Is Easy Earn legit or scam ( Find out - Full review + Guide )

Easy Earn is a website that claims you can earn $25 welcome reward, and up to $12 per referral.  
The number of fake websites and mobile apps nowadays are even more than users. Scammers never gets tired of scamming people. As you can see, no one would ever want to fall victim of scams. 

The main question now is, is Easy Earn legit or scam? Or, is it real or fake? 
Many people are getting scammed everyday. However, as for Easy Earn, you don't really have to worry about if it's legit or scam because this review will reveal all the secrets to you. 

This review will not only check if Easy Earn is legit or scam, but it's also an ultimate guide. Here, you will find out everything you needed to know about this platform, and you will see if it's the right one for you or not. I know how bad and painful it is to waste time and data on fake platforms. 

What exactly is Easy Earn? 

 If you have been looking for an opportunity to make some extra pocket cash online daily, here is Easy Earn, a popular platform that claims you can make more than $400 per day, such a big claim. However, today, we will find out how true this is. 

Currently, I haven't been able to confirm the date this platform began to exist, but with what I can tell, this particular website has been existing for more than a couple of years. The main reason why I can't tell you the exact date it was launched is because there are many of its clones out there. 

Easy Earn is a website that allows users to earn money is various ways, from watching videos to referring people, and many others. 
To find out if this platform is legit or a scam to be far from, you first of all need to know and understand how it really works. This will be helpful to those who don't have much idea about it, so, stay connected. 

Ways to make money on Easy Earn: 

1: Watching videos: 

One of the ways to earn money on Easy Earn is watching videos, if you have been looking for an opportunity to earn money through watching videos, this seem like an opportunity for you. But what if it's not? 

Easy Earn is a platform that offer users the opportunity to watch videos in exchange for rewards. Everyday you have three videos to watch, and once the three are exhausted, you will have to come back the following day. 
The amounts of money you can earn per video varies, and it's not fixed. 
When you login to your account and navigate to the Videos section, you will see all the available videos to watch. I discovered that the videos here are YouTube videos embedded. 
For each video, you can earn between $5 to $10 and above. 

2: Testing Apps and games: 

Easy Earn is a website that claims you can also earn by testing apps and games. But, what if I tell you that there are no apps and games to test here? 

 Yes, for sure, there are no apps and games to test on this platform, all are links. everytime you visit the "Test apps and games" section, you will discover that each time you click on any tasks you wish to complete, instead of it taking you to where to complete the task, but it takes you to another webpage that is not even related to what the task was asking you to do. 

In this section, you will earn $50 per tasks, and there are no limits to the number of tasks you can complete. That simply means you can stay here alone and make up to $500 daily. 

3: Referral program: 

If you can refer people, Easy Earn also offer a referral program, enabling users to earn $12 per referral. 

For every person that joins Easy Earn through your referral link, you earn $10. But that's not all, you will also earn when someone clicks on your link. That simply means whether the person signs up or not, you can still earn as far as he or she has clicked on your link.

It's a great referral program. However, this isn't the end of this review, so, there is no need to be excited. 

Other ways to earn money on Easy Earn: 

As you can see, those are the available ways you can earn money on Easy Earn. 

How much can you make on Easy Earn? 

When it comes to platforms like this, the amounts of money you can earn per day solely depends on your level of activities. If you can refer more people, it would be an opportunity to earn even more. 

Easy Earn payout options: 

There are many payout options available, from PayPal to Bitcoin, and others. The minimum amount needed to request a payout is $200. 
To request a payout, you can navigate to the "cash out" section of your account. There you will get all the information you need. 

Is Easy Earn legit or scam? 

Easy Earn is a scam platform, and you don't have to waste your time and data on it. There are many red flags on this platform. So, if you have been looking for where to waste your time in vain, maybe, Easy Earn is the right one. 

Below are some of the red flags on this platform: 

1: You can never get paid: 

So far no one has ever been paid by this platform. This is one of the main red flags on it. I myself, I have been following this platform for long time, and now am here to tell you that using it is totally a waste of time, because you will never get paid. 
When you reach the withdrawal threshold, you will discover that it will give one excuse or the other just to stop you from Withdrawing, and even if you manage to place the withdrawal order, you will Wait forever. 

2: Has many clones: 

There are many copies of this platform, this is one of the signs that shows it is fake. There are many Easy Earn, you will see, Easyearn.buz,, Easyearn.this, and Easyearn.that. There are many of them, all are one and from the same group of people. 

Now you have seen why you don't have to waste your time and data on this website. If you are looking for where to earn some extra cash online, I suggest you check out Idle-empire.
Idle-empire is a legit platform, and has a variety of payout options. You can cash out your earnings immediately you reach the withdrawal threshold.

How does Easy Earn makes its own money? 

This is a great question to ask, since it's offering high rewards, then we need to know how it makes its own money to pay users. 

As you can see, this platform generates its own money from advertisements. Like I said earlier, if you can still remember, when you navigate to the "Test apps and games" section, you will discover that everytime you click on the task you wish to complete, instead of it taking you to where to get the task done, but it takes you to another webpage that is not even related to what the task was all about. That is it. Where it takes you to is adverts page.

The more you try to complete tasks in the "Test apps and games" section, the more you are generating money for this platform, and upon that you will still not be paid.  

In which country is Easy Earn available? 

This platform doesn't seem to restrict any country. With what I can tell, Easy Earn is available worldwide. You can sign up and start earning from the website from any country. 

Like I said earlier, this platform has many clones. As for this particular one, it is located at: