ChatTee Review - Is ChatTee legit or scam - Find out

ChatTee is a cashback platform designed to assist frequent shoppers in earning cashback. However, does that make it legitimate? Offering users the opportunity to earn cashback doesn't automatically guarantee legitimacy.

Let me disclose that I have come across numerous fake and scam cashback apps claiming to offer cashback but end up swindling users' hard-earned money.

Many individuals are curious about the legitimacy of this app, and they pose questions like: Is it legit or a scam? Is it real or fake? Does it actually pay users? These are crucial questions to ask when considering opportunities like this.

This review aims to provide comprehensive insights into the ChatTee Cashback platform. Whether you're new to it or an existing user, by the end of this review, you'll determine if what it offers is worth your time.

Platform Overview:

• Name: ChatTee (- Get rewarded).
• App released date: 18th October 2018.
• Location: Japan.
• Number of red flags detected: N/A.
• Website Address:

What is ChatTee, and how does it work?

If you frequently shop or dine at your favorite stores, ChatTee is a platform designed to help you earn cashback from these stores, provided they have partnered with ChatTee. The app is available on Google Play, but before you download it, understanding how it works is crucial for success. Familiarizing yourself with the app's functionality and offerings will help you manage your expectations. Therefore, before hitting the app's download button on Google Play, let me guide you through all the essential aspects you need to know about ChatTee. 

How to make money on ChatTee: 

1: Earn Cashback: 

The primary way to earn earn from ChatTee is through shopping and dinning at your favorite restaurant. You will earn cashback for every successful purchase. Let's explore: 

• Online Shopping: 

To get start, if you are already a ChatTee user, you just have to login to your account, if you are yet to be, then you can locate the ChatTee website or download the app from Google play store or Apple store and sign up. 

When you have logged in to your account, you will see all the available online stores that partner with ChatTee, browse through the selection of partner stores, click on your desired one, and check the requirements to earn the coinback reward. Remember, fulfilling all the criteria is essential to receive your reward. Click the "Get Coin" button, and a new browser tab will open, taking you directly to the online store. Ensure that you go through the ChatTee app to allow seamless tracking of your purchase, and the corresponding coins will be yours once the refund period clears (usually 30 to 45 days).

• Partner Store or Restaurant Visits: 

If you always go shopping or dinning, you can still earn cashback from ChatTee as far as the store or restaurant has partner with chatTee. Firstly, try and confirm if the store has partner with chatTee by logging in to your ChatTee account. 

You can enhance your earnings by shopping or dining at ChatTee's partner establishments. After making a purchase from that store or restaurant, login to your ChatTee account and find the store/restaurant and press the "Post a Review" button. Complete the required forms, upload a photo of your receipt, and craft an honest review of your experience. ChatTee will review your submission, and upon confirmation, you will receive the well-deserved cashback reward, typically within a few days.

Keep in mind that while there's a decent number of stores for online shopping, partner restaurants offering cashback opportunities might be limited. Nevertheless, with ChatTee's innovative methods, you're sure to find exciting ways to boost your earnings. 

2: Referral program: 

The Referral Program on ChatTee is an easy way to earn rewards. All you have to do is share your unique referral code with someone you want to invite to ChatTee.

When the person you invite signs up and enters your referral code, they become your referral, and both of you get rewards.

However, there's a catch – you will only earn rewards if the people you invite live in Japan. If you and your invitee both live in Japan, you will earn 1,000 TEE-Coins when they use your referral code. They will also receive 100 Tee-Coins as a welcome bonus. It's a win-win situation for both of you.

So, if you're in Japan and know someone who might be interested in ChatTee, don't hesitate to invite them using your referral code. You'll both get rewarded, and it's a simple way to earn extra Tee-Coins together.  

How much money can you make? 

The potential earnings on ChatTee are intricately tied to your shopping and dining proclivities. Frequent visits to their partner stores and restaurants can lead to a substantial accumulation of coins, accentuating your rewards.

However, for those with less frequent shopping and dining habits, the benefits may not be as significant. While most stores offer enticing cashback rates ranging from 5% to 10%, the app's selection of popular partner brands and stores may be somewhat limited, potentially limiting opportunities for frequent earnings.

It is essential to consider your personal preferences and habits when exploring the earning potential on ChatTee. By aligning your activities with the platform's offerings, you can unleash the true value of Coinback rewards and maximize your earnings in the process.

ChatTee's payment options: 

For every activities you complete on ChatTee, you receive Tee-Coins as your rewards. These Tee-Coins offer you various ways to make the most of your earnings.

1. Redeem Vouchers and Coupons: 

With your Tee-Coins, you have the exciting option to redeem them for a wide range of vouchers and coupons. These rewards allow you to enjoy discounts and special offers at your favorite stores and restaurants. It's like getting extra benefits while you shop or dine.

2. Pay for Purchases: 

Another benefits of Tee-Coins is that you can use them to pay for purchases at ChatTee's partner stores and restaurants, that if the particular store or restaurant support it. This means you can shop or dine using your earned rewards, making your experience even more enjoyable and fulfilling.

3. Convert to BTEC and Exchange for Bitcoin: 

For those interested in cryptocurrency, ChatTee offers an opportunity to convert your Tee-Coins to BTEC. BTEC is a cryptocurrency, and you can exchange it for Bitcoin using Pancake Swap, a well-known platform. However, please keep in mind that there is a transaction fee of 500 Tee-Coins when you choose this option, so make sure to consider this before proceeding.

In a nutshell, ChatTee provides you with flexible and easy-to-use payment options through Tee-Coins. Whether you want to redeem vouchers, pay for purchases, or venture into cryptocurrency, the platform ensures that your earnings turns into tangible and rewarding experiences. 

In which country is ChatTee available?

ChatTee is exclusively available in Japan. If you are not Japanese, there will be no way for you to sign up and start benefiting from this platform because it requires you to select Japan as your country during the registration process. Japan is the only country available for registration.

If you are in other countries and seeking an opportunity to earn cashback while shopping, you can explore similar apps available in your country or ones that operate worldwide. However, for ChatTee, it is exclusively limited to Japan, and users from other countries cannot sign up.

Is ChatTee legit or a scam?

ChatTee is legitimate. The app has been around since 2018, as mentioned above, and during our tests, no red flags indicating potential scam or fraud activities were detected. Rest assured, ChatTee is indeed a legitimate platform, and we haven't come across any valid information suggesting it is a scam.

Is the ChatTee app safe for users?

Our tests revealed no threats on the app, indicating that it is safe for users to download, install, and use. However, please ensure it is compatible with your device before downloading.

The ChatTee app is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can download it from the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple Store for iOS users. Once the download is complete, you can launch the app and proceed with the registration process.