Zoombucks review - is Zoombucks legit or scam?

Zoombucks is not really a bad site when it comes to rewarding users. It offer decent rewards per offer including surveys. But the main question here is, is it a legit site that pays, or just a scam to be far from? So far I have reviewed many gpt sites and I can tell the number of fake sites out there. The worst part of most of them is that you will just waste time answering surveys and Completing paid offers, but during withdrawal you discover that you have been completing offers on a fake site that does not pay. No one would ever want to get scammed, and I personally know how bad and painful it is to waste time and data on sites that does not pay. 

But you don't have to worry about this anymore, because at the end of this review you will find one or two things which will help you make an informed decision whether to continue with Zoombucks or find other ways. So stay connected while I take you through a few steps to show you all the necessary things you need to know.

What exactly is Zoombucks?

If you have been looking for a way to make some extra pocket cash in your spare time, here is Zoombucks, a gpt site that claims you can earn as much as you can. 

Zoombucks is a gpt site that offer users the opportunity to earn money by simply completing various activities online. When you sign up with Zoombucks and login to your account, you will find different earning opportunities. However, to help you understand better, let's point out all the available earning opportunities on the site, this is the only way you will be able to find out if its worth your time or not. So stay connected while I help you discover more.

Ways to make money on Zoombucks:

1: Completing your profile surveys:

This is one of the ways you can earn from Zoombucks. When you join Zoombucks, on the homepage of your account you will find a section that ask you to complete your profile surveys, this surveys covers a lot of topics, such as health, socioeconomic, and many others. Zoombucks is a Gpt site that also offer surveys, so you will be asked to fill out your profile by taking a few surveys. Completing these surveys will create you an opportunity of receiving daily surveys you will always qualify for.

It is important to be honest with your responses, because if you fill out false information about yourself, it will result in receiving surveys you will not qualify for. When you complete your profile surveys, you will receive 500 points worth $0.50, this is just like a welcome reward.

2: Completing partner surveys:

Zoombucks is a gpt site that has partnership with many other survey providers such as Cint, Cpx Research and many others. You can earn more by completing their partner surveys.
When you login to your Zoombucks account, on the homepage of your account you will see various type of surveys. Completing these surveys will create you an opportunity to earn money. However, you don't have to be too excited about this because you might not always qualify for these surveys, this is because some surveys do target some set of people such as people in a: Location, Work, level of Education, Religion and many others.

The good thing about Zoombucks is that it has many surveys available, so no matter how, you will find a survey that match your profile.

To get started with surveys, when you login to your Zoombucks account, on the homepage just as I said earlier, you will find many surveys displayed. The first set of surveys you will find will only unlock one for you, when you are done with that particular one, another will be unlocked. However, it does not just end there, by scrolling down to the bottom, you will still find surveys which will give you a freedom of selecting anyone of your choice in the Offerwall.

There is an important thing you need to know. It is important to note that you will not always qualify for surveys just as I said earlier, this is because for every survey you are redirected to complete will first give you qualification survey, this particular survey is to test if you are the right person the main survey is looking for. You will only be able to access the main survey that will reward you if you pass the qualification survey. 
This is one of the frustrating things about survey sites, because if you can't pass the qualification survey, there will be no other option than returning back to your Zoombucks account for other earning opportunities.

2: Completing paid offers:

Completing paid offers on Zoombucks is the only way you will earn more. There are many offers available and you will have the freedom of selecting the one that looks best to you. You will find offers that will ask you to download game application, sign up on other sites, install social media apps and many others. 

Zoombucks has partner with many offer providers to make sure that there is always something for everyone. 
To get started with completing paid offers, in your Zoombucks account homepage, you can scroll down a little to where you will see offers to complete displayed, carefully select the offer that you think is okay for you. It does not ends there, you can still get more offers by scrolling down to the offerwall section.

Clicking on any offer will redirect you to where you can get it done. However, there is something important you need to know: It is important to note that there are some offers that will require you to spend money. There are some offers that will require you to visit an online store and make a purchase, so you need to think carefully before choosing any offer you want to complete.

Before proceeding to complete any offer, make sure you have read and understand it requirements because each offer has a set of instructions you need to follow before you can get rewarded.

3: Watching videos:

Just like other GPT sites, you can watch videos to earn rewards. There are many videos available, but keep in mind that this feature is only available for some countries. So don't be surprise if you can't find videos in your own account.

