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If you're seeking an opportunity to make money, here is GAB, a popular platform offering users various ways to earn. Additionally, it enables users to create ads to promote their businesses - a feature not easily found on other similar sites. The platform claims you can get paid to complete tasks. However, while this seems like a promising way to earn, does it automatically mean it's worth your time?

Before you sign up to start earning or advertising, it's crucial to verify its legitimacy. In this review, we will guide you through a few steps to reveal all you need to know about GAB.

Whether you're interested in verifying its legitimacy or understanding how it works, by the end of this review, you will have all the information you need. Stay connected to discover more.

Platform Overview

Platform Overview

Name: GAB
Released date: 2017
Number of red flags detected: N/A
Legit or Scam?: N/A
Availability: Worldwide

Pros 👍

Users can advertise
Available worldwide

Cons 👎

Only two payment options (Payeer and Perfect Money)
Relatively low rewards for completing activities
Not transparent with its referral rewards
Not mobile-friendly


What is and How Does It Work?

GAB is a platform where you can effortlessly advertise items if you have anything to promote. The site provides various ad formats for advertisers to choose from, including Paid-to-Click ads, Banner ads, and Ad Grid. You can select any ad format of your choice to initiate your campaign.

The platform also provides users with an opportunity to earn money by performing tasks. For a clearer understanding, let's take a few minutes to highlight some of the ways you can earn on the platform when you sign up. 

Ways to Make Money on GAB:

1: Performing Tasks (Offers):

When you sign up on GAB, you can earn money by performing tasks. This platform provides users with the opportunity to earn by completing tasks such as downloading apps, signing up on other sites, and many more.

Upon logging into your GAB account, navigate to the Section, where you'll find various offer providers partnered with GAB. Choose any offer provider to access a list of tasks you can perform. Below are some offer providers available in your GAB account:

Cpx Research.
Superpay, and others.

These are referred to as "offer providers" because they power almost all the tasks available in your GAB account. Choose your preferred offer provider to view its tasks, select the one you wish to perform, and proceed to complete it.

Rewards for completing these tasks are relatively low. As mentioned earlier, some tasks involve downloading apps, signing up on other sites, and more. 

2: Surveys:

Surveys are questions often created by researchers, companies, and individuals to gather information about a specific topic, product, or anything else. Anyone can create a survey to collect information from people, making it one of the best ways to gather ideas from individuals in different locations.

As mentioned earlier, GAB is a site that provides a variety of earning opportunities for users, and one of the ways to earn from it is by answering surveys.

You can find surveys by clicking on Cpx Research, a survey provider available in your GAB account. Clicking on Cpx Research will show you all the available surveys. Once you find a survey, click on it to be directed to the page where you can answer the survey questions.

When it comes to surveys on any GPT site, it's essential to understand that you may not qualify for all of them. Some surveys target specific groups of people, including certain professions. If you don't meet the criteria, you might be disqualified. Getting disqualified from a survey can be frustrating, but it's important to be aware of this possibility from the start. 

3: Referral Program:

If you can refer people, this becomes an additional way to earn. GAB also offers a referral program that enables users to earn by referring others to sign up.

You can obtain your referral link and share it with others for them to use when signing up. Alternatively, if you have a website, GAB provides HTML code containing your referral link. You can simply copy the HTML code and install it on your site.

The exact amount you can earn per referral is not disclosed, so we cannot provide the specific amount you can earn for each referral.

4: Upgrading Your GAB Account:

Upgrading your GAB account is a method to increase your daily income on the platform. However, it's a somewhat peculiar concept. GAB claims that upgrading your account can boost your daily income, with upgrade costs ranging from $6 to $500.

The positive aspect is that you can use your earnings balance on the platform to upgrade your account. If your balance is insufficient but you still wish to upgrade, GAB provides an alternative - you can make a deposit from your bank account to your GAB account and then use it for the upgrade. It's essential to note that upgrading your account won't propel you into earning thousands of dollars daily on the site; it will only result in a slightly higher income than others members. If you upgrade with $500, you'll earn more than those who upgrade with $300, though the difference will be relatively modest. 

Other Important Features of GAB:

1: Advertising:

Are you seeking ways to run campaigns at a very low cost? GAB claims to handle that for you, positioning itself as an advertising hub. The platform provides various ad formats for advertisers to choose from, including paid-to-click, banner, and ad grid. You can select any format of your choice.

