarantee you will receive payment from this app. So it is advisable to find a reliable app that will reward you to play games.