Tesla Energy review - Check if Tesla Energy is legit or scam

Tesla Energy is an investment platform that claims you can make up to 5,000 naira daily when you invest. However, I can't doubt such a claim, but here, we will find out soon.

There are many legitimate investment platforms out there, but what if I tell you that the number of scams are even more than the legitimate ones? There are many fake and scam sites nowadays. But as for Tesla Energy, you don't really have to trouble yourself again thinking if it's legit or scam. Because at the end of this review, you will find out everything you needed to know, and from there you will have the choice whether to continue investing your money with it or not. So, stay connected while I take you through a few steps to show you more:

What exactly is Tesla Energy?

If you have been looking for an opportunity to make money online without stress, here is Tesla Energy, an investment platform that offer users different investment tools to invest their money and receive daily investment returns. The platform has been around since June 2023.

To help you understand better about how this platform really works, let me take another steps to show you everything you needed to know while you stay connected.

Ways to make money on Tesla Energy:

1: Investing Money:

If you have money to invest, maybe this might be an opportunity for you to earn even bigger. But what if it's not the right place for you to invest? We will find out soon.

Tesla Energy is a platform that claims you can make up to 5,000 naira and above when you invest with it.
As you can see in the image above, the platform offers a plethora of investment tools to choose from. All you have to do is to deposit the amount of money you want to invest, and when that is done, you can use it to purchase any of the investment tools that looks best to you. Immediately you purchase any of the tools, it will start generating you daily income until its expiration date. Below are some of the tools and the amount to purchase:

Amount to purchase: 500 naira.
Daily income: 30 naira, valid for two days.

Amount to purchase: 1000 naira.
Daily income: 40 naira, valid for 5 days.

Amount to purchase: 1500 naira.
Daily income: 63.75 naira, valid for 10 days.

Amount to purchase: 2000 naira.
Daily income: 95 naira, valid for 20 days.

Amount to purchase: 2500 naira.
Daily income: 125 naira, valid for 40 days.

Now, as you can see, those are some of the investment tools you will find on the platform, and there are even more.
All you have to do is, if you have the money to invest, you just have to deposit it to your Tesla Energy account, then use it to purchase any tool that looks best to you, when that is done, you can start earning daily income.

2: Referral program:

If you are good at referring people to a platform, Tesla Energy also offer a referral program which you can earn. Below are some of the rewards you will get as a reward for bringing in new users to the platform.

1: Refer someone to register and make a deposit of 3,000 naira and you can receive a commission of 120 naira.

2: Refer someone to register and make a deposit of 6,000 naira, and you can receive a commission of 260 naira.

3: Refer someone to register and make a deposit of 20,000 naira, and you can receive a commission of 800 naira.

There are many other rewards you will get for referring people, all you have to do is to get your referral link and share it with anyone that wants to become a member of the platform.

As you can see, those are the available ways you can make real money on this platform. However, you might still discover other ways when you login to your account, such as "daily sign in rewards".

How much money can you make on Tesla Energy?

The exact amount of money you can make from this platform depends on various factors, such as the amount of money you can invest, the number of people you can refer, and many others.

There are many investment tools you can purchase and make up to ₦5,000 and above per day.

Talking about the referral rewards, you can earn decent rewards depending on how much money your referrals deposit for the first time.

Tesla Energy Payout options:

The minimum amount you can withdraw is set at 500 naira. Once you have earned up to this threshold, you can login to your account and navigate to the profile section. There you will see the Withdraw button which you can click to proceed. Once you are in the withdrawal page, you will see where to submit your payment details and your withdrawal order. 

Other things you should know:

1: You can not withdraw your referral rewards immediately:

This is one of the important things you need to know and understand. When you refer people to join the platform and make a deposit, you will receive a commission depending on how much the person deposit. And you can only receive a commission on their first time deposit.

Now, to make use of the money you earned from your referrals, you must first of all invest the money before you can withdraw.

2: You can not withdraw at any time:

Keep this in mind. When you purchase an investment tool to start investing, normally, the tool will generate you daily income. Like I said earlier, there are some tools that are set to generate daily income for 30 days.
Now, the problem is that you will not be able to withdraw both your capital and the daily profits from this tool until the 30 days the tool was set to generate money are over.
So, because of this, I recommend you join a platform that you can withdraw at anytime.

Is Tesla Energy legit or scam?

During my research, there was no information found that shows this platform is legit. If you ever want to get scammed, then this platform if for you. I was able to gather a lot of information about this platform during my research, and part of the information I gathered is that, if you deposit like ₦18,000 to invest. Once you just manage to withdraw like, let's say ₦2,000 out. That will be the end, and you will never be able to withdraw the rest. If you try to complain to the customer support that you have not been paid, they will get your account banned.

In which country is Tesla Energy available?

As for this investment platform, it is only available in Nigeria, if you are from other countries, this platform is not available to you. You can locate this platform at: teslaenergynet.com