Is 5X Money legit or scam ( Review + Advice )

5X Money is a mobile application that claims you can double your money up to 5X within a few seconds. Sounds like a fake claim? We will find out soon.

There are many scam apps nowadays, claiming you can double your money within few seconds. As you can see, no one would ever want to fall victim of scam apps, but as for 5X money, you don't really have to worry about it because at the end of this review, you will find out everything you needed to know, and from there you will make your decision whether to continue with the app or not. So, stay connected while I take you through a few steps to show you more:

What exactly is 5X Money?

If you have been looking for an opportunity to double your money online, here is 5X Money, an app that claims you can double your money up to 5X. However, I can't doubt such a claim. To help you understand better about this app and how it really works, let me take another step to give you a clear explanation about how you can really make money on it.

Ways to make money on 5X Money:

1: Spinning wheel:

The main way this app claims you can make money on it is through spinning wheel. As you can see in the image above, the highest level the app can double your money to is 5X. As a new user that just open the app, you will be given free spin which you can spin the wheel for free till you have accumulated up to ₹860 (Indian Rupee). (converting ₹860 to ₦ = About 7,123.06 or less.

Now, immediately you have accumulated ₹860 in balance, to spin again you will need to deposit money to your account.

To deposit money just click on any amount like you want to spin the wheel again and a pop-up will appear showing the amounts you can select to deposit. Selecting any amount will bring a pop-up from Google play, telling you to make the payment with your bank card that you connected with your Google play account. And there you go.

How much can you make on 5X Money?

The app claims you can double your money up to 5X. But the amount you will make per spin will depend on the wheel, if you spin the wheel with ₹500 Rupees, (to naira, about 4,140.51 or less) if the wheel ends with 5X, that means your 500 Rupees will be doubled up to 500X which is ₹2,500.

5X Money payout options:

The minimum you can withdraw from the app is set at ₹2,000 (Rupee).
Once you have accumulated up to that amount in balance, you can request a payout.
To request a payout, in your account, just click on the button where the amount of money in your account is written and it will open a page where you will see all the available payout options.

Below are some of the payout options your will find:

Phone pe:

Is 5X Money real or fake?

Let me just advice you that this app doesn't seem like a legitimate app. so, I do not recommend you to it. After i fully examined it, I discovered that the app seem to be a scam. There are many betting sites/apps out there which you can bet and win. But as for 5X Money, I suggest you just stay far away from it because the app is not a straightforward app.

In which country is 5X Money available?

This app is exclusively available in India, however, you can still download it and use from other countries. You can find this app on Google play and other app stores.