You can watch videos through LootTV and HideoutTV. Keep in mind that the rewards for watching videos are relatively low. To receive a reward, you will need to watch three videos along with ads before or after each video. Most videos last around two minutes, and the ads are typically thirty to forty-five seconds long.

After watching three videos you will receive 7 points. However, I suggest you see this opportunity as a way of wasting your data. The amounts of your mobile data you will spend to watch these videos will be far more than the amount you will make. As you can see, the 7 points you will earn from watching three videos is about $0.007. No one would want to run a business without making profits. However, if you are satisfied with this, then you can continue because I know very well that there are some countries that $0.007 worth much money once converted.

4: Referral program:

If you your are good at referring people to a platform, Zoombucks also offer a referral program which you can earn.
It's a common promotional method among GPT sites and can be a way to earn extra money if you know people interested in joining.

However, the earning potential on Zoombucks through referrals program is very small. The reward amount varies based on the country where the invited person resides. For countries like the US, Canada, and the UK, the reward is 250 points which is just $0.25.

In some countries, the reward can be as low as $0.025. Keep in mind that you won't receive the referral reward until the person you invited has earned 1000 points. Zoombucks referral program is not great at all compared to other gpt sites, however, you can still refer people to join if you are satisfied with it.

How much money can you make on Zoombucks?

Zoombucks is a gpt site that offer many earning opportunities, there are many offers and surveys you can complete. However, the amounts of money you will make depends on various factors, such as:

• The number of surveys that are available to you.
• The number of surveys you qualify for.
• The number of surveys you can complete.
• The number of paid offers you can complete.

Those are the things that will determine how much you can make on the site. If you are lucky to always qualify for surveys, you will really benefit a lot. But if you always get disqualified from surveys, you will find it very hard to make the most of this site.

Talking about the exact amount you will earn per surveys and offers: As for surveys, you will find some that will reward you 300 points ($0.30), 1,000 points ($1), 400 points ($0.40) and more.

As for offers: You will find some that will reward you up to 7,000 points ($7), 484 points ($0.48), 9,000 points ($9), 228 points ($0.23). And even more.

But you don't have to be too excited about this, because most of the offers that offer high rewards is not that easy to complete as you might think. Most of them can ask you to make a deposit before you can receive the reward.

Zoombucks payout options:

Zoombucks does not have many payout options to choose, but I can't assure you this word because the payout options can vary depending on the country of the user.
Generally, you will find PayPal. The minimum withdrawal threshold for PayPal is set at $2.
You will find options to cash out via gift cards, if you prefer gift cards this will be good for you. But the withdrawal threshold for gift cards are high than that of PayPal. To cash out gift cards you must earn up to $10. That is the minimum withdrawal for gift card.

Below are the available types of gift cards you may find since it can vary depending your country:

• Roblox: $10.
• Rixty: $10.
• Nexon game card: $10.
• Steam: $100.

To cash out your earnings, once you have logged in to your Zoombucks account, click on the "Menu" button and it will open up many other options where you will also see "Gift cards and Cash". Click on it and you will be taken in to where you can select your preferred payout option.

Is Zoombucks legit or scam?

Zoombucks is a legit gpt site to earn extra cash. The site has been around for more than a couple of years now. This site is legit and paying, and there was no information found that shows it is a scam during my research.
However, this does not mean you will not encounter things that are similar to scam while using the site. Things like completing offers without receiving rewards and things like being disqualified from surveys all the time do causes a very bad experience to users.

And one important thing I would like to remind you is that Zoombucks is just a site to earn extra in your spare time. So manage your expectations and understand that this site can't make you rich. If you were looking for a site to earn a full time income, I suggest you find other ways.

In which country is Zoombucks available?

I have not been able to confirm the list of countries Zoombucks is available, and the list of countries it is not available. However, what I can tell you at this point is that the site is available worldwide and not limited to some countries.

If you are really interested in earning from this site, I suggest you visit it and see how your experience will be in the sign up page.
But I strongly advise you to be satisfied with the site payout options before you become a member.

To get started with Zoombucks, the first step is to locate it at ( Zoombucks.com ). You will find options to choose and complete your registration. You can sign up either with your Facebook account, Google account or Email address.

When you are done with the sign up, login to your account and you will be asked to verify your email address. You can open your email box and click on the link to get your Zoombucks account verified and unlock more earning opportunities.