Merge Fruit Review - Scam or Legit? - Real or Fake?

If you're in search of an entertaining game to play and have some fun in your spare time, you might find Merge Fruit to be a useful app to install on your device. However, if you plan to install the Merge Fruit app solely because it claims you can make money, be prepared for disappointment, as it won't pay you a single cent.

Merge Fruit is advertised as a mobile game app where users can play a fruit-merging game to earn money. You might have come across this app through video advertisements that promise significant earnings when you install and play the game. But is it true? Can you actually make money as it claims? And even if you can earn, can you really cash out your earnings?

Scammers have recently created a multitude of mobile game apps to deceive unsuspecting individuals. They employ these tactics to trick users into watching video ads, generating ad revenue for themselves while leaving users empty-handed.

This review will help you verify the authenticity of Merge Fruit. By the end of this article, you'll be able to decide whether to continue using Merge Fruit or not. It's an honest review, so stay tuned to discover all the crucial details you need to know.

App Overview:

• Name: Merge Fruit 
• Availability: Worldwide - Google Play
• Number of Red Flags: Max
• Release Date: Not available
• Legit or Scam?: Not Legit

What Is Merge Fruit, and How Does It Work?

Merge Fruit is a mobile app featuring an entertaining game that users can enjoy. It's truly an entertaining game that anyone can relish. The game involves merging fruits.

As you can see in the image above, playing the game is easy; you just need to tap and drop the provided fruits and merge them with others. When these fruits merge with their corresponding ones, they automatically form another fruit. That's how this game works, making it incredibly easy to play.

You can make a substantial amount of money by playing this game. There are times when you can earn more than $10. In fact, there's a possibility of making up to $300 within a few minutes of playing.

However, before you get too excited, let's take a few moments to explore whether you can genuinely cash out all these earnings or not. 

Does Merge Fruit Actually Pay?

Merge Fruit does not pay out; using it with the intention of making money is a complete waste of time. We have confirmed that it doesn't pay a single cent. Numerous users have reported not receiving any payments. According to the majority of these users, they submitted withdrawal requests, but the money never reached their PayPal accounts.

Things to Know Before Installing Merge Fruit on Your Device:

1. Contains Video Ads:

Installing Merge Fruit on your device to play its game means you agree to watch its advertisements. Merge Fruit contains video ads that will automatically play and interrupt your gameplay. This can be quite annoying, and the worst part is that it won't notify you when these ads will appear. So, it's important to keep this in mind before downloading this app to your device.

2. Doesn't Work Offline:

You won't be able to play the Merge Fruit game offline. Without an internet connection, the app won't open, and you won't be able to play the game. If you're looking for a game to play offline, this app is not suitable for you.

3. Unrealistic Rewards:

Merge Fruit appears suspicious due to the high rewards it offers users for playing the game, raising doubts about its legitimacy. There is no guarantee of payment, so if you're using it to earn, be prepared for the possibility of not receiving any payments.

Is Merge Fruit Legit?

You won't receive a single cent from Merge Fruit; it will never pay you. If you're seeking an opportunity to make money by playing games, this is not the right choice for you.

Is Merge Fruit Real or Fake?

Merge Fruit is a fake money-making game. Playing it with the expectation of earning and receiving payments is a complete waste of time. Merge Fruit lures users with unrealistic high rewards to make them fall victim to its deceptive practices.

When you submit your withdrawal request, you'll never receive the money. The only thing you can gain from this app is the game itself. You can play it for fun, but if you play it for money, you'll be disappointed when you request a withdrawal and don't receive the funds.

Final Verdict:

Many users have reported that Merge Fruit doesn't pay, and submitting a withdrawal request is a waste of time. However, even though the app doesn't pay, you can still play the game for entertainment purposes. The game itself is genuinely entertaining.