Money Maze review - Check if Money Maze is legit or scam

Money Maze is a mobile application that claims you can earn money by completing simple activities. Now, is Money Maze real or scam? That is what everyone wants to know. 

There are many fake apps online nowadays, claiming you can make cool cash daily. Its hurts to waste time and data on scam apps. No one would ever want to fall victim of scams, but the question now is, how can we know if an app is legit or scam? With the rate of fake apps nowadays, it has become more difficult to identify a legitimate app. However, as for Money Maze, you don't have to worry about it because at the end of this review you will find out every necessary things you needed to know. 

This review will not only check if Money Maze is legit, but it's also an ultimate guide to those who are new to the app, and those who just want to know how it works. So, stay connected: 

What exactly is Money Maze? 

Money Maze is an easy to use mobile application that offer users the opportunity to earn Rewards by simply playing math quiz, including other activities. 

The app was launched since April 12th, 2023, offering users the opportunity to earn money with less effort. To find out if this app is legit or a scam, you first of all need to know and understand how it really works. This is the only ways to find out if it's the right platform for you or not. So, stay connected: 

Ways to make money on Money Maze: 

1: Playing Math quiz: 

If you love playing quiz, maybe this might be an opportunity for you to earn by simply playing the game you love, and have been playing without getting paid for. It's a simple to play game. All you need is the correct answer to each question. As you can see in the image above. The questions are not that difficult, you might be given something like 4 + 3 = ? 
All you need is the correct answer to the question. 

In your account homepage, you will see the "Math quiz" section, clicking on it will open a page where you can play this game. All you need is to type in the correct answer in the required field. 
The rewards you can earn here varies, it's not fixed, sometimes you can earn 7 points and sometimes 10 points which is very low compared to the withdrawal threshold. 

2: Scratch cards: 

The rewards you can earn here per round are relatively poor compared to the withdrawal threshold. You only have 11 rounds a day, and after the 11 rounds are exhausted, you will have to come back the following day. Like I said, the rewards here are very low, for each round, you will hardly earn something like 15 points because the app rewards users with points which can later be converted to cash for withdrawal. 

When you login to your account, you will see the "scratch card" section, click on "start now," button and it will take you to a page where you can scratch the card. 

The rewards the app gives are extremely low, so if you were looking for an app to earn reasonable amounts of money daily, this app is not the right one for you. 

3: Spin wheel: 

Normally, spinning wheel is always a game of luck. But as for Money Maze, I discovered that Its chooses the amount to reward you itself. Exactly what you earns in other sections is what you will earn here. You can earn between 7 points and 10 points which is very low if compared to the withdrawal threshold. 

In your account you will see the spin wheel section, clicking on it will open a page where you can spin a wheel, each round of the wheel will reward you between 7 points and 10 points. 

In my own opinion, the rewards worths nothing and it will take several days to reach the withdrawal threshold. 

Other ways to earn on Money Maze: 

The above are not the only ways you can earn from this app, there are still others remaining. When you log in to your account you will discover more. 

How much money can you make on Money Maze? 

If you were looking for a reliable app to earn some extra money online and came across Money Maze, what if I tell you that it's not the right app for you? 

After examining the app thoroughly, I discovered that it will definitely take you several days to reach the withdrawal threshold. The minimum amount needed to cash out via Paypal is $3, and you need 1,000 points to exchange with $1. Every activities on the app rewards users with points, 1,000 points is required to exchange with $1. 

Now, if we want to compare that with the amounts you can earn from this app per days, I assure you that it will probably take you 6 months or less to reach the PayPal withdrawal threshold which is $3 (3,000 points). That's if you use the app actively without missing a day. If you fail to use the app actively, let's say, all your efforts might result in vain, because you will end up uninstalling the app except you are going to use other withdrawal options.

Money Maze payout options: 

Talking about the payout options, it's great because the app offers many, including Crypto withdrawal and Mobile Topup. However, if you would like a platform that offer different payout options, from bank transfer to PayPal, Crypto, gift cards and many others, I recommend you check out Idle-empire. Idle-empire is definitely one of the best gpt site to earn extra cash in your spare time, it's a legit site.

As for Money Maze, the minimum amount needed to cash out is $0.30, that's for mobile Topup, and don't be surprise if this option is not available in your country. 

Is Money Maze legit or scam? 

Currently, I can't tell if this app is legit or scam, and I can't assure it will get you paid. The rewards the app offers are very low as I said earlier, and for that reason I do not recommend this app to anyone looking to earn reasonable amounts of money online. There are many legitimate platforms you can earn extra cash daily. If you would be interested in one, then I recommend Idle-empire to you. 

In which country is Money Maze available? 

Currently, I can't tell the lists of countries the app is available and the lists of countries it's not available. But with what I can tell, anyone from any country can download it and start using. This app is available on Google play, you can find it and download if interested.