is a website that claims you can mine USDT and earn up to 1,250 USDT per day. It asserts itself as a cloud mining platform that facilitates free USDT mining. The question now is, is it legitimate or a scam?

When it comes to opportunities like these, people often raise questions about whether they are genuine opportunities or scams to avoid.

Numerous questions have arisen regarding the legitimacy of this platform, such as: Is it legitimate or a scam? Is it real or fake? Does it actually pay users?

We have compiled this review with information gathered online to help you make an informed decision about whether to proceed with this platform. This review will provide you with all the necessary information about and serve as an ultimate guide.

Platform Overview: 

• Name: 
• Release Date: June 2023. 
• Website Address:
• Number of Red Flags Detected: Max. 

What is, and How Does It Work? is a platform that claims to enable automatic USDT mining. It has been active since June 2023.

If you are considering registering and earning from this platform, reading through this review to understand how it operates and whether it suits you is a prudent decision. I'd like to reveal that I've come across numerous scam platforms operating similarly to They present themselves as legitimate, but in reality, they hide their founder's identity to deceive users and disappear without a trace.

Before we draw a conclusion about whether this platform is legitimate or a scam, let's take a closer look at how it functions.

Ways to Earn on 

1. Mining USDT: 

The primary method of earning on this platform is by mining USDT, as claimed by the platform. New users are provided with level one mining equipment to generate daily income.

To increase your earnings, you can upgrade your account. There are various plans available, and the higher the amount you invest, the greater your daily income will be.

2. Referral Program: 

The platform also offers a referral program, allowing users to invite new members and receive rewards. For each valid referral, you will earn 10 USDT, and you will also receive 20% of the amount they spend on the platform.

Is Legitimate? 

The platform could be a scam due to the numerous red flags we identified during our testing. If you are considering depositing or registering on the platform, it's essential to be aware of the following red flags:

1. High Daily Profits: 

This platform raises several red flags that indicate potential scam and fraudulent activities. Your funds are at risk, and there's no guarantee of recovering them after depositing on this platform.

A significant red flag is the promise of high daily income. The platform claims you can invest 500 USDT and receive 1,250 usdt daily. This is often considered a fraudulent scheme. Therefore, exercise caution, as there may be no recourse to recover your losses.

Is This Platform Paying Users? 

The platform is not paying users; no valid withdrawal proofs have been found, and no one has reportedly been paid since its launch. This alone suggests that depositing money on this platform could result in a complete loss of funds, with no way to retrieve them.

In which Country is available? 

The platform is accessible worldwide. Regardless of your location, you can visit the website and sign up to start benefiting.

Final Verdict:

There is no valid information available to substantiate the legitimacy of Our testing unveiled numerous red flags indicating scams and fraudulent activities associated with this platform. We do not recommend it, as similar platforms have defrauded users in the past. With all this information in mind, if you still choose to invest in the platform, we strongly advise you to only deposit funds you can afford to lose.