Money Game review: is money game real or fake?

If you have been looking for an opportunity to earn extra cash online playing games; Money game is a mobile application that claims you will get paid to play games, watch advertisement videos, complete tasks such as downloading apps and others. However, we can't doubt such claim since we will finds out at the end of this review.

It's an exciting mobile app that rewards your gaming skills and offers various ways to earn coins. Whether you love playing action packed adventures or mind bending puzzles, there are games you might really like to play 

Money Game provides additional opportunities to grow your earnings on the app. By watching advertisement videos, you can contribute to the app's ecosystem while unlocking even more chances to make money. Plus, completing tasks like downloading apps expands your horizons and adds to your financial gains.

Since there are many fake apps and websites out there that claims they pay but ends up not paying, now the question is that, is money game a legit app that pays or just a scam app that do not pay at all? 
This is always the same questions that always comes to people's mind anytime opportunities like this lunches.

Here we are going to help you make an informed decision. Before we can point out if this app is legit or scam, let's take you through some steps to show you all the necessary things you are to know about the app by listing out all it earning options.

Ways to earn money on Money Game:

1: Playing games:

Money game is a mobile application that has been around for more than a couple of months now. The app has a clean interface and is very user-friendly. The main way to earn from this app is by playing games. As it name speaks: Money Game is an application that create users the opportunity to play different kinds of games online. 

This is a very nice app since you will not be asked to download any game unlike other similar apps. On Money Game, you will find different types of games from action games to Arcade, Ludo, car games, bubble shooter games and many others. The most interesting part of it is that you will not be asked to download any game before you can play, everything is done within the Money Game application. 

To start playing games when you have downloaded the app and opened, in the homepage you will see the games section where you can click to find all the available games. When you find a game that catches your interest, the next thing to do is to click on play and it will take you to another page where the game will load for you to start playing. 

Like I said earlier, this games takes place still on the Money Game app, that means you will not be redirected to another website or app to play any game.
The more you play games the more you can earn coins which can be converted to cash for withdrawal according to the Money Game app.

2: Completing Offers:

You will also find some paid offers you can complete for rewards. The offers you can find on Money Game varies depending on the country of your resident. You will find offers like: download apps, sign up for an account and complete your registration to receive rewards. Paid offers on Money Game pays higher and you can find offers that will rewards you up to 3000 coins and above.

Finding an offer to complete on Money Game is simple, you can even find them displayed at the top of the games section and sometimes you might even receive a notification that an offer to complete is available. According to Money Game, every paid offer you complete, the promised reward will be credited to your account if you followed the right steps to complete the offer.

One important thing to know is that; since completing an offer is not the main way of making money on the app, so for this reason you will not find enough paid offer to complete, the key to maximizing your revenue on Money Game is mainly by playing games.

3: Watching videos:

The app also feature a section where you can click to watch advertisement videos. Its pays up to 100 coins per video watched. When you open the app, you will see a section where you can click then an advert will load, for every successful advert you watch, you will receive 100 points each.

When you heard of watching videos, you might have think if it is videos you can enjoy watching, however, the videos are just advertisements and I don't think if anyone can enjoy such.

4: Referral program:

Money Game also offer users the opportunity to maximize their revenue through its referral program.
You can earn up to 100 coins for every person that joins through your referral link.
When you open the app, in the homepage you will see the refer friends section where you can click to get your referral link.
Referral program is a way people promotes their businesses. 
When you open the Money Game app and get your referral link. Sharing the link with the person who wants to sign up will create you an opportunity to earn extra. Anyone who signs up with your link becomes your referral. 

How much can you make on Money Game?

As for how much you can make, the answer to this question depends on various factors such as: How often you play games, how many people you can refer daily, the number of videos you can watch per day and many others.
Let me just reveal this to you right away: there are some offers you will complete properly without receiving any reward. Most of the offers you find that promise to pay up to 3,000 points will never get you paid including games. 

You will discover that there are many games you will play without receiving any coins, such a waste of time. As for the exact amount you can make, there are many you need to know about this app, we haven't concluded yet and this is not the point to conclude. We can not point out the exact amount of money you can make from the app since it is not an app that pays.

Let's find out more:

Money Game payout options:

This is always the most important part when it comes to earning money online from apps like this, how to redeem your earnings is always important.
As for the payout options, the app offers three reliable and popular choices to ensure convenient and secure transactions: PayPal, Payoneer, and Binance. Whether you prefer traditional online payment systems or cryptocurrency platforms, Money Game has got you covered.

To access these payout options, you will need to accumulate 30,000 coins within the app. It's important to note that this milestone might take some time to achieve. Patience and perseverance are keys to reach this withdrawal threshold of 30,000 coins.

Is Money Game legit or scam?

Money Game is an app you can really enjoy playing games and I can't hide this fact. There are many interesting games available and you will be able to choose the ones that catches your interest.

Now let me just reveal this to you right away, if you were looking for an app to earn extra cash playing games online, it would be better you find other apps because you will not earn anything from Money Game. 
The main red flag on this app is the high withdrawal threshold which is 30,000 coins, this way, if you continue using the app with the intention of earning money am sure you will uninstall it halfway without reaching the withdrawal threshold.
Money Game is not an app that you can make money and withdraw. So if you are looking for an app to make money, it is advisable to find other ways rather than wasting time on this app. The only things you can benefit from Money Game are its games.