Mintalise review - is Mintalise legit or scam? ( Complete review + Guide )

Mintalise is a website for those looking for an opportunity to earn extra cash in their free time. There are enough opportunities available on the site to earn rewards.

Mintalise is a website that claims you can earn extra cash in your free time. But the main question here is, is it a legit site or just a bunch of scam to be far from? There are many fake and scam gpt sites these days, and I personally know how bad it is to waste time and data on sites that do not pay. But you don't have to worry about this because at the end of this review, you will be able to find one or two things which will help you make an informed decision whether to continue with the site or not.

Before we can proceed with this review, you first of all need to know and understand how the site works. So let's take you through few steps to show you all the necessary things you need to know about this site while you stay connected:

What is Mintalise?

If you have been looking for an opportunity to earn extra cash in your spare time, here is Mintalise, a website that offers users the opportunity to complete paid offers for rewards.

Mintalise is a GPT site to earn cash in your free time. From completing paid offers to answering surveys and many more. If you are planning to join the site, there are few things you must know before getting started, you need to know how this site really works, if it's legit or scam, and if it's really worth your time and data or not. So let's take you through a few steps to show you all the necessary things you need to know while you stay connected.

Ways to earn from Mintalise:

1: Completing paid offers:

To earn money with Mintalise, the primary method is to complete its paid offers. Unlike other gpt platforms, Mintalise relies on third-party offer providers for its offers. Here is how you can get started:

1: Login to your Mintalise account.
2: On the homepage, you'll find various third-party offer providers.
3: Click on the provider that interests you to view the available offers from that provider.
4: Choose the offers that appeal to you.

There many offers available, you will find different types of offers, such as downloading mobile games application, taking surveys, registering on websites or apps and many others. 

It's important to always carefully read and follow the instructions for each offer. Meeting all the requirements is essential to receive the reward. Following the instructions precisely is the only way to ensure you earn the intended reward.
Once you've successfully completed an offer, the corresponding mints, which are Mintalise's currency, will be credited to your account balance.

But it's important to note this: If a survey gives up to 5,000 mints ($5) upon completion, according to mintalise, the reward will be on hold for 7days, so incase you encounter something like this you will not feel like you have been scammed.

2: Answering surveys:

Another main way to earn from Mintalise is by answering paid surveys. There are not many Surveys available to earn rewards as on other gpt sites.
Mintalise does not have surveys of it own, the Surveys available are powered by other survey providers. Some of the Survey providers you will find on mintalise are Cpx Research, Pollfish and TheoremReach.

But there is one important thing to note: To unlock the opportunity of earning through answering surveys that are from Cpx Research, Pollfish and TheoremReach, your mintalise account must reach user level 2. When you first join Mintalise, your account will be at user level 1. For your account to reach user level 2 you will have to make your first cash out.

Now, once you have made your first cash out, you will unlock the opportunity to earn from Cpx Research and TheoremReach.

Cpx Research and TheoremReach are popular survey panel, once you login to your mintalise account, you can scroll down to the bottom where you will see Cpx Research and TheoremReach, Clicking on any of them will redirect you to another site to complete a survey.

Keep in mind that you will not always qualify for surveys. This is because most of all these online surveys do target some set of people, such as location, career, level of Education, Men, Women and others. So, if you are not among the targeted people, you will be disqualified once the system finds out that you are not the right person the survey is looking, because your answers during the survey will speak if you are really the person or not.
So, in a situation where you are disqualified, you don't feel too bad because it's a normal thing with all survey sites.

3: Watching videos:

Another way to earn on Mintalise is by watching videos. It is important to note that videos are not directly available on Mintalise, these videos are powered by a popular site known as ( ).
When you login to your mintalise account, you can scroll down to the bottom, there you will find, clicking on it will redirect you to it website and if you are new it will ask you to create an account, if you're already a member it will request you to login. Immediately you login or sign up, your mintalise account will be linked with your account automatically. Every videos you watch on will rewards you with points and be credited to your mintalise account as "mint".

Every time you want to watch videos for rewards on, it is advisable to go back to your Mintalise account and click on the link to login to your account from there.

4: Referral program:

Mintalise referral program is not great at all as you will have to wait for your referrals to cash out before you can receive rewards.

Mintalise referral program offer users the opportunity to earn extra by referring people to the site. This is one of the keys mintalise use for promoting itself. To get started all you have to do is login to your Mintalise account and click on the Menu button and many options will open, then you can click on the "Referrals" and you will be taken in to where you can copy your referral link.

• Share your invite link: 

In the referral program, your task is to invite people to join Mintalise. Simply share your unique invite link with the person you want to invite.

• Sign up as a member: 

When the person clicks your invite link and signs up as a member of Mintalise, they will become your Referrals.

Referral earnings: 

To earn rewards from your Referrals, they need to reach the withdrawal threshold and withdraw their earnings from the site.

Receive 500 mints: 

Once your Referral has successfully withdrawn their earnings, you will be rewarded with 500 mints.

Their referral program is not cool at all compared to other gpt sites that rewards once the referrals start completing offers. But as for mintalise, you will have to wait till they reach 5,000 points and make a cash out which is not that easy.

If you are okay with how their referral program is, then you can get your link and start referring. But as for me, I would not recommend such referral program to anyone, because as you can see, to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold (5,000 mints) is not a child's play. It can take you longer than expected because most of the offers on the site might not be your fit, the worst part is that if you are already a member of other gpt sites, you will find it more than difficult to earn from this site because most of the offers you will find here will be offers you have already completed.

5: Daily Bonus:

After completing at least one paid offer or survey on Mintalise, you will unlock the daily bonus, providing you with another opportunity to earn. Here's how it works:

• Log in and go to the Daily Bonus section: 

Once you have logged into your Mintalise account, navigate to the Daily Bonus section.

• Click the "Claim" button: 

In this section, you will find a "Claim" button. Simply click on it to receive your daily bonus in the form of mints. 

• Countdown timer: 

After claiming your daily bonus, a countdown timer will start, indicating when you can claim again on the following day.

Increase your bonus: 

The number of mints you receive as a bonus will increase if you claim it consecutively on consecutive days. However, if you miss a day, you will go back to day one and the bonus amount will reset.

By consistently logging in to Mintalise and claiming your daily bonus, you can accumulate more mints and enhance your earnings. Remember to visit the Daily Bonus section each day to claim your reward.

How much can you make from Mintalise?

As for how much you can make on Mintalise, the answer to this is, it depends on how active and how many offers are available to you. 
You will earn 500 mints per referral.
As for the exact amount you can earn per offer and survey, you will find offers that will reward you up to 500 points and 1,200 points.
Keep in mind that offers that gives high rewards are not that easy to complete, if such offer is a game, it might require you to play and pass through difficult levels before you can get paid.

But it's important to note that Mintalise is not a site you can earn money and become rich, it's just a site to earn in your spare time and when you have enough internet data. This is not a site for those looking for how they can make real money online as the rewards can't take you anywhere.

Mintalise payout options:

When you have earned enough mints, you will have the opportunity to redeem them for various rewards. Here are the available payout options:

• PayPal, Prepaid Visa, and Gift Cards: 

Mintalise offers three primary payout options. You can choose to receive your earnings via PayPal, a prepaid Visa card, or opt for various gift cards, depending on your country.

To initiate your first-time withdrawal, you must have earned a minimum of 5,000 mints, which is equivalent to $5. You can also convert your mints to a prepaid Visa card once you reach this threshold. However, note that the payout threshold may vary based on your membership level. Depending on your membership level, there may be a waiting period before you can withdraw or receive your earnings. while you can withdraw your earnings at any membership level, it's important to note that amounts exceeding a specific threshold may be held temporarily. As your membership level increases, so does the threshold. At the highest membership level, you will have the privilege of immediate withdrawals.

Once you reach the highest membership level, the payout threshold can be as low as $1. Reaching this level enables you to withdraw smaller amounts promptly.

Is Mintalise legit or scam?

The site is legit, but this does not mean you will not encounter things that are similar to scam while earning from it.
During my research, there was no information found that shows it's a scam. That simply means you will be able to withdraw your earnings once you have managed to reach the withdrawal threshold.
However, we will update this page immediately once we discover that it has turn to be a scam.

In which country is Mintalise available?

With what I can tell, this site is available worldwide and you can join from any country you are from.
But before you start earning from it, be sure you are satisfied with it payout options. This ensures that you don't waste time on the site completing offers.
So, it advisable to check out it payout options and see if they align with your needs before you proceed to start earning from it.