Surveyon is a platform that provides users with the opportunity to earn money simply by participating in surveys. Like with any opportunity, people often have questions, such as: Is Surveyon real or fake? Is Surveyon legit or a scam? Does it genuinely pay? These are important questions to consider when exploring opportunities like this.

If you're among those asking the above mentioned questions, you've come to the right place to gather all the necessary answers. This review aims to provide everything you need to know about Surveyon, whether you're seeking to determine its legitimacy, assess the worthiness of its rewards, or understand its functioning. This review serves as the ultimate guide, so stay connected to uncover all the necessary information before deciding to utilize the platform.

Platform Overview:

• Name: Surveyon. 
• Release Date: Not available. 
• Website:
• Availability: Google Play Store (Worldwide)
• Number of Red Flags Detected: Not available. 

What is Surveyon, and How Does It Work?

If you're seeking ways to make extra money online in your spare time, Surveyon presents itself as a platform offering users the opportunity to earn money by participating in surveys. However, does this automatically indicate its legitimacy? Are the rewards it offers worth your time investment? To obtain answers to these questions, you should first understand how it works. By comprehending its functioning and the rewards it provides, you'll be able to determine whether it's the suitable survey platform for you.

Ways to Make Money on Surveyon:

1. Answering Surveys:

The primary method of earning money on Surveyon involves participating in surveys.

To begin, you must first visit the website ( and sign up. Surveyon is accessible through both the Android app and the website, allowing you to choose between the two according to your preference.

Upon logging into your Surveyon account, you'll find a list of available surveys that you can complete. Clicking on any survey will provide a link that redirects you to the survey page for completion. It's important to note that these surveys aren't directly from Surveyon itself; they are facilitated by survey providers.

Regarding survey opportunities, there's a crucial factor to keep in mind. Not every survey you attempt will qualify for you. This is because certain surveys are targeted towards specific demographics. If you don't fall within the targeted group, you might be disqualified.

For each survey you attempt, you'll be presented with a qualifying survey. This acts as a preliminary test to determine if you match the criteria the main survey is seeking. If you successfully pass the qualifying survey, you'll then be directed to the main survey, which rewards you upon completion. But what happens if you get disqualified? In such cases, you'll need to return to your Surveyon account and explore other available options that align with your profile. 

2: Quick Polls:

Surveyon offers an additional method for accumulating rewards – through their quick polls. While these polls do not yield substantial rewards, they do provide an extra avenue for earning. Furthermore, they require only a minimal time investment.

Participating in their quick polls allows you to earn modest rewards. The mechanics of this earning opportunity are quite straightforward. Each day, you will receive a designated number of polls to complete. For every poll you successfully answer, you will be awarded 1 point.

Additionally, you have the choice to create your own poll, which Surveyon will subsequently share with other members of the platform. If your poll manages to gather a minimum of 100 responses, you will be credited with 200 points.

The Quick Polls section of the website showcases all the quick polls generated by members. It is important to note that this opportunity does not guarantee earnings, as participating in polls created by fellow members does not offer any tangible rewards.

How much money can you make on Surveyon?

As with any survey platform, the amount of money you can earn depends on various factors, such as the availability of surveys and the number of surveys you qualify for. As you already know, you will never qualify for all surveys; this is one of the factors that influence the amount of money you can make on Surveyon. On the other hand, the availability of surveys varies. Just keep in mind that the number of surveys available to you can vary depending on your location.

As for the exact amount of money you can earn per survey, it varies depending on the complexity and length of the survey. For every survey you successfully complete, you will earn points that can later be exchanged for cash. There are surveys that will reward you 500 points and some 1,000 points or more. These rewards are very low compared to what other survey sites are offering. 500 points are equivalent to $0.5, and 1,000 points are equivalent to $0.10. 
The amounts of money you can make here are low and can't replace a full-time income, so I would recommend managing your expectations before joining this platform.

Surveyon Payout Options:

For every survey you complete on Surveyon, you will earn Surveyon points. These points can later be exchanged for cash. 
Surveyon offers only one payout option, which is PayPal. This is a downside of the platform. The minimum amount needed in your balance to request a payout via PayPal is 20,000 points, equivalent to $2. That's a very high withdrawal threshold in my opinion, especially when compared to the amount you can make daily.

I would like to inform you to be satisfied with the payout option the platform offers before starting to earn from it. This ensures that you can cash out your earnings conveniently whenever you need.

Is Surveyon Worth It?

Well, it depends on your perspective. The rewards offered by this platform for completing surveys may not be substantial compared to what other survey platforms are offering. However, in my opinion, Surveyon is worth it. The rewards it offers are decent, but it's important to note that you won't qualify for all surveys, and the availability of surveys to you can vary depending on your location and profile. Due to these factors, it might take you several days to accumulate enough points to request a payout. This clearly indicates that Surveyon is not for everyone. If you're looking for an opportunity to make real money daily, Surveyon is not for you, but it can still serve as an extra source of income.

In Which Countries is Surveyon Available?

Surveyon is not available in all countries. Currently, it's difficult to provide an exact list of countries where it's available and those where it's not. Because of this, I recommend visiting the website and trying to sign up to see if you're accepted. This way, you can be sure if it's available to you or not.

Is Surveyon Legit or a Scam?

From what I can tell at the moment, Surveyon is a legit survey platform that truly pays its users. After examining the platform, no valid red flags indicating scams or fraudulent activities were found. However, it's important to note that you might still encounter things that resemble scams while using it; you know that anything can happen at any time. So do not consider the platform as a primary source of income. 

Final Judgment:

Throughout our testing, we were unable to uncover any credible information online that could be used to substantiate claims against this platform. A significant number of users have attested to Surveyon's authenticity as a legitimate survey platform that indeed compensates its participants. Our investigation did not reveal indications of potential red flags pointing towards scams or fraudulent activities. Nevertheless, it is important to bear in mind that historical instances of platforms similar to this one have been known to deceive unsuspecting individuals. There is a possibility that this platform could undergo changes in the future, potentially affecting its payment practices. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to consistently conduct research and gather information periodically. This approach ensures that you do not find yourself squandering valuable time and mobile data on deceitful platforms. 

Is Surveyon Safe to Use?

Both the app and website are safe for users; no potential threats were detected while testing it. You can install the app on your device and use it without any problems. However, keep in mind that we will not always be there to continuously monitor the app for new updates. This app might be updated at any time, introducing new features that could compromise its safety. So it's essential to always exercise caution and periodically check to see if anything has gone wrong for your privacy and safety.