Money Bingo Review - Legit or Scam? - Withdraw $100? - Real or Fake?

We recently encountered a video ad claiming that Money Bingo is a game through which players can earn real money. The ad suggests that all you need to do is download and install the game on your phone, and you can start earning immediately. However, the crucial question is whether Money Bingo is a legitimate play-to-earn game or a worthless scam.

In this review, we will determine whether Money Bingo is a genuine cash game or a scam to steer clear of. If you were considering downloading the game, it would be prudent to read this review beforehand to avoid downloading something you might later uninstall without gaining anything. Before we draw any conclusions, let's first take a look at how Money Bingo works.

How Does Money Bingo Work?

Money Bingo is a mobile game that allows you to earn money by playing it. The picture above precisely illustrates the game's dashboard. To play, pay close attention: the game will announce a specific number, and you must promptly select that number. There is nothing more to it, and you can earn money at each level of the game. It is possible to earn more than $2 per level. Now, given the game's assertion that it's a real money game, let's examine the validity of this claim:

Does Money Bingo Pay?

No, Money Bingo falls short of its claims; it does not pay. Upon downloading and opening the game, you'll be greeted with a $50 new user reward added to your balance. The game offers various rewards, ranging from coins to real cash, diamonds, Amazon gift cards, and more. Regarding the coins you earn, you'll need to accumulate up to 5,000,000 coins to exchange for $100. As for the real cash, the game imposes conditions for withdrawal: players must watch 100 videos and actively play for a complete 7 days.

According to the game, once these conditions are met, players can supposedly withdraw money instantly. However, the truth is that even if you fulfill all the requirements, you won't receive any payment. Many individuals have also attested that Money Bingo does not pay. So, if you're playing in the hopes of earning money and expecting payment, be prepared for disappointment. The game may allow you to accumulate a substantial amount of money and win prizes like the Samsung Galaxy S20, MacBook Pro, and more, but the reality is that all these rewards are fake and unattainable.

How Entertaining Is The Game?

If we're to list entertaining games, let's be honest, Money Bingo wouldn't make the cut.

While the game might be enjoyable for some, unfortunately, the majority of people might not find any fun in it.

Is Money Bingo Legit or a Scam?

If you've been playing Money Bingo with the expectation of receiving a payout, it's time to face the reality that this game does not live up to its promise. Falling victim to a potential scam is something you'll want to avoid. Money Bingo cannot be considered a legitimate cash game, as not a single user has reportedly received payment from it.

If you're on the hunt for a trustworthy game that allows you to play and earn, unfortunately, Money Bingo doesn't fit the bill.

Is Money Bingo a Fake Cash Game?

After a comprehensive examination, Money Bingo falls into the category of fake cash games. The game lures in new users with a $50 welcome reward, and players can supposedly earn up to $200 within a few minutes of playing. Additionally, enticing prizes like phones and TVs are up for grabs. However, the unfortunate truth is that despite winning or accumulating amounts in the game, it won't pay you a cent, nor will it deliver any of the prizes you've earned. Beware of the deceptive promises and steer clear of Money Bingo for a genuine and rewarding gaming experience.

Money Bingo Withdrawals:

Money Bingo entices players with various rewards, ranging from real cash to coveted items like Samsung devices, coins, diamonds, and more. However, the process of withdrawing these rewards comes with its own set of conditions.

When it comes to the real cash you've earned in Money Bingo, the withdrawal process requires a bit of commitment. Players are tasked with watching a hundred videos and remaining active in the game for a continuous 7-day period to qualify for an instant withdrawal.

For those accumulating coins in the game, the threshold to withdraw is set at a whopping 5,000,000 coins, allowing players to exchange them for $100. This sizable requirement may pose a challenge for users aiming to cash in on their virtual winnings.

It's essential for players to be aware of these withdrawal conditions and assess whether the effort and time investment align with their expectations. While Money Bingo may offer tempting rewards, understanding the withdrawal intricacies is crucial for a transparent gaming experience.

Is Money Bingo Safe?

Money Bingo is a game open to players of all ages, lacking any explicit age restrictions. This inclusivity means that even children can engage with the game. However, the aspect that raises concerns, particularly regarding children, is the monetary element. The potential for players, including kids, to earn money within the game introduces a dimension that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Security and Safety Evaluation:

In our testing of the game, we did not encounter any issues that could pose immediate problems to users. As of the current evaluation, the game appears to operate without apparent security flaws. However, it is crucial to exercise caution.

Despite our initial observations, we cannot provide a definitive guarantee of the game's safety. Therefore, it is advisable for users to approach Money Bingo with caution. Before installing the game on your device, take the initiative to gather information from various sources to ensure a comprehensive understanding of potential risks and benefits.


While Money Bingo makes enticing claims about users earning real money and receiving payments, it's crucial to recognize that the reality doesn't align with these assertions. The game uses false advertising to lure in users with promises of monetary rewards and payments, ultimately seeking to gain popularity through deceptive means. While the opportunity to earn money within the game exists, it's imperative to understand that receiving payment is an elusive promise. Submitting withdrawal requests and anticipating payment will likely end in disappointment, as the game doesn't follow through on its payment claims.

In terms of safety, Money Bingo allows users of all ages to download and play the game. However, the monetary aspect within the game, particularly for children, introduces concerns that warrant caution. It's essential for users to be mindful of the potential risks associated with the game, especially regarding its accessibility to players of all ages.

Finally, the information provided in this review reflects the state of Money Bingo as of the time of publication. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that future updates to the game may alter its features or functionalities. To ensure accuracy and avoid relying on outdated information, it is advisable to seek updates from various sources. Stay informed and make decisions based on the most recent and reliable information available to you.