JungleBox Review - Check if JungleBox is legit or a scam app

JungleBox is a mobile application that promise you will get paid to perform tasks, refer people, watch advertisement videos, including completing many other activities. 
Now, we want to know if this app is legit or scam since there are so many scam and fake apps nowadays. 

This review will reveal everything you needed to know about this app, whether you are new to it or already an old user, at the end of this review you will discover one or two things. 
This review will not only check if JungleBox is legit, but it's also an ultimate guide to those who are new to apps like this. 

What exactly is JungleBox? 

If you are someone who has been looking for a way to make some extra cash online, here is JungleBox, a mobile app that claims you can get paid for your time and efforts. 

JungleBox is a gpt (Get paid to) app that offer users the opportunity to make money by watching videos, playing games and many others. 

JungleBox is an app that was released since 8th of November 2021. To find out if this app is legit, you first of all need to know and understand how it works. There are so many things to know about this app, so, let me take a few minutes to show you everything you needed to know:

Ways to make money on JungleBox: 

1: Playing games: 

One of the ways to make money on JungleBox is by playing games. Games on JungleBox are powered by Playtime, playtime is a popular game provider. 

When you have signed in to your account, you will see the playtime section, clicking on it will take you to a page where you will see all the available games you can install. 
You will get paid to install these games. In the playtime section, once you have seen all the available games, what you have to do next is to scroll and look for a game that seems good to you, once found, just click on it to proceed. 

Before going to install any game, make sure you have read and understand the game requirements. Failure to follow the instructions might results in receiving no reward. 

Before you get too excited, it's important to note that the numbers of games that will be available to you can vary depending on your country, and there are times you will not see any game at all. 

2: Watching videos: 

You will also get paid to watch videos. These are advertisements videos, so don't be excited because it's not videos you can enjoy. 

This opportunity is just for earning extra cash on the app, because you will not always find videos, at the time this review was published, there was no video available. So, if you were looking for an opportunity to watch videos for rewards, I suggest you find other ways because this is not the right one for you. 

3: Referral program: 

Let me just reveal it to you that this is the main way to earn from this app. The referral program pays higher than other earning opportunities. 

If you are good at referring people to a platform, maybe this might be an opportunity for you, but what if it's not? 
JungleBox also offer users the opportunity to refer other people to the app and get rewarded. All you have to do is to get your referral link and share it with the person that wants to join the app, when the person signs up with your link, he or she will become your referral and you will receive 500,000 leaves (App currency, just like points). 

But as you can see, you need active referrals to benefit from this opportunity. To receive the referral commission your referral must watch videos and complete other activities before you can receive the promised reward. 

4: Completing paid offers: 

Paid offers are tasks you will be asked to do in exchange for rewards. These could be installing of apps, signing up on other websites, including performing other activities. 

This is one of the ways to make money on JungleBox, when you login to your account, by scrolling down the screen you will see all the available offers you can perform, just choose the one of your choice and proceed. Make sure to read and understand each offer requirements before proceeding to complete because if you fail to follow the requirements you might end up receiving no reward. 
Don't be too excited about this opportunity because you will hardly find offers you can perform. 

How much can you make daily on JungleBox? 

You can not make a reasonable amount of money from this app. The numbers of offers that are available are not much, including games. 
If you are looking for an app to make some money in your spare time, I would not recommend this app to you because you will find it hard to make up to $1 in a week from it. 

The main way to make money from the app is through its referral program. You will earn 500,000 ($0.50) leaves per referral. 

Leave payout options: 

• PayPal. 
• Dana. 
• Truemoney. 
• Gcash. 
And others. 

The minimum amount needed to request a payout is 3,000,000 leaves. Every activities you perform on the app will rewards you with Leaves (just like points). 
To request a payout you must accumulate up to 3,000,000 leaves which is equivalent to $3. Let me just reveal it to you that it's very impossible to reach this withdrawal threshold except you can refer more people. 

Once you have reached the withdrawal threshold, you can click on the PayPal icon, located at the top of your account and it will take you to a page where you can request for payment. 

Is JungleBox legit or scam? 

No one has been reportedly paid by this app so far.
Aside from that, it will take you several days to reach the withdrawal threshold because the earning opportunities on it are not much, and the minimum withdrawal threshold is too high compared to the amounts you can make daily. The only way to easily reach the withdraw threshold is by referring people. If you can refer more people, it would be an opportunity to earn more. 

As for if the app is legit or scam, I already said earlier that no one has been reportedly paid so far. However, don't be surprise if you get paid. If you would be interested in a better alternative of this app, I suggest you check out Idle-empire. Idle-empire is a great gpt site that offer users the opportunity to make money. You will be paid to perform tasks, refer people, and complete other activities.

In which country is JungleBox available? 

This app doesn't seem to restrict any country, showing that it is available worldwide. However, it is available worldwide does not necessarily mean it is, so don't be surprise if it's not available in your country. 

If you are interested in this app, you can download it from Google play store or other apps stores, name: JungleBox.