Pomo App Review - Legit or Scam? - Real or Fake?

Pomo is a mobile app positioning itself as a cloud mining provider for its cryptocurrency, Pomo. According to the app, you can mine its token, "Pomo," without incurring any mining fees. Additionally, you can withdraw your mined coins, Pomo, to your crypto wallet. This has raised numerous questions among users about whether it is another scam to be avoided.

Are you currently using the Pomo app, or are you considering installing it on your device to start mining the "Pomo" coin? What if this turns out to be another scam?

Before downloading this app to your device, it's essential to read this review first. We will uncover everything you need to know, providing you with a clear understanding of what the Pomo app is all about. Whether it's legitimate or a scam, you will find out in this review.

Platform Overview

Platform Overview

Name: Pomo
Released date: July, 2021
Number of red flags detected: Max
Legit or Scam?: N/A
Website: Not Available
Availability: Worldwide

Pros 👍

Cons 👎

Request for BNB as withdrawal fee
Mining its inactive token
No fixed date for when its token will become active
Full of video ads

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What is Pomo, and How Does It Work?

The app, Pomo, enables users to mine its digital token: Pomo. To begin, the app is available on the Google Play Store for download and installation. After installing, open the app and sign up. You'll be prompted for a username, password, email address, and other details during the registration process. Once registered, log in to the app. To start earning, activate the mining system, and it will automatically mine Pomo for you.

The term "Pomo" you're hearing refers to a cryptocurrency, similar to other digital tokens like BNB, Bitcoin, USDT, and others.

However, while you mine Pomo, the question arises: is this coin tradable? Let's explore: 

Is Pomo Tradable?

The coin is currently an inactive token, not yet tradable, and there is no guarantee from its creators regarding when it will become active. If you are actively mining it, keep in mind that there will be no way for you to trade it for cash. If you believe it will be tradable in the future, be aware that, since there is no valid guarantee from its creators, you might end up waiting endlessly. Such a situation can be frustrating and disappointing. 

Is the App Pomo Legit or a Scam?

Pomo is a mobile app that enables users to mine its cryptocurrency, also named Pomo. While the app presents itself as legitimate, it's crucial to note that numerous users have reported that it requests a BNB deposit as a withdrawal fee before permitting withdrawals.

This is a significant red flag, and if you choose to proceed, be prepared for potential scams. There have been reports from users who paid the withdrawal fee but never received their payment.

Furthermore, there are no valid positive reviews from users that we can use to establish its credibility as a reliable platform. Exercise caution when considering involvement with Pomo. 

Is the Pomo App Real or Fake?

There are numerous red flags surrounding this app, and due to these concerns, we strongly advise you to steer clear of it. Below are some red flags that raise serious concerns about the app and its coin.

Things to Know Before Downloading the Pomo App:

1. Requesting Payment in Exchange for Withdrawal:

Exercise caution, as a legitimate cloud mining platform does not request users to deposit funds in exchange for withdrawing a token that is currently inactive, with no guarantee of future activation.

2. Contains Video Ads:

Users are greeted with a multitude of video advertisements, potentially impacting the overall experience negatively.

3. Inactive Token:

Keep in mind that the Pomo token is currently inactive in the Cryptocurrency Blockchain. The coin is only active on certain crypto exchange platforms. Additionally, there is no assurance regarding whether the token will be active in the future.

4. Telegram Group Locked:

The Pomo Telegram group is currently locked, preventing users from leaving comments. This lack of transparency raises suspicions, as a legitimate platform typically allows open communication.

Consider these red flags before deciding to engage with the Pomo app. 

Final Verdict:

There is no guarantee that you will receive payment for your mined Pomo. Numerous users have reported being asked to deposit BNB as a withdrawal fee, and even after payment, they did not receive their earnings. This stands out as a significant red flag, indicating that it's safer to err on the side of caution.

Furthermore, the Telegram group associated with this app is locked, preventing users from sharing their experiences. This is another red flag, emphasizing the need for caution, as there may be no recourse for recovering losses.

It's important to note that the information provided here is accurate as of the time of this review. The app may receive updates in the future, and we might not be aware of these changes. Additionally, the "Pomo" token could become tradable at a later date. In such situations, don't let outdated information mislead you.

If you become aware of any updates that are not reflected in this review, please reach out to us. Your input will enable us to investigate and update this review accordingly. Thank you.