OPL review - is OPL legit or scam? ( complete review )

If you are new to opportunities like this, before signing up with this app, the first thing to do is to read this review to understand all the necessary things you need to know about it. No one would ever want to fall victim of scam, there are many scam apps and websites these day, and I personally know how bad and painful it is to give hard-earned money to scammers who sits at home without physical work.

This review will reveal all the necessary things you need to know about this app called OPL. This is the only way you will be able to make your decision whether to continue with it or find other ways.
So, let me take you through a few steps to show you all the necessary things you must know while you stay connected.

What exactly is OPL?

If you have been looking for an opportunity to earn money online, here is OPL, a mobile application that claims you can earn simply by performing social tasks. The app offer users the opportunity to earn money by simply completing various social media tasks such as following accounts/profile/pages, liking of posts, sharing of posts, referring people and many others. But the question now is, is it legit or a scam app to be far from? 

That is the main question you are here to asks, and "me" "Naijanewlife" is the only website to give you an answer to this question. Before we can find out if the app is legit or scam, you first of all need to know and understand how it works, so stay connected while I take you through a few steps to help you discover more by pointing out all the available earning opportunities on the app.

Ways to make money on OPL:

1: Performing social tasks:

If you are looking for an opportunity to earn from your social media accounts, here is OPL, an app that claims you can earn up to as much as possible daily by simply completing various social tasks. However, let me tell you more:

When you login to your OPL account, you can click on the "social" button and if you are new to the app, you will be asked to activate your account by making a deposit of 2,000 naira. But if you are already a valid member it will open up all the available tasks you can complete for rewards. 

You will see various type of tasks here, such as:

• Facebook tasks.
• Instagram tasks.
• Google play tasks.
• YouTube tasks.
And many others.

Each task has it own requirement and reward amount. As for Facebook tasks which includes; following accounts, pages, Liking of posts, sharing of posts and other activities, you will earn from 3 naira per task. The same goes with Instagram tasks and Twitter tasks and others.
As for Google play tasks, you will earn up to 50 naira to 60 naira per task. That's it.
To get started with completing these tasks all you have to do: in your account, click on the "Social" section and it will open up all the available tasks, now all you have to do is to click "Take" on any of the tasks that seems best to you. Once you have clicked, it will open up another page where you will receive a set of instructions to follow and complete the particular task. Once completed properly you can return to your account and there is a place to submit the screenshot of the task you have completed and the promised reward will be credited to your wallet.

2: Referral program:

This is one of the ways you can make money from this app. If you are good at referring people to sign up with an app through your referral link. This will be an opportunity for you to earn even more. OPL also offer a referral program which you can earn even more. 

All you have to do is login to your account and navigate to the "Refer friends" section and get your referral link and send it to the person you want to refer, once the person signs up with your link, he/she will become your referral. To earn from this referral program, your referral must activate his/her account by making a deposit of 2,000 naira. Once the person has activated the account you will receive a commission of 1,000 naira.

As you can see, those are the available ways you can earn from this app. However, this review does not end here, there are many other things you need to know, so stay connected while I help you discover more:

How much can you make from OPL?

The only way you can earn more from this app is through it referral program. You will earn a commission of 1,000 naira per referral, which is a decent reward. But keep in mind that to earn, the person you referred must make a deposit.

As for the amount you will earn per tasks, it varies depending on the type of task. You will earn 3 naira and above per Facebook tasks, Instagram tasks and others. You can earn more if you are given Google play tasks. But let me tell you that if you depend on tasks alone, it will take you several days and months, including a year to even earn up to 1,000 naira.

OPL payout options:

The minimum you can withdraw from this app is 100 naira. That simply means to request a withdrawal you must have up to 100 naira in your account balance.

As for the payout options:

The app offer bank transfer, and support withdrawal to almost all the available banks in Nigeria.

Who can join OPL?

OPL is an app that is only accessable to people in Nigeria. So if you are not a Nigerian this app is not available to you.

Other things you can do with this app:

1: Buy social followers:

If you have been looking for how you can buy social followers for your accounts or pages, here is OPL, a mobile app that claims you can buy as many as possible social followers for your accounts or pages. However, this does not mean the app is legit or the best place to buy social followers. If you are looking for an app to buy social followers I suggest you click: Hawkit.

Is OPL legit or scam?

If you have been looking for an app that will get you scammed off your last card, here is OPL.
The main reason why this app is flagged as a scam is because i have seen more than six apps that looked exactly with it. And not just that, during my research I discovered that this app is developed by the same group of people that developed other apps that scammed users. ( GGTC Global ).

These people have developed more than six apps, and going through all their apps I discovered that all are scams, and many people have been scammed so far by most of their apps, and I was among those who got scammed by one of their apps called Bangu.

Take a look at "Bangu":

Bangu came out around ending of last year (2023) and was of no difference with this OPL.

However, keep in mind that this information is only based on my past experiences and based on the information I was able to gather online. This does not guarantee that the app is a Scam. If you think the app is legit, I recommend you go ahead and make a deposit to it and later feel free to give me a feedback about how your experience went.

One of the apps that looked exactly with what you are seeing here was known as Bangu. It was: deposit but can not withdraw, it allowed us to deposit but during withdrawal the place to insert the amount to withdraw was not clicking and did not even bring out keyboard to type in the amount to withdraw. Such a bad experience. When you download OPL and login to your account, you will discover that there is a 19,000 naira in your wallet which will ask you to make a deposit before you can withdraw. Just see this as a trap to make you fall and deposit.

If you are looking for a legit app to earn money by completing Social tasks I suggest you take a look at Hawkit. Hawkit is legit and I have been paid Referral rewards many times even up till now am still earning referral rewards because am still promoting it. Hawkit has exist for more than a couple of years now. Click here to join Hawkit. Make a deposit of 1,000 naira and activate your account, earn 500 naira per referral. Minimum withdrawal is 100 naira. It even has many tasks you can perform. No withdrawal during weekend.