DailyPay review - is DailyPay legit or scam? ( complete review )

If you're new to opportunities like this, the first step before signing up with this platform is to read this review. Understanding all the necessary details about it is crucial. No one wants to become a victim of a scam, especially considering the numerous scam apps and websites that exist today. Personally, I understand the frustration and pain of losing hard-earned money to scammers who sit at home without engaging in physical work.

This review aims to uncover all the essential aspects of the app named DailyPay. This will help you decide whether to continue using it or explore alternative options. Let me guide you through a few steps to ensure you're well-informed throughout your journey.

App Overview:

Name: DailyPay. 
• Release Date: August 15, 2023. 
Website: www.dailypayonline.com.ng
• Number of Red Flags Detected: Max. 

What is DailyPay Exactly?

If you've been searching for an online money-making opportunity, here is DailyPay - a mobile application that claims you can earn money by performing simple social media tasks. This app offers users the chance to earn money by completing various social media activities, including following accounts, liking posts, sharing content, referring people, and more. The burning question, though, is whether it's a legitimate platform or a scam to steer clear of.

That's the primary question you've come here to ask, and "Naijanewlife" is the only website that can provide you with an answer. Before we determine whether the app is genuine or a scam, it's essential for you to comprehend how it operates. So, stay connected as I guide you through a few steps to help you uncover more by highlighting all the available earning opportunities within the app. 

Ways to Earn Money on DailyPay:

1: Performing Social Tasks:

If you're seeking an opportunity to earn from your social media accounts, allow me to introduce you to DailyPay. This app claims that you can earn a considerable daily income by simply completing various social media tasks.

Upon logging into your DailyPay account, locate and click the "Social" button. If you're new to the app, you'll be prompted to activate your account by making a deposit of ₦1,500. For existing members, this button will grant access to a variety of tasks that can be completed for rewards.

You'll find a range of task types, including:

Facebook tasks.
Instagram tasks.
Google Play tasks.
YouTube tasks.
And more.

Each task has its own set of requirements and a corresponding reward amount. For instance, Facebook tasks encompass activities like following accounts, pages, liking posts, sharing content, and other interactions, with each task earning you ₦3. The same remuneration applies to Instagram, Twitter, and other tasks.

For Google Play tasks, you can earn anywhere from ₦50 to ₦60 per task. That's the breakdown. To initiate these tasks, access the "Social" section within your account. This will display all available tasks. To begin, simply click "Take" on the task that interests you the most. Upon clicking, a new page will open with instructions guiding you through the task. Upon successful completion, you can return to your account and submit a screenshot of the completed task. Once verified, the promised reward will be credited to your wallet. 

2: Referral Program:

This represents another method through which you can generate income using this app. If you excel at referring individuals to sign up with an app via your unique referral link, you're presented with an excellent opportunity to earn even more. DailyPay also presents a referral program that allows you to boost your earnings further.

To engage in this, simply log in to your account, proceed to the "Refer Friends" section, and obtain your personalized referral link. Share this link with the individuals you wish to refer. Once they join the app using your link, they become your referrals. To derive earnings from this referral program, it's essential that your referral activates their account by making a deposit of ₦1,500. After their account activation, you'll receive a commission of ₦1,000.

As you can observe, these are the available avenues through which you can earn using this app. However, the review doesn't conclude here; there are several other crucial aspects you need to be acquainted with. So, remain connected as I guide you through further discoveries. 

How Much Can You Earn from DailyPay?

The primary method to maximize your earnings with this app is through its referral program, where you'll receive a commission of ₦1,000 per referral - a respectable reward. However, bear in mind that for you to earn, the individual you refer must make a deposit.

Regarding the earnings per task, the amount varies based on the type of task. You'll earn 3 naira or more for Facebook, Instagram, and similar tasks. Google Play tasks can yield even higher earnings. Yet, it's important to note that relying solely on tasks could take you several days, months, or even a year to accumulate up to ₦1,000.

DailyPay Payout Options:

The minimum withdrawal amount from this app is ₦100. This implies that in order to request a withdrawal, your account balance must reach at least ₦100.

The app offers bank transfers and supports withdrawals to nearly all the banks in Nigeria.

Who Can Join DailyPay?

DailyPay is an app exclusively accessible to individuals in Nigeria. Therefore, if you're not a Nigerian resident, this app is not available to you. 

Additional Features of this App:

1: Purchasing Social Followers:

For those seeking ways to acquire social followers for their accounts or pages, DailyPay also claim to offers a solution. This mobile app claims that you can purchase a substantial number of social followers for your accounts or pages. Nevertheless, it's important to note that this claim doesn't inherently verify the app's legitimacy or its standing as the optimal platform for purchasing social followers. If you're in search of an app for acquiring social followers, I recommend exploring "Hawkit

Is DailyPay Legit or a Scam?

Beware of Impending Fraud! This app is a scam designed to deceive unsuspecting individuals, and this review serves as an alert to protect you.

If you're seeking an app that will strip you of your hard-earned funds, enter DailyPay. The chief reason behind labeling this app as a scam is due to its uncanny resemblance to more than six other apps. What's more, my investigation revealed that this app stems from the same group of individuals responsible for creating other scam apps under the name GGTC Global.

This group has developed over six apps, and upon scrutinizing each one, it's clear that they're all scams. Numerous individuals have already fallen victim to most of these apps. I, too, fell victim to one of their apps called "Bangu."

Take a look at "Bangu":

Bangu emerged towards the end of last year (2022) and exhibited striking similarities to the present DailyPay.

Nonetheless, please be aware that this assessment is based on my past experiences and the information I gathered online. This doesn't guarantee that the app is a scam. If you hold the belief that the app is legitimate, I urge you to proceed with a deposit and later share your feedback on your encounter.

One of the apps resembling what you see here was known as Bangu. It allowed deposits but not withdrawals; the withdrawal section failed to respond when clicked and even failed to prompt the appearance of a keyboard for inputting the withdrawal amount. This was an unfortunate ordeal. Upon downloading DailyPay and logging into your account, you'll notice ₦12,300 in your wallet. This appears to be a bait to lure you into making a deposit before enabling withdrawals, it's a deceptive tactic to make you a victim of a scam.

If you're searching for a trustworthy app to earn money through completing social tasks, I recommend you consider Hawkit. Hawkit is legitimate; I've received referral rewards from them numerous times, and I continue to earn rewards as I promote it. Hawkit has been around for a substantial number of years. To join Hawkit, click HERE. Deposit ₦1,000 to activate your account and earn ₦500 per referral. The minimum withdrawal amount is ₦100. Additionally, it offers a variety of tasks you can undertake.