Happy Tap review - Check if Happy Tap is legit or scam

Happy Tap is a gpt app that gets users paid to download and play games, claiming you can make cool cash daily. Is it real or fake? That is the main question to ask right now. 

There are many fraud and fake apps nowadays. No one would want to get scammed. However, as for Happy Tap, you don't really have to worry about it because at the end of this review you will discover everything you needed to know. So, stay connected.

What exactly is Happy Tap?

If you have been looking for a way to make some extra cash in the pocket online, here is Happy Tap, a mobile application that claims you can make cool cash daily playing fun and interesting games.

Happy Tap is a gpt (get paid to) app that offer users the opportunity to make money by installing games. It focuses only on games, that simply means the only way you will make money from Happy Tap is through installing games in exchange for rewards. Before I can tell you if the app is legit or worth your time, you first of all need to know how it works. So, let me take another step to show you all you needed to know about this app.

Ways to make money on Happy Tap:

1: Playing games:

The one and only way to make money on Happy Tap is by downloading games. This app will not get you paid to play any game, you will only be paid for every games you are directed to download.

When you open the Happy Tap app, you will see all the available games you can download in exchange for reward. For every game you download, you will receive up to 4,500 points which can later be exchanged for cash.

To to get started, in your account you will see all the available games which you can select the one that looks best to you. Clicking on any game will direct you to Google play to download it.

How much can you make on Happy?

This app does not have many opportunities to earn. It focuses only on games. However, the rewards it offers per game download is decent. The downside of it is that it does not even offer a referral program. 

As for the exact amount you can make, like I already said, you can expect to receive up to 4,500 points per game you download.

Happy Tap payout options:

The Minimum you can withdraw from Happy Tap is 100,000 points which is equivalent to $10. And let me just reveal things to you that to earn and reach up to 100,000 points is not something easy. There are no much games you can download for rewards, while I was testing the app, I was only given 3 games. 

As for the payout options, there are many available. Below are some of the payout options you will find

• PayPal.
• CashApp.
• Paytm.
• CoinBase.

The app also offer Crypto withdrawal, it's an opportunity for those who prefer crypto. The payout option for crypto is Coinbase. To request a payout, you will see the "exchange" button, just click on it to proceed.

Is Happy Tap legit or scam?

After examining the app completely, all I can tell you right now is that it is not a straightforward app. If you were looking for an app to make some extra cash in your spare time, I suggest you just find other ways because I do not recommend this app to you. 

However, Happy Tap can still be a useful app for some people, because through it you can discover some nice and interesting games to play for fun. You can keep it in your phone if you are satisfied with the way it is, but I can't assure you that this app will get you paid.

In which country is Happy Tap available? 

Happy Tap is available worldwide and you can download and start using it from any country of your resident.