Temubread.com Review - Is Temubread.com legit or scam?

While browsing through the internet, you might have come across a website called Temubread which claims you can earn up to $50 per referral. However, we can't doubt such a claim. Here we will help you reveal all the necessary things you are suppose to know about this site and if its worth your time or not.

Before we proceed with this review, you first of all need to know how the site works, how to make money from it, and many others. This will really help those who are new to the site. So stay connected as we take you step by step.

What is Temubread.com?

Temubread is a website that offers users the opportunity to earn money online through their referral program. The website offer users the chance to earn money simply by sharing their referral link with those who are also interested in joining it. Do you have the skills of referring people to a website? You might be so excited when heard of Temubread, a website that claims you can earn extra, up to $50 per valid referral. 

Now, do you think Temubread is really a legit site to earn and withdraw such amounts of money? The site even claim you can withdraw up to $5,000 daily. Such a huge amount of money, if truly Temubread is really legit with such amounts of money it promises, that means you will not even have to work again, just stay at home and make money.

To continue with this review, let's first of all list out all the available earning options on the site before we push on to the conclusion and see if Temubread is really a legit site to earn or a bunch of scam to be far from.

Ways to make money on Temubread.com:

1: Referral Program:

The only way to earn from this site is through it referral program. When you become a user of Temubread, you will have access to your unique referral link which you can share with those who you think would be interested in joining the site. 

Earn $50 per referral:

You will have the opportunity to earn up to $50 per valid referral you refer to join Temubread. According to the site, all you have to do is get your referral link, share it everywhere, be it social media or chat groups and when someone clicks on it and register as a user, you will stand a chance to earn a whooping $50 cash. Such a huge amount of money! That means with just 10 referrals you can make $500 ( $50 × 10 = $500 ). Imagine that, it shows that within a week you could become a millionaire? However, it does not end here:

Earn $2 per link click:

It dose not end with the $50 per referral. Temubread also offer users the opportunity to earn an extra $2 per link clicks. When you share your link with the person you want to refer to the site, you will stand a chance to earn an extra $2 when him or her clicks on your referral link. That simply means whether the person signs up to become a member or not, you have already earned a commission of $2. The worst part? 
The worst part is that you will even earn when you yourself clicks on your own link. That means you can give yourself a $10 cash if you click on your own link for 5 times ( $2 × 5 = $10). 

After going through the site, we did not find other earning opportunities on it apart from referring people. According to the site, all you have to do is get your referral link and share it with the person you want to refer to it and when him or her clicks and signs up as a user, you can receive the promised rewards of $2 and $50.

How much can you make from Temubread.com?

As for the exact amount you can make from this site, with the amounts of money it offers per referral, I can assure you that there is a chance of you making up to $1,000 daily. Such a huge amounts of money! Like I said earlier, the site offers users the opportunity to earn up to $50 per referral, including $2 per link clicks. 
All you have to do is share your referral link with others and when they signs up, you can earn.

Temubread payout options?

According to the site, the payout options that will be available to you can vary depending on your country.
Generally, you can find between PayPal and pioneer.
Currently, we can not tell the exact amount you need in balance to request payment since it can vary depending on the country you are located.

In which country is Temubread.com Available?

The site can be accessed from anywhere in the world you are located. Whether you are in the US or any other country, you will be able to sign up and start using the site.

Is Temubread.com legit or a scam site?

Temubread.com is a scam site to be far from if you were looking for a legitimate site to earn extra cash in your free time.
Now let's point out the red flags on the site so that you can also see the main reasons why we accuse it of being scam since we can't just place the word "scam" on it without any valid reason:

Why Temubread.com is a scam site:

1: High referral rewards:

If you have been looking for a site to waste your precious time and data, then Temubread is the number one for you to take a look at.
The main red flag on this site is the high referral rewards. It offers $50 per referral and $2 per referral link clicks. Now let's say you manage to refer 50 people, which is something possible. Now let's say, 50 referrals times $50, giving $2,500, we don't even include the ones you will earn per link clicks. Now the question is that, where will they get the money to pay if over 50 users earn $2,500 each. 
That is the number one red flag on this site in which you need to have in mind.

2: You can not withdraw: 

After going through a lot of researches, we have not been able to find someone who has withdrawn from this site. Most of the screenshots we found were fake, created by the agents of the site. When you manage to earn and reach the withdrawal threshold, the site will find one reason to give as an excuse why you can't withdraw, and even if you manage to place withdrawal order you will wait for years without receiving the money in your account or it will keep telling you that your withdrawal has failed, pending, or it can give you another thing you have to do before you can withdraw.


Keep in mind that we only claimed the site is fake because no one has been paid so far. However, if you are really interested and believe the site is legit, it would be better you visit the site to check it out yourself and see how your experience will go.
Temubread is a site that has been around since February 2023.