Is Osusupot legit or scam? - Find out - Osusupot review

Osusupot is a platform that claims you can earn real money, up to ₦550. All you need to do is buy a coupon code from its vendors. But is it legit or a scam? Can you really make money? Does it actually pay users?

Let me reveal to you that I've seen numerous fraudulent platforms that operated similarly to Osusupot, and in the end, they disappeared with unsuspecting users' funds. The main question now is whether Osusupot is one of these fraud platforms designed to defraud users.

This review will serve as an ultimate guide and will reveal all secrets based on history, helping you make an informed decision about whether to continue with this platform or explore other options.

Platform Overview: 

• Name: Osusupot. 
• Release Date: July 2023.
• Website Address:
• Number of Red Flags Detected: Max.

What is Osusupot, and How Does It Work? 

If you're looking for an opportunity to make money online, here is Osusupot. It's a platform currently available only in Nigeria, claiming you can earn ₦550 from ₦5,000 daily, along with other benefits. Before you register and buy a voucher code to start earning, reading this review is crucial to avoid falling victim to a potential scam. Let's first explore how it works.

How to Make Money on Osusupot: 

1. Buy a Voucher: 

To get started, visit the platform's website to access the registration page. Complete your registration by providing your name, password, and other necessary details. Keep in mind that you need a voucher code to finalize the registration. While on the registration page, you'll find a link to contact the platform's vendors for the voucher code. The amount you spend on the code determines your potential earnings. See below: 

• Voucher code of ₦2,000: 
• Daily income: ₦250. 
• Referral commission: 50%. 

• Voucher code of ₦5,000: 
• Daily income: ₦550. 
• Referral commission: 55%. 

Once you purchase and use the code during registration, your account will be activated, and you'll start generating daily income based on your voucher code's value. 

Is Osusupot Legit or a Scam?

This platform appears to be a scam and fraudulent. Similar platforms have scammed users before. No information validates its legitimacy. Proceed with caution, as it's flagged as a scam. There's no guarantee of a positive experience. 

Is This Platform Paying Users? 

Yes, the platform is currently paying users, confirmed by valid withdrawal proof. As long as you reach the withdrawal threshold, you'll receive payments. However, note that this information is based on the platform's current status. This review states that it was paying during its publication, but be prepared for the possibility that it may stop paying at any time.

Availability by Country: 

This platform is accessible only to people in Nigeria. If you're not Nigerian, the platform is unavailable to you. You can find similar opportunities in your country.

Final Verdict: 

Our tests revealed numerous red flags, suggesting potential scam and fraudulent activities on this platform. Your money isn't safe here; it could disappear when you least expect it. Considering the number of red flags, there's no guarantee the platform will last. Exercise caution, invest only what you can afford to lose, and avoid promoting referral links that could deceive unsuspecting people into falling victim to a scam.