EMPG ( Earn money playing games ) is a gpt (get paid to) app that claims you can get paid to complete simple tasks. It's a gpt app that offers a variety of earning opportunities. But the question is, is it legit or a scam to be far from? Or is it real or fake?

There are so many fake and scam apps that pretends to be legit nowadays but later turns to be a scam. I know how bad it is to waste time and data on fraudulent applications. However, in this review, you will discover all the necessary things about this platform. This review will not only check if EMPG is legit, but it's also an ultimate guide to those who are new to it and wants to know how it words. Whether you just want to know how this app works or if it's legit or not, this review will reveal everything to you, all you need is to stay connected: 

What exactly is EMPG? 

EMPG is a gpt (get paid to) app that is dedicated to rewarding users for their time and efforts. If you have been looking for a way to make some extra cash online maybe in your spare time, here is EMPG, a mobile app that claims you can get paid. 

EMPG is a mobile app that was released since 3th of March, 2023. 
To find out if this is the right app for you or not, you first of all need to know and understand how it works. There are certain things you need to know about this app especially if you are new to it. So, let me take a few minutes to show you everything you needed to know by pointing out the ways you can make money on it as a user: 

Ways to make money on EMPG: 

1: Completing paid offers: 

Paid offers, also known as Tasks, is one of the ways to make money on EMPG. There are many tasks to complete on EMPG, from downloading of apps to signing up on other websites, and many others. All you need to do is to find and choose any offer that looks best to you. 

There are a lot of offers available on EMPG. It's important to note that all the offers are not really from EMPG itself, but are powered by offer providers. EMPG has partner with many offer providers to make sure that you always have enough offer to complete and make money on the platform. Below are some of the offer providers on EMPG: 

1: Adscendmedia. 
2: Pollfish.
3: Mmwall. 
And others.

To get started with completing paid offers, in the homepage of your account, as you can see in the image Above, you just have to click on the Offerwall section and it will take you to where you will see all the available offers you can complete. Every offer you complete in the Offerwall will rewards you with points, the rewards will be credited to your EMPG account. 

Before completing any offer, make sure you have read and understand the offer requirements because if you fail to complete it according to requirement, you might end up not receiving any reward. 

2: Completing paid surveys: 

There are a lot of surveys available on EMPG, all the surveys you will find are powered by survey providers. Below are some of the survey providers you will find: 

• Pollfish. 
• Cint. 
• Bitlabs. 

There are two surveywalls on EMPG, the first is for Pollfish and the other for Bitlabs. It's a great opportunity because you will never run out of survey you can answer. 

To get started all you have to do is to click on any surveywall of your choice and it will open a page where you will see all the available surveys. choose any one of your choice and proceed. Once completed properly and successfully, the rewards will be credited to your EMPG account. 

Referral program: 

If you are good at referring people to a platform, this might be an opportunity for you. EMPG is a great gpt app that also offer a referral program. 
All you have to do is to get your referral link and share it with anyone that is interested in joining. When they signs up with your link they become your referral and you will receive 3,000 points reward. 

It's a great reward in my opinion, you will find your referral link in the "invite" section of your account. Just click on it to get started. 
It's important to understand that you need active referrals to benefit from this referral program, your referrals much complete at least one task before you can receive your referral rewards.

Can you always qualify for surveys? 

The answer to this question is, it depends and no one can tell. But generally, you will not always qualify for surveys, it's a normal thing. You know, the main reason why you will not always qualify for surveys is because some surveys use to target people, such as people in a location/country, level of Education, Religion, career, Relationship status, and many others. 

So, if you are not among the people the survey is targeting you will be disqualified and stopped from taking part. 
For every survey you are directed to complete, you will first have to go through some qualifying survey, this particular survey is like a test to see if you are the right person the main survey is looking for. If you pass the qualifying survey, you will then be redirected to the main one which will reward you upon completion. 

But what happens if you are disqualified? Well, you will have no other option than returning back to your EMPG account to see if you can find something else. 

How much money can you make on EMPG? 

EMPG is a great gpt app. The rewards it offers are decent compared to other gpt apps. And let me just reveal it to you right away that there are lots of offers here to complete, so, all are left for you to decide whether to stay active or not. The more active you are on the platform the more you can earn good rewards. 

Now if we want to talk about the exact amount you will earn per survey and offer. 
As for offers, you can earn between 1,000 points and above, even up to 120,000 points. It all depends on the offer type, but keep in mind that most of the offers that gives higher rewards are not that easy to complete. 

As for surveys, there are not many of them available, surveys are not always reliable because you might not always qualify. As for the exact amounts you can make, you can receive from 200 to 10,000 points and above per surveys. 

One thing I like about EMPG is that there are lots of activities to complete, and I can assure you that you will never run out of offer or survey. All are left for you to decide, the more active you can be, the more money you can make. 

As you can see, EMPG is just an opportunity to make some extra cash in your spare time, this app can not replace your full time job. 
Let me just reveal it to you that to reach each withdrawal threshold isn't easy as you might think. You will need enough time and data to reach each payout threshold. So, if you were looking for where to make reasonable amounts of money, I would not recommend this app to you, but it can fetch you some bucks in your spare time and when you have enough free data. If you were looking for where to make some extra pocket cash, then I recommend this app to you.

EMPG payout options: 

• Bitcoin. 
• Skrill. 
• PayPal. 
• Pyypl. 

Those are the available payout options, and I'd like to say that the payout options are great. The best of them is the Bitcoin, it's great because it's the only way to cash out your earnings from any country of your resident unlike PayPal and Skrill. 

To request a payout you must reach the minimum withdrawal threshold. The minimum withdrawal threshold for PayPal is 95,000 points which is equivalent $10. Every activities you complete on EMPG will reward you with points, these points can later be exchanged for cash. 

As for other payout options, you will need a minimum of 5,000 points which is equivalent to $5. 

Once you have met any of the payout options threshold, in your account just click on the cash out section and then select your preferred payment options. 

Is EMPG legit? 

"EMPG" short for "Earn money playing games" is a legitimate app. There was no valid information found that shows it is a scam. 
However, it is legit does not necessarily mean it is, as you can see, there is no way I can guarantee you safety. Currently the app is legit, but who knows the future? Anything can happen at anytime, you might still encounter things that are similar to scam on the app. 

In which country is EMPG available? 

EMPG is available worldwide, you can download the app and sign up from any country of your resident. Even if other payout options the app offers are not available in your country, but at least there is Bitcoin withdrawal, Bitcoin is available worldwide and you will be able to cash out your earnings. Just make sure you are satisfied with the app's payout options before heading to use it.

If you are interested in this platform, you can find it on Google play store and download. 
Name: EMPG