2: Buying Referrals:

If you can have many referrals on the site, you can earn more money because you will also earn a commission from your referral's daily income.

Your referrals can help boost your daily income on the platform. However, since getting real people to sign up with your link is not easy, GAB makes it easier by allowing its users to buy referrals from it. One referral costs $1. When you pay for the number of referrals you need, GAB will then find some of its active users and add them to you as your referrals for you to start earning commission.

GAB guarantees that the referrals given are active people who have completed at least one task. However, before you take any action in buying referrals, you should be aware of the risks that follow.

Firstly, you should know that the people you purchase as referrals might end up not using the site again in the future, and you might not earn commissions from them that are worth the amount you paid for them before they stop using the platform. This is something very important, and you really need to think about it before taking any action.

How Much Money Can You Make From GAB?

The amount of money you can make from GAB solely depends on your account level. We earlier discussed "Upgrading Your GAB Account." GAB allows users to pay and upgrade their accounts to a certain level to enable them to earn more than other users.

Firstly, note that upgrading your account is not compulsory; you can do it only if you feel like it. You can use the amount you have already earned to upgrade your account or choose to make a deposit and use it for the upgrade.

As for the exact amount you can make on GAB for performing tasks, well, you can earn from $0.01 and above, even up to $1 and more. However, one thing we have noticed about GAB is that their rewards for performing tasks is relatively low compared to what similar platforms offer.

The amount you earn for completing tasks is relatively low, especially if you haven't upgraded your account. You can only earn more if you have upgraded your account to a certain level. In our opinion, and from our perspective, GAB is not worth it, and we can't really recommend it due to its low rewards.

How Do You Get Paid Your GAB Earnings?

There are activities on GAB that reward you with points, while others reward you with US dollars "$." Your earned dollars and points are recorded separately, and you can convert your points into cash, with a minimum of 100 points equivalent to $1. However, it's important to note that you cannot withdraw points.

When you convert your points to cash, the funds will move to the "purchase balance," meaning you can only use them to buy items on the platform.

Regarding the real cash earned for completing activities, you can withdraw them, with a minimum withdrawal threshold of $3.

For payment options, GAB only supports Payeer and Perfect Money. These are the only supported payment systems, so keep that in mind before signing up on this platform to ensure you can receive your earnings once they reach the required threshold.

Does GAB Really Pay?

We cannot guarantee that this site will pay you. Therefore, if you choose to earn from it, proceed with caution and invest your time wisely to avoid disappointment in case it doesn't pay. Additionally, be aware that reaching the withdrawal threshold will likely take several days, given the relatively low rewards offered.

Is GAB Legit or a Scam?

If you want to determine whether GAB is legitimate or a scam, it's essential to note that GAB has been operating since 2017, contributing to a good reputation. However, the extended operation doesn't necessarily guarantee legitimacy in terms of paying users.

Currently, we haven't found anything to categorize the platform as a scam. Similarly, we haven't found anything to label it as legitimate. This lack of clarity can be frustrating.

While there's no evidence to classify the platform as a scam or legit, it's important to emphasize that we cannot recommend the platform. If you're seeking a GPT site to earn from, we suggest looking elsewhere, as we cannot endorse GAB. However, if you still choose to use it, we strongly advise you to invest your time wisely.

Should You Run a Campaign on GAB?

As discussed earlier, users have the option to run a campaign on GAB, which is a positive aspect. However, before you initiate a campaign, it's crucial to note that we were able to confirm that GAB may not have up to 5,000 daily active users. Additionally, the platform is not widely recognized.

Is GAB Real or Fake?

GAB is real and not fake. No deceptive activities have been found within the platform. However, as no one can predict the future, it's always advisable to gather information from multiple sources to ensure that nothing misleads you.

This review asserts that GAB is real and not fake primarily because no deceptive practices were found within the platform at the time of this review's publication.

However, it's essential to exercise caution as circumstances can change in the future. Therefore, never let your guard down.

Final Verdict:

We haven't come across any information that we can use to label as a scam site. Additionally, we haven't found anything to label it as a legitimate site. If you were hoping to determine whether the platform is legit or a scam, we regret to inform you that such information is not available here.

However, based on our assessment, we cannot recommend to you. 

Regarding the safety of GAB, the answer is yes, it is safe for users, as our test did not find any threats or misleading links within it. Nevertheless, despite this, we still advise you to exercise caution if you choose to use the site. Approach everything with caution.