Stream Earn Review - Legit or Scam? - Real or Fake?

Stream Earn is a mobile app that allows you to earn some extra cash, provided you are willing to play games. One crucial point to note is that the app does not offer a variety of earning opportunities. Setting that aside, an important question arises when considering opportunities like this.

Is Stream Earn a legitimate app for earning, or is it a scam to avoid? This is one of the aspects we will address in this review. So, stay connected as we guide you through a few steps to provide more information.

What Exactly Is Stream Earn, and What Does It Offer?

Stream Earn operates as a Get-Paid-To (GPT) app, enticing users with rewards for playing games and completing offers. While it indeed offers opportunities for earning rewards, the question remains whether it's a worthwhile investment of your time.

To make an informed decision about installing Stream Earn, it's crucial to delve into the workings of the app. Understanding the earning opportunities it presents will give you a clear perspective on the time and effort required to reap benefits.

Let's explore the app's mechanisms and assess whether the potential rewards outweigh the investment of your valuable time. By scrutinizing the earning avenues available, you can make an informed choice on whether Stream Earn aligns with your expectations and is a venture worth pursuing. So, below are the available ways that you can earn money from Stream Earn:

1: Play Games:

If you're looking to earn rewards on Stream Earn, playing mobile games is a primary avenue. Simply log in to the app and click the "Earn Games" button to access a variety of mobile games available for play.

When selecting a game for the first time, Stream Earn will prompt you to grant Usage Access. This permission allows the app to track your game progress, a crucial step for earning rewards. Enabling Usage Access is essential for those seeking to capitalize on playing games.

After enabling Usage Access, install the desired mobile game through the app. Remember, it's imperative to open the game from within Stream Earn and not from your device's menu. This step ensures that Stream Earn accurately tracks your progress during gameplay.

Each featured game comes with specific goals that, once achieved, translate into earned coins – the rewards offered by the app. Be mindful of the maximum number of coins attainable for each game. Once this limit is reached, further gameplay won't yield additional rewards. Move on to the next featured game to continue earning.

While the process is straightforward, a key reminder is to always open the game within the Stream Earn "My Apps" section for optimal earning. By following these steps, you can maximize your earning potential and navigate the Stream Earn platform effectively.

2: Offers and Surveys:

Making money with Stream Earn isn't just about playing games; it includes answering surveys and doing tasks like downloading apps or signing up on websites.

After you sign up for the app, go to the bottom of your account's dashboard to find these extra ways to earn. Click the button as you can see in the image above to see all the available offers. Pick one that suits you, but before you start, check the requirements for each offer.

To get the best results, choose offers that match your interests and skills. Stream Earn gives you Gold coins when you finish offers, and these can be exchanged for real cash through PayPal later.

Taking surveys is another way to collect Gold coins on Stream Earn. The app has a survey provider that offers different surveys for you to choose from.

Pick a survey you like and share your honest opinions. Remember, not every survey will be right for you. You might get disqualified if you don't fit the specific criteria the survey is looking for, which often depends on what the surveyor is interested in.

Both surveys and offers add Gold coins to your balance, giving you a flexible and diverse approach to earning on Stream Earn. You can later turn these Gold coins into actual cash through PayPal, giving you a real reward for being active on the platform.

Other Ways To Earn On Stream Earn:

Apart from the mentioned methods, Stream Earn offers additional avenues to boost your earnings, awaiting discovery once you download the app and sign in. Let's delve into whether the offerings on Stream Earn are truly worth your time.

Is Stream Earn Worth It?

In a nutshell, Stream Earn is indeed worth it, providing decent rewards for completing various activities when compared to similar apps. While the app offers opportunities for users to earn rewards, it's crucial to acknowledge that Stream Earn should not be considered a dependable source of income.

Ranking Benefits:

One noteworthy aspect of Stream Earn is the correlation between your platform ranking and payout thresholds. As you climb higher in the ranks, your payout threshold decreases. This feature adds a competitive yet rewarding element to your experience on Stream Earn, encouraging users to actively engage with the platform to maximize their benefits.

Exploring the additional earning options on Stream Earn, coupled with the platform's ranking system, contributes to its overall appeal. While it may not replace a traditional income source, Stream Earn offers a worthwhile opportunity to earn rewards by participating in various activities.

Stream Earn Payment Options:

When you use Stream Earn, you earn Coins for doing different activities. To get your money, you exchange these Coins for cash and withdraw it through PayPal, the only payout option available. Your first payout can be requested once you reach 2,500 coins, which equals $2.50. Keep in mind that before withdrawing, you might need to share a government-issued ID to confirm your identity.

Is Stream Earn Legit or a Scam?

It's important to note that you will have to go through a KYC verification before you can be allowed to submit your PayPal account detail. However, a lot of information online suggests that even if people successfully complete the verification process called Know Your Customer (KYC), they have trouble getting the money they earned. Quite a few people have shared stories about not getting paid, and this makes us wonder if Stream Earn can be trusted.

The details we are sharing come from what other people have said online. When users talk about not getting the money they worked hard for after doing tasks, it's a sign that something might not be right. It's really important to think about these stories before deciding to use Stream Earn.

Because there are reports online that make us worry, it's hard for us to say that Stream Earn is a good platform for making money. The possible problems, especially not getting paid even after finishing tasks and doing verification, make us say you should be careful.

Even though we have some concerns, everyone's experiences can be different. If you're interested in trying Stream Earn and think it might work well for you, we say be careful, do your research, and, most importantly, share what happens to you. Your own story can help others know if the app is legit or not.

From what we learned, we can't confidently say that Stream Earn is a trustworthy way to make money. The many stories of people not getting paid are worrying, so for now, we don't suggest using this app. It's better to choose platforms that are known for paying on time and have happy users.

In the end, the choice is yours. We recommend being careful if you decide to try Stream Earn, look at all the information, and maybe check out other ways to make money that are more proven and reliable.


In wrapping up our exploration of Stream Earn, we find ourselves in a position where recommending the app raises concerns. However, recognizing that individual experiences can differ, we offer a balanced perspective for those contemplating using Stream Earn.

If you still have the itch to earn from Stream Earn despite our reservations, proceed with caution. It's advisable not to rely solely on this platform in case it falls short of paying you. Diversifying your income sources ensures you're not overly dependent on any single platform, mitigating potential risks.

Concerns about the app's safety are addressed in our testing. During our examination, we did not encounter any security threats. Yet, caution remains paramount, as we cannot predict the future. Updates to the app might alter its safety status, and unforeseen changes could impact user security.

It's crucial to note that our information is current as of this review's publication. The app may undergo updates in the future, and we may not be aware of them. To make an informed decision, conduct thorough research and gather information from various sources before delving into what the app has to offer.