Check if Wealth Words is legit or scam ( Full review + guide )

If you are games enthusiast, looking for a way to make money by simply playing games. Here is Wealth Words, a website that claims you can win exciting prizes through playing words puzzle games. Sound like a fake claim? Can you really make money on the platform? If you can really make money on it, but, is it so easy? Those are the questions to ask right now. 

Wealth Words is a platform that claims users can make money by playing its puzzle games. As you can see, everyone wants to know how this platform really works since it claims people can win real cash from it. While many cares to find out if it's legit or scam, many do not also care. But as for you, There is no need to worry about anything, because at the end of this review you will at least discover one or two things about this platform. So, stay connected.

What exactly is Wealth Words?

If you love playing puzzle games, here is Wealth Words, a popular website that offers numerous types of words puzzle games to play and win exciting prizes. It's a great opportunity for those who are good at playing puzzle games. 

To find out if this platform is legit or scam, you first of all need to know an understand how it works. As I said earlier, it claims you can play games and win real money, so, let's see how it goes: 

Ways to make money on Wealth Words:

1: Playing Puzzle games: 

The one and only way to make money on this platform is through playing games. There are many types of games available. From spinning wheel to taking quizzes and playing different types of words puzzle games. To start playing games you will need to fund your wallet with money. That simply shows you can not play these games for free. 

You can go the "Deposit" section of your account and select the amount you want to deposit. Once that is done, to start playing games, click on the "Games" section of your account and there you will see all the games you can play. If you choose to play quiz, at the end of each game, you will be given a wheel to spin, any amount you earn from the wheel is your gain. But what if you win an amount that is lower than what you used to play the game? Well, there will be nothing you can do. 

This is just like gambling, you can win and you can lose. So don't expect to always win. If you are not ready to lose, then, maybe this platform is not for you. But if you can take little risk, it would be an opportunity for you to earn because you can luckily win huge amount of money, even far more than the amount you used for playing the game.

Can I play games and make money for free on Wealth Words? 

The answer to this question is No. like I already said earlier, you will use your own personal money to play games. The only time you will get free game is when you are new to the platform. 

When you login to the platform for the first time, you will automatically unlock free game, it's just like a welcome reward. The game you will be given can be math quiz, and once you have completed the quiz, you will be given free spin, and any amount you will win from the wheel will be your welcome reward. To play another game you will need to make a deposit to your account and use it to play. 

Now you have seen that. So, if you were looking for where to play free games to make money, this site is not for you because you can only use your own personal money to play games.

How much can you make on Wealth Words? 

Currently, I can't tell the exact amount one can make on this platform per day. The exact amount you can make depends on how often you play games and it also depends on the wheel. Just as I said earlier, each time you complete a quiz game or Words puzzle, you will be given a wheel to spin, and any amount you win from the wheel is your profit. But what happens if the amount you get from the wheel is lower than the one you used for playing? Well, you see that yourself. This is of no difference with gambling. It's either you win or lose.

Wealth Words payout options:

To withdraw your earnings, there are two important requirements to fulfill. First, you must accumulate at least $20 in winnings. This threshold ensures that your efforts yield a substantial sum worthy of transfer. Second, you need to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process, which is a standard procedure for identity verification.

Completing the KYC process is a simple task. You will be asked to provide a clear photo of a valid identification document, such as a passport, driver's license, or any government-issued ID. This step is necessary to establish trust and safeguard against any potential fraudulent activities.

Once you've met the $20 threshold and successfully completed the KYC process, you're ready to withdraw your winnings. Wealth Words offers a convenient and reliable payment method "PayPal". With its widespread acceptance and user-friendly interface, PayPal allows for quick and secure transfers of funds.

By choosing PayPal as your preferred payout option, you gain access to a robust digital payment infrastructure. This means you can enjoy the convenience of receiving your hard-earned money directly into your PayPal account. From there, you can easily transfer it to your bank account or utilize it for online purchases.

As you can see, submitting your identity documents is compulsory, so keep this in mind before you start using the platform. 

Is Wealth Words legit or scam? 

Wealth Words is legit, but are you ready for the high risks in the games? It's either you win or you lose. 

As for if Wealth Words is real or fake. Let me just reveal it to you that it is real and genuine. This is not a scam platform. However, Wealth Words is legit does not necessarily mean it is legit, you might still encounter things that are similar to scam on the platform.

In which country is Wealth Words available? 

Wealth Words is available in many countries. But I can't point out the lists of countries it's available and the lists of countries it is not available. To find out if it's available in your country just head over to the website and see it yourself. But firstly, before joining the platform, be sure to check out the payout options and see if they align with your interest.

How to get started with Wealth Words: 

If after reading all these and still agree to become a member of this platform, then you are ready! To get started, just locate the website at: . Once you have gotten to the site, you will see the "Register/login" button at the head of the website. just click on it and then click on the "register" link. 

You can register with your Google account, Facebook account, or Email address. If you choose email address, after the registration you will receive a confirmation link in your email box to confirm if you are the real owner of the email address. Just follow it step by steps to get it done. 

Is Wealth Words app available on Google play? 

Currently, no, it is not. But Wealth Words has a mobile application for Android and iphone. When you get to the website you will see where to download the app for your mobile device. 

Is the Wealth Words app safe to use? 

Probably yes, the app is safe to use and you can install it on your device and start using. It's good for those who prefer mobile apps than websites. Of course using mobile apps is better. It can save your data far more than using the website on a browser.