Paidvert Review - Legit or Scam? - Real or Fake?

Paidvert is a site that claims you can genuinely earn money by clicking on ads. If you're seeking an income opportunity, this might catch your interest. However, while it appears to be a promising way to earn, does that automatically mean it's worth everyone's time? And is the site legitimate when it comes to paying its users?

In an era rife with scams and fraud, trusting platforms that promise money-making opportunities is challenging. In today's review, we will divulge all the necessary information you need to know about Paidvert. We will determine whether the platform is legitimate or a scam. If you're considering signing up to start earning, it's crucial to read this review before doing so. Stay connected as we guide you through the steps to provide you with more insight.

Platform Overview

Platform Overview

Name: Paidvert
Released date: N/A
Number of red flags detected: N/A
Legit or Scam?: Legit
Availability: N/A

What is Paidvert, and How Does It Work?

Paidvert is a Paid-To-Click (PTC) site that enables you to earn extra cash in your spare time. The site has been operational for more than a couple of years and is well-known among many users.

It's a platform that pays you to view and click on ads. If you're seeking an opportunity to earn extra cash, Paidvert could be the right choice for you.

For a better understanding, let's explore some of the ways you can make money on the site when you sign up:

Ways to Make Money on Paidvert:

1. Completing Offers:

Cash offers present a straightforward method for earning money on Paidvert.

This earning option allows you to quickly earn cash by clicking on available offers. Upon finding an offer you like, click it, and then complete the specified tasks to receive the rewards.

Various types of offers exist, ranging from downloading apps to signing up on websites, playing games, and more.

In my opinion, this is a quicker way to earn money, even though the rewards could be higher. As depicted in the image above, most offers only yield a few cents.

To access these offers, visit the offer providers section. Choose a survey provider of your preference, select an offer, and proceed to complete it. Once done, the promised reward will be credited to your account.

2: Clicking Ads:

In Paidverts, your main income comes from clicking on paid ads. To start, you need to gather Bonus Ad Points (BAP), which is the currency used on the platform.

Accumulating BAP is your first step before clicking on ads. Each day, you'll receive 16 activation ads that grant you 400 BAPs. These points serve as the basis for your earnings.

The key is: the more BAPs you collect, the more paid ads you'll receive. So, focus on amassing BAP to unlock more opportunities and increase your real money earnings.

3: Playing Games:

You can also gather BAPs by playing games on Paidverts. In your account, go to the Games section, where you'll find a list of games that reward you with Bonus Ad Points (BAPs).

Playing these games not only adds fun but also boosts your income. The concept is straightforward: as you play each game, you earn BAPs, contributing to your overall points and increasing your potential earnings.

4: Referral Program: 

Paidverts offers a referral program for some extra cash. When you invite others to join using your referral link, you earn a small percentage of their ad earnings.

It's a form of passive income – you get money for every referral without actively doing much. Your referral link is in your account after logging in, and you earn 10% of what your referral makes from viewing or clicking ads.

While it's a neat bonus, keep in mind that individual ad earnings are typically small. So, unless your referral is quite active, don't expect significant earnings from this program.

Other Ways To Earn On This Site: 

Paidvert is a platform that offers a variety of ways for users to earn from. The above mentioned are not all, you will discover more when you login to your account, for now, let proceed to the next step. 

Paidvert account upgrades: 

Paidverts offers membership upgrades known as Super User Upgrades. There are two types: Mini Upgrade and Mega Upgrade.

1. Mini Upgrade:

Cost: $2.99 for a 7-day duration.

Benefit: Gives you priority in receiving 10x 1% ads valued from $0.01 to $0.49 each. This means you get better chances of receiving ads when others purchase ad campaigns.

Note: Priority is shared with other upgraded members.

2. Mega Upgrade:

Cost: $19.99 for a 7-day duration.

Similar to the Mini Upgrade but delivers 10x 1% ads valued from $0.50 and above.

Both upgrades automatically extend for an additional 7 days if they don't deliver the minimum worth of paid ads ($2.99 or $19.99, respectively). This extension continues until the minimum ad quota is met, ensuring you receive the benefits promised by the upgrades. 

Is Paidvert Legit or a Scam?

Based on our investigation, Paidvert is legit and not a scam. You can earn money on the site and receive payment when you reach the required withdrawal threshold.

Our investigation did not uncover any fraudulent activities within the site. However, there is still a need to exercise caution. We cannot guarantee the platform's future safety, so always gather information from multiple sources and exercise caution before signing up on any platform that promises a money-making opportunity.