Befrugal review - is Befrugal legit or scam? (all you need to know)

Befrugal is not really a bad cashback platform, they offer decent rewards compared to others. If you often shop online or in-store, here is Befrugal, a cashback platform that offer users the opportunity to earn cashback while shopping things that interest them. However, this does not necessarily mean the platform is worth your time or legit. To find out if it's legit or not, let me take you through a few steps to show you all the necessary things you need to know. This will help you make an informed decision whether to continue with it or find other ways. So stay connected while I help you discover more.

What is Befrugal?

BeFrugal is a platform that Offer online and in-store shoppers with different opportunities and deals to save money on their everyday purchases. It is a platform for users to find coupons, cashback offers, and discounts for different online retailers and services. BeFrugal has partnership with numerous popular brands and retailers to offer exclusive deals to its users who enjoys going shopping.

The primary way to earn from this platform is through it cashback program, where you can earn a percentage of your purchase amount back as cash. However, let me help you understand better by listing out all the available ways you can earn as a member.

Ways to earn on Befrugal:

1: Earn cashback per purchases:

Savings money while shopping has now become possible, BeFrugal takes the spotlight with its attractive cashback offers. As a popular cashback platform, Its offers users the opportunity to earn back some percentage of the amount they spend while shopping.

To get started, all you have to do is to log in to the BeFrugal platform and choose the store which you would like to make a purchase from and all the available cashback offers will be displayed which you can select the ones that looks best to you.

There are many stores available, and all you have to do is to choose your preferred store. Let's say you prefer shopping from Walmart. In your Befrugal account, all you have to do is to find and click on Walmart and you will see all their available cashback offers, Select the offer that suits your needs and proceed to complete your purchase.

Within seven days of finalizing your transaction, the cashback reward will be credited to your BeFrugal account. However, before making your purchase, it is always prudent to review the terms and conditions associated with each offer. You will find the requirement under each offer, so make sure you have read and understand each requirement before proceeding, this is the only way you will be able to earn your cashback upon completion.

2: Coupons for saving:

If you would like to save money on your purchases, here is  Befrugal, the platform also offer nice coupons and deals. This will allow you to keep a few extra dollars in your pocket when making purchases from BeFrugal's partner stores. 

Once you log in to your BeFrugal account, you will find the Coupons or Deals section. Click on either of these options to explore all the available offers.

To grab a coupon, all you need to do is click on the Get Coupon button. This will redirect you to the website where the offer is hosted. When you reach the checkout point during your purchase, the coupon will be automatically applied. It's hassle-free savings at its finest.

Now, let's talk about the deals on offer. These are essentially discounted offers that can help you score great savings. Be sure to check out the daily deals whenever you log in to the BeFrugal platform. Who knows? You might stumble upon something that tickles your fancy.

But here's the cherry on top: BeFrugal's coupons and deals aren't limited to online stores only. They also have printable coupons for restaurants and fast food joints. Yes, you read that right. So, if you're craving a tasty meal or a quick bite, you will find a vast catalog of coupons to satisfy your appetite.

3: Referral program:

If you are good at referring people to a platform, here is Befrugal's Referral program to help you earn more. Befrugal's Referral Program lets you earn enticing bonuses by inviting others to join the savings party. It's a win-win situation for you and your friends as you both reap the benefits of cashback rewards. 

To start, simply log in to your Befrugal account and get your referral link, then share it with the person you wish to invite. 

When your invitee registers as a member on the Befrugal site and earn up to $10 worth of cashback rewards. As a token of appreciation for your referral, Befrugal will reward you with $10 Referral reward. That's not all, Your friend joining through your link will also receive a $10 bonus. It's a double treat that puts smiles on both your faces.

The process is simple: share the link, invite your friends, and watch the rewards roll in. The more people you refer who meet the cashback threshold, the more referral rewards you will earn. It's a fantastic opportunity to share the savings and make your rewards grow.

Befrugal browser extension:

Befrugal has it own browser extension that you can install in your Google Chrome browser. By installing the BeFrugal extension on your Google Chrome browser, you gain the ability to earn cashback rewards effortlessly without having to login to your Befrugal account. 

