Is G2 legit or scam - find out - ( Full review ) - Everything you need to know about G2

G2 is a platform that claims you can earn money by writing reviews about different software products.

• Is G2 a legitimate company?
• Who exactly can become a member of G2?
• Are the reviews found on the platform about software real or fake?
• How can I make money from G2 as a user?

These are commonly asked questions, and in this article, we will provide answers to all of them. Whether you are new to G2 or an existing user, by the end of this review, you will be able to determine if G2 is suitable for you or not.

Platform Overview:

Review Company.
Name: G2 (Formerly known as G2 Crowd).
Launch date: 2012.
Website Address:
Number of detected red flags: 0.

What exactly is G2? 

G2, formerly known as G2 Crowd, is an innovative platform that serves as a reliable resource for individuals and businesses seeking valuable insights into various software solutions. Unlike traditional review websites, G2 takes a unique approach by focusing on providing helpful and authentic reviews to help users make informed decisions about their software choices.

At its core, G2 is a user-driven platform, where real users share their first-hand experiences with different software products. This user-generated content ensures that the reviews are unbiased and trustworthy, as they come from individuals who have actually used the software for their businesses.

The platform covers a wide range of software categories, including project management tools, customer relationship management (CRM) software, marketing automation platforms, and much more. Users can easily browse through the extensive collection of reviews to find valuable insights, pros, and cons of various software options, aiding them in selecting the best fit for their specific needs.

One of the key concerns for users when exploring review platforms is the authenticity of the reviews. G2 addresses this by verifying users and encouraging detailed and informative feedback. Reviews found on G2 are backed by real experiences, making them a valuable resource for those in search of reliable software solutions.

Way to make money on G2 as a user: 

1: Writing reviews: 

If you're looking to potentially earn money on G2, the primary way to do so is by writing reviews of different software products. It's important to note that G2 places significant value on authentic experiences, so the software you review must be one that you have genuinely used and are familiar with.

To initiate the process of writing a review, visit the G2 website and click on the "Write Review" button. You will be prompted to select a software category, so ensure you choose one that you have genuine knowledge about.

Once you've chosen a category, you will find a list of available software options to review. Simply select a program that you have actual experience using and click on it.

If this is your first time writing a review for G2, you will need to log in to your account. For returning users, you will be directed to the review dashboard. Fill out all the required fields of the review according to the format provided by G2.

Writing a comprehensive review may take around 10 minutes, and the key aspect to remember is that you must offer your honest opinion about the software being reviewed. The essence of your review is to provide others with an unbiased assessment of the software's performance.

Once you've completed the review, submit it for G2 to review. It's important to note that writing and submitting your review doesn't guarantee payment. The decision lies with G2, and they will assess whether your review meets their standards and can genuinely help others.

While compensation for your review is not guaranteed, G2 acknowledges outstanding reviews that offer significant value to the community. If they perceive your review as exceptionally helpful to users, you may be rewarded for your efforts. Sharing your genuine experiences with software products on G2 contributes to the platform's credibility and assist others in making well-informed decisions. 

Other ways to make on from G2: 

Unfortunately, there are no other ways to make money on G2. While G2 offers a chance to earn through writing software reviews, it's essential to be aware that this platform doesn't provide additional money-making avenues. Making money on G2 is not guaranteed, and if you are looking for a steady income stream, it may be best to check out other ways because this doesn't seem like the right one for you .

The reward for an approved review on G2 is a gift card worth $10, which is the sole compensation the platform offers. If your intention is to earn substantial extra cash, G2 may not align with your goals.

It's crucial to understand that not every review you write on G2 will necessarily lead to earnings. The platform's discretion plays a role in determining which reviews receive rewards.

However, it's essential to recognize that G2 primarily aims to assist users in finding the best software solutions for their business needs through genuine reviews. While the potential to earn a gift card exists, G2's primary purpose centers on providing valuable insights to the community.

If your goal is to generate a stable income, you may want to explore alternative methods or platforms tailored to such objectives. While G2 can be an excellent resource for software information and sharing experiences, its main focus lies in supporting users' decision-making processes rather than serving as a substantial income source. 

G2: Legitimacy, Genuine Reviews, and Membership Details: 

As many users consider using G2, they often raise questions about its legitimacy and the authenticity of reviews featured on the platform. Additionally, potential members are curious about G2's availability in different countries and who can become a member. Below are things you needed to know: 

Is G2 Legit or a Scam? Are the Products Reviews Genuine?

G2, formerly known as G2 Crowd, is a legitimate platform that offers valuable reviews of various software products. As a user-driven community, G2 relies on genuine experiences shared by individuals who have used the software in question. The platform emphasizes authenticity, ensuring that the reviews are reliable and unbiased. This commitment to credibility has established G2's reputation as a legitimate company dedicated to aiding users in making informed software choices.

In wich country is G2 available? 

G2 is opened for users from all countries and does not limit its accessibility to specific regions. Anyone, regardless of their location, can access the platform and benefit from its extensive collection of software reviews.

However, it's essential to understand that G2 maintains strict guidelines when it comes to writing reviews. Only users who have direct experience with a software product are permitted to write reviews. This measure ensures that the reviews are well-informed and insightful, enhancing the overall quality of content on the platform.

Writing reviews on G2 requires a thoughtful and thorough approach. Users are encouraged to share genuine opinions and impressions, both positive and negative, to help others make informed decisions. Writing reviews without genuine experience is not allowed on G2, as the platform values the integrity and credibility of its user-contributed content.

Membership Requirements and Sign-Up Details:

Becoming a member of G2 is accessible to anyone who wishes to contribute authentic reviews. The platform does not impose specific restrictions based on profession or location. Whether you are a business owner, a software developer, or an individual user, you can participate and share your valuable insights.

When signing up on G2, it's crucial to note that using a Google Gmail address for registration is not permitted. Instead, users are encouraged to sign up using their business domain email address, such as This measure helps maintain the integrity of the platform and ensures that users are genuine professionals providing meaningful reviews.