Is Prime Opinion Legit - Find out - ( Full review + Guide )

Prime Opinion is a survey site that claims you can receive a $6.70 welcome rewards when you complete registration. That's really a great reward in my opinion, however, that doesn't matter right now. The questions now is, is it legit or scam? 

Imagine after spending time and data on a survey site for many days but later discovers that it's a scam? 
There are lots of fake and scam survey sites nowadays, but the question now is, is Prime Opinion one of the survey sites that were designed to scam users? 

This review will reveal every necessary things you needed to know about Prime Opinion, and you will find out if it's a legit site or scam. So stay connected: 

What exactly is Prime Opinion? 

Nowadays, there are a lot of people out there, looking for an opportunity to make at least $1 online daily without much effort. So, if you are among these people, here is Prime Opinion, a survey site that claims you will get paid to take surveys. 

Prime Opinion is a survey site that has been around since 2018. To find out if this is the right survey site for you to make money, you first of all need to know and understand how it works. Let me take a few minutes to show you all the necessary things about this platform: 

Ways to make money on Prime Opinion: 

1: Taking Surveys: 

If you are survey enthusiast, looking for a better survey site. Prime Opinion might be one of the best for you. 
The main way to make money on this platform is by answering surveys, there are a lost of surveys available and you will always find a survey you can qualify for. 

Survey is one of the best ways researchers uses to discover new things, including companies, many companies uses surveys to gather information from consumers and at the same time discovers a way to improve them. This is to shows you how helpful your opinions are.

There are many surveys available on Prime Opinion, but don't be too excited because it's not all surveys you will qualify for. The main reason why I said you will not qualify for all surveys is because some surveys might be targeting some profiles (people), such as people in a particular location, career, level of Education, Religion, and many others. So, if you are not among the set of people the survey is looking for, you will be disqualified and stopped from taking part. It's good to know this, it's a normal thing with all surveys, so don't feel too bad if you are disqualified from a survey. 

For every survey you choose to complete on Prime Opinion, a browser tap will open and direct you to another webpage where you can get it done. Each survey comes with the qualifying survey just like I said earlier, this particular survey is just like a test to see if you are the right person the main survey is looking for. If you pass the qualifying survey, you will then be redirected to the main one which will reward you upon completion. 

2: Survey Streak:

Prime Opinion also presents another opportunity called the Survey Streak. This is one of the opportunities to make money on this platform. Participate in this exclusive challenge to enter a prize draw where you are guaranteed to win a prize ranging from 50 to 1,000 points. 

To qualify, all you need is to answer at least one survey every day for seven consecutive days to earn an entry. Keep track of your streak on the dashboard and get ready to enjoy the rewards of your dedication. 

3: Leaderboard Contest: 

Prime Opinion also offers an opportunity for members to earn additional rewards by participating in their monthly leaderboard contest. By striving to become one of the top earners, you have a chance to win bonus points and elevate your earnings on the platform.

Every month, Prime Opinion hosts a leaderboard contest where the highest earners receive impressive rewards. The total monthly prize pool exceeds $1000, with the top prize being $75. What makes this opportunity even better is that Prime Opinion rewards a significant number of top earners.

Currently, the top 65 earners are rewarded, which means there is a good chance you can secure a prize if you actively participate on the site. Whether you're a dedicated member or a newcomer looking to make an impact, this contest provides an excellent opportunity to boost your earnings.

Join the ranks of top earners and claim your share of the rewards by participating in Prime Opinion's monthly leaderboard contest. Your active involvement and commitment to the platform can pave the way to exciting bonus points. 

4: Referral program: 

If you are good at referring people to a platform, this seems like an opportunity for you. Another way to boost your earnings on Prime Opinion is through the referral program. 

By inviting people to join Prime Opinion, you have the chance to earn more points in your account. Essentially, you become a promoter, sharing your invite link with people you want to invite. When they click your link and sign up as Prime Opinion members, they become your referrals.

To earn points, your referrals need to become active members of the site. Once they make their first withdrawal, you will receive a rewarding 100 points as a token of appreciation.

It's as simple as that, all you need is to Share your invite link and promote Prime Opinion to others. Each new member who signs up through your link and becomes an active participant brings you closer to earning additional points.

How much can you make on Prime Opinion? 

If you're curious about the financial opportunities on Prime Opinion, it's important to consider a few key factors. While the amount of money you can make daily on the platform varies, it primarily hinges on factors such as the number of surveys you can answer and the size of your referral network. However, it's essential to set realistic expectations and understand that Prime Opinion is designed to supplement your income rather than serve as a full-time job replacement.

The daily earnings on Prime Opinion fluctuate based on your survey participation. The more surveys you complete, the greater your earning potential. Engaging with a larger number of surveys allows you to accumulate rewards more rapidly. Keep in mind that the availability of surveys can vary, so the frequency with which you can participate may vary as well.

In addition to survey completion, referrals can play a significant role in boosting your earnings. By inviting friends, family, and acquaintances to join Prime Opinion through your referral link, you can earn additional rewards when they actively participate in surveys. Building a strong referral network can augment your income and open doors to even greater financial rewards.

However, it's crucial to maintain realistic expectations when it comes to earning potential on Prime Opinion. While the platform provides a convenient and flexible way to earn extra cash in your spare time, it is not intended to replace a full-time income. It's important to approach Prime Opinion as a supplementary source of income rather than a primary means of financial support.

By managing your expectations and recognizing the role of Prime Opinion as a part-time earning opportunity, you can make the most of your survey-taking experience. 

Prime Opinion's payout options: 

Prime Opinion values your time and opinions, and it's only fitting that you reap the rewards of your participation. Once you've accumulated points, below are some of the available ways you can redeem your earnings on the platform.

1. Cash via PayPal: 

Convert your points into cash and enjoy the convenience and global acceptance of PayPal. This widely-used payment platform ensures a secure and seamless transfer of your earnings.

2. Venmo: 

If you prefer a hassle-free way to receive your earnings, Venmo provides a straightforward option. Effortlessly convert your points into cash and access your funds with ease.

3. Direct Bank Transfer: 

Prime Opinion also offers the convenience of direct bank transfers, allowing you to seamlessly transfer your earnings directly into your bank account.

4. Gift Cards: 

Treat yourself or someone special with the option to convert your earnings into a wide selection of gift cards. Choose from popular retailers and online platforms, adding an extra touch of enjoyment to your rewards.

5. Prepaid Visa Card: 

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a prepaid Visa card. Convert your points into a physical card, accepted worldwide, and use it for your purchases or withdrawals as desired.

Remember that the availability of payout options may vary depending on your country of residence. However, the most commonly available option across countries is PayPal, ensuring a reliable and accessible method for cashing out your rewards.

To initiate a withdrawal through PayPal, a minimum threshold is typically required. The specific amount may differ based on your country, but generally, you can expect a minimum of 5,000 points, equivalent to $5. This low payout threshold ensures you can access your earnings conveniently and without delay. 

Is Prime Opinion Legit? 

Prime Opinion is a popular survey site that has been around since 2018. Yes, it is legit and not scam. You will get paid if you manage to reach the withdrawal threshold. 
However, it is legit does not necessarily mean it is, you might still encounter things that are similar to scam. So, I can not guarantee you safety because anything can happen at anytime. 

In which country is Prime Opinion available? 

Currently, I have not been able to confirm the lists of countries this platform is available and the lists of countries it is not available. However, you will be able to find out if it is available in your country when you get to the website and try to sign up. 

If you are interested in this platform, you can locate it at You can sign up with your Google account, Facebook account or Email address. just choose the one of your choice and proceed with caution.