Newmallads review - is Newmallads legit or scam?

Newmallads is an investment platform that claims you can earn simply by performing tasks just within the platform. The platform claims you can earn more than $2,000 daily. However, we can't doubt such a claim, but here we will find out if it's legit or a scam platform to be far from.

Before we can proceed with this review, you first of all need to know more about this platform and how you can really make money from it. Let's take you through some steps to show you all the necessary things you need to know about it.

Nowadays there are many platforms out there, claiming you can earn thousands of dollars daily. It has now become very difficult to invest money online because of scams.
I personally know how bad it is to invest money in a platform thinking it's legit but later turn to find out that you have just invested hard-earned money into a scam platform. But you don't have to worry anymore, whether you are new to online investment platforms or old, at the end of this review you will be able to discover one or two things which will help you make an informed decision whether to invest your money with Newmallads or not. So stay connected while I take you through few steps to show you more:

What is Newmallads?

If you have been looking for a way to earn quick cash online, here is Newmallads, an investment platform that offer users the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars daily without stress.

You can earn more than 1,000 dollars daily depending on how much money you choose to invest. With what I have been able to confirm, this platform was launched around April 2023. 

Ways to earn money on Newmallads:

1: Investing:

The main way to earn from this platform is through investing, the amount of money you can make will solely depend on how much you invest, including your vip level. As a user of the platform, everyday you will be given tasks to complete, the amount you will earn per task will depend on your VIP level.

• VIp0: 

As a new user, when you first join Newmallads, you will be given vip0 which will give you daily income of $0.06 and $0.02 per tasks. Not just that, you will also be given a $35 welcome rewards. You might be thinking if there is a way you can withdraw this $35. However, there is no way you can withdraw the $35, all you can do is to top up your wallet and then use it to purchase a higher VIP which will enable you to earn more.

As you can see, the daily earnings for vip0 is too low and worth nothing. To earn higher daily income you will have to upgrade your account to a higher VIP. Let's learn more:

If you are not satisfied with the amounts you are earning at vip0, below are listed other VIP levels to upgrade to and earn higher daily income.

• VIP1: Amount to purchase: $15.
Daily income: $0.50

• Vip2: Amount to purchase: $75.
Daily income: $2.50.

• Vip3: Amount to purchase: $300 .
Daily income: $10.50.

• Vip4: Amount to purchase: $900.
Daily income: $33.

As you can see, there are many other VIP levels to upgrade to that are not listed above, you will be able find out more when you login to your account.
To upgrade to any higher VIP, you will need to deposit money to your account. The platform accepts usdt - trc20 deposit. So if you are really interested in earning from the platform, the only way to do so is to make a deposit and upgrade your account. Once you have deposited money, you can click on the VIP section of your Newmallads account and you will see all the available VIP levels. You can choose the ones that align with your pocket.

2: Referral program:

Another way to make money on this platform is through it referral program. It also has a referral program which you can earn even more. The referral program are divided into three levels:

Team A: %15.
Team B: %10.
Team C: %5.

The team A are the people you invite by yourself.
The team B are the people your team A invited.
The team C are the people your team B invited.

You will earn 15 percentage of every tasks (order) your team A complete.
The same thing goes to team B and C as you can see above.
The referral program is a create way to earn even more, that's if you are good at referring people, not just referring, but also if you are lucky enough to get valid referrals to invest more money, because the higher the amount your referrals invest, the higher your commission will be.

How much money can you make from Newmallads?

The amounts you can make from this platform depends on how much money you have to invest.
The higher the amounts of money you invest, the higher your daily income will be. While I was testing the platform, I discovered that you can make up to $2,000 daily. 

Like I already said earlier, the amount you can make will solely depend on how much you want to invest, the higher the amount you invest, the higher your daily income will be. And also if you manage to have many referrals. It's another chance of earning more. As for those using vip0 to earn, I can assure you that it's a waste of time - firstly, the earnings are too low and might take you several days to reach $1, and I can assure you that you will not get paid even if you reach the payout threshold which is $1. You will be surprised when you find a message like "you need to make a deposit before you can withdraw". This is from my experience.

How to deposit money to Newmallads:

If you are really interested in making money from the platform and have decided to make a deposit in order to start investing. Below are things you need to know.

To make a deposit, you will need to login to your Newmallads account and click on the "Mine" section, next click on the "Quick recharge". When you have clicked on the "Quick recharge" it will open a page where you can copy account detail which you can make a deposit to.
You can only deposit usdt through TRC20 network. Using any other network such as ERC20 can result in a lost as it will not be credited to your Newmallads account.

Once you have copied the account details for the deposit, you can then go to your crypto wallet and make a transfer to the address you copied from your Newmallads account.
Before you make the deposit, you need to read the instructions carefully and see all you have to do. The minimum you can deposit is 10 usdt.

Newmallads withdrawal options:

The platform only offer usdt as the only option for withdrawal. To withdraw you will need to earn a minimum of $1 from the platform before you can request a payout.

To request a payout, login to your Newmallads account and click on the "mine" section, next, click on the request payout. You will first be asked to enter your withdrawal pins, bind your payout wallet address. Just follow it step by step till it's done.

Is Newmallads legit or scam?

For now this platform is paying, but keep in mind that i only claim it is paying because at the time I published this review it was paying. But no one can tell what will happen in the next few days.

If you are new to opportunities like this, what I can tell you now is to invest what you can afford to lose. This platform is paying, but during my last research, there was no information found that shows it is legit. 
If you're ready to take risk and make money then go ahead, but if you're not ready to lose your funds, it would be better to keep it in where it belongs.

Who can join Newmallads:

Newmallads is an investment platform that is available worldwide. If you have usdt to invest, you can sign up and start your investment journey, but along the way, you should be ready to lose your funds and no one will help you recover it back to you. Like I said earlier, there was no information found that shows this platform is legit and will last up to six months.

This platform has two web address:

( -  )

Both web address leads to the same website.