With the extension in place, you can browse and shop from BeFrugal's partner stores while still enjoying the benefits of cashback offers and coupons.

The BeFrugal extension ensures that every eligible purchase you make on their partner stores counts towards your savings, even if you haven't logged in to the BeFrugal site. It's a game-changer for those who prefer a streamlined shopping experience.

How much can you many from Befrugal?

One question that often arises when it comes to cashback sites like BeFrugal is: "How much money can I actually make?" Well, the answer depends on a few key factors, so let's move into the details and explore the potential earnings that await.

First and foremost, it's essential to understand that cashback rewards are tied to your spending habits. The more frequently you make purchases from BeFrugal's partner stores, the greater your earning potential becomes. It's a direct correlation between your shopping frequency and the cashback rewards you can accumulate.

However, it's important to approach cashback sites with a practical mindset. While the allure of earning money may be tempting, it's crucial to make meaningful purchases. Buying something solely for the sake of earning a small cashback amount can be counterproductive and impractical. Instead, focus on finding cashback offers for products you genuinely need or have been planning to purchase. This way, you obtain something useful while enjoying savings on the market price.

Another crucial factor to consider is the percentage of cashback rewards offered by BeFrugal. Fortunately, BeFrugal provides a compelling range, typically ranging from 5 to 20% cashback on various offers. This range is quite impressive, enabling you to save a significant amount of money on your purchases.

Ultimately, the essence of cashback sites like BeFrugal lies in the multitude of offers they provide. Having a wide selection of cashback offers increases your chances of finding relevant deals on products you genuinely need. It's the perfect synergy of savings and practicality, allowing you to stretch your dollars further.

So, when it comes to your potential earnings on BeFrugal, keep in mind that the amount you can save depends on your shopping frequency, the offers available, and the cashback rates offered.

Befrugal payout options:

BeFrugal offers different withdrawal methods, ensuring convenience and flexibility for users. You have the freedom to choose from the following options:

Bank Deposit: 

If you prefer a direct transfer to your bank account, BeFrugal allows you to request payment via bank deposit. The best part? The minimum withdrawal amount for this method is very low, starting at just $0.01. This means you can quickly access your funds and put them to good use.


For those who prefer the ease and convenience of PayPal, BeFrugal supports payments through this popular online payment platform. Similar to bank deposits, the minimum withdrawal threshold for PayPal is also set at $0.01, allowing you to receive your earnings swiftly.


If traditional methods appeal to you, BeFrugal provides the option to receive payment via check. Keep in mind that for check payments, the minimum withdrawal amount is slightly higher at $25. Once requested, your check will be promptly mailed to your provided address.

Gift Cards: 

BeFrugal understands that some users appreciate the versatility of gift cards. You can opt to receive your earnings in the form of various gift cards. The cost of most gift cards is $5, offering you a range of options to suit your preferences. Please note that specific gift card options may vary, and there may be higher-priced gift cards available as well.

In addition to the above options, BeFrugal also supports payments via Venmo and Zelle, allowing for convenient and swift transfers. Both Venmo and Zelle maintain the same low minimum withdrawal amount of $0.01, ensuring you can access your funds with ease.

Choose the withdrawal method that aligns with your preferences and needs.

Who can join Befrugal?

People can sign up on Befrugal website from many countries. But with what I can tell, this platform is not available in all countries. If the platform is not available in your country, you will be blocked when you try to sign up. 

However, even though Befrugal is available in your country, you need to understand that to earn from this platform there must be a shop in your country that partner with Befrugal. So, if there are no Befrugal partner stores available in your country, Befrugal is of no use to you.

Currently, I can't point out the lists of countries Befrugal is available, and the list of countries it is not available. If you're really interested in this platform, I suggest you locate the site or download the app to see how your experience will go. Befrugal is available on both website, mobile Android and iOS. So, you have the choice to use between website and mobile app.

Is Befrugal legit?

Talking about legitimacy, of course, Befrugal is very legit and there is nothing like scam about this platform. If you wanted to find out if Befrugal is legit, the answer is yes it is.