Is Thomdock legit or scam ( Review + guide )

Thomdock is an investment platform that offer users various investment opportunities to invest and make daily profits. The platform has been around since Since April 2023. The main question on ground right now is, Is Thomdock a legit investment platform or another scam to be far from?

There are many scam sites nowadays and recently, I came across someone who lost up to 3 million naira to one investment platform called "Farming Investment". I know the feelings, and I know how bad and painful it is to lose hard-earned money to scammers.

But as for Thomdock, you don't really have to worry about it because at the end of this review you will have the choice whether to continue investing your hard-earned money with it or find other ways. So, stay connected while I take you through a few steps to show you everything you needed to know.

What exactly is Thomdock:

If you have been looking for an investment platform to invest your money and receive daily investment returns, here is Thomdock, an investment platform that claims you can make up to 4,000 naira per day. Sounds like a fake claim? we will find out soon.

To help you understand better about how this platform really works especially if you are new to opportunities like this, let me take another step to show you how you can really make money on it.

Ways to make money on Thomdock:

1: Investing:

The minimum amount you can invest in this platform is currently set at 2,700 naira and the highest you can invest is 84,000 naira.

To start investing money, you will need to fund your account with any amount you want to invest.

How to deposit money to my Thomdock account:

To deposit money to your Thomdock account, in the homepage of your account you will see the "recharge" button. Click on it and it will open a page where you need to type in the exact amount you want to deposit, once you are done typing in the amount, click on the recharge button and it will automatically redirect you to the payment gateway where you will be given the payment details you can make the transfer to. 

Once you have seen the payment details, open your bank app to make the transfer or use your bank ussd code. Once the transfer is done, the money will be credited to your Thomdock account. But what happens if the money is not credited? Well, you can send message to the payment gateway, their complain email is always written at the button of the payment details page.

Once you have deposited money to your account, to start investing you can navigate to the homepage of your Thomdock account and there you will see all the available investment plans you can choose.

Now you can choose any option that looks best to you by just clicking on the "Adopt" button to proceed. Once completed, you can then sit to receive your daily investment profits.

2: Referral program: 

Another way you can make money on Thomdock is through it referral program. The platform's referral program is great and you can make money depending on how much your referral deposit.

Everyone that signs up through your referral link becomes your referral and joins your team. Your team is divided into 3: The level B, the level C, and the level D.

The level B are the people that signs up directly through your referral link. The level C are the people that your level B invited, and the level D are the people your level C invited. You can earn %10 commission of the amount your level B deposit for the first time.

For level C you can earn %5 and level D %3.
It's a decent rewards in my opinion.
To get your referral link just click on the "Team" section of your account and there you will see your link to copy.

How much can you make on Thomdock?

The exact amount you can make on this platform depends on various factors, such as, the exact amount you can invest and the number of people you can refer, as you can see below:

1: Invest 2,700: 
Daily income: 118.8 naira, valid for 45 days.

2: Invest 6,000 naira: 
Daily income: 300 naira, valid for 40 days.

3: Invest 16,000 naira:
Daily income: 848 naira, valid for 41 days.

4: Invest 45,000 naira:
Daily income: 2,520 naira, valid for 42 days.

And many others.

Thomdock Payout options:

The platform offer bank transfer, that simply means you can withdraw your money directly to your bank account.
To request a payout, in the homepage of your account you will see the "Withdraw" button. Click on it to proceed.

Is Thomdock legit or scam?

I haven't seen any valid certificate that shows this platform is legit, if you want to get scammed off your last card, then Thomdock is the best place for you. This is a Ponzi scheme, and if you are not ready to lose your hard-earned money, then allow your money to be in your bank account. However, that does not necessarily mean the platform is scam or is scamming users. Many people claims this platform is legit and paying and many have gotten paid so far.

Some people never get tired of taking risks to make money. But as for you, are you ready to take risk to make money?

In which country is Thomdock available?

Thomdock is an investment platform that is only available in Nigeria, if you are from other countries, this platform is not available to you.