Musifiq - Fake app or real? - Legit or Scam? - (Musifiq Review)

Musifiq is a music platform that promises users the opportunity to listen to music and earn money simultaneously. The concept is enticing, but before diving in, it's crucial to determine whether Musifiq is legitimate or potentially a scam.


This Musifiq review will unveil the platform's authenticity and provide a comprehensive overview of its offerings, helping you make an informed decision before downloading the app and signing up. By understanding what Musifiq truly delivers, you can assess if it genuinely merits your time and consideration. Let's go straight into the details to uncover what Musifiq is all about:

Platform Overview

Platform Overview

Name: Musifiq
Released date: 20 October 2022
Number of red flags detected: N/A
Legit or Scam?: Legit
Website: N/A
Availability: Worldwide - Check Google play store

Pros 👍

You can earn rewards while enjoying music and music videos

Cons 👎

Low rewards for streaming music and viewing videos
Contain Pop-ups Ads

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Ways To Earn Money On Musifiq:

1: Uploading Your Music:

On Musifiq, there are various ways to earn money, and one of them is by uploading your own music. If you're a musician, this feature allows you to showcase your talent and potentially earn from it. When someone listens to your music on the platform, you accumulate points that can later be exchanged for cash. However, it's essential to highlight that we don't have much detailed information about this particular earning method at the moment.

2: Listening To Music:

Another way to earn on Musifiq is by simply listening to music posted by artists on the platform. Here's how it works: when you find a song you'd like to hear, click the play button, and once the song finishes, you'll receive 4 points as a reward. Each song you play adds 4 points to your account. Remember, you have to wait for the entire song to finish playing to get your reward. It's a straightforward way to enjoy music while earning points on Musifiq.

3: Watching Videos:

You can also earn on Musifiq by watching music videos. Simply let the video play, and once it's done, you'll receive 4 points as a reward. The reward for watching videos is the same as for streaming music. Interestingly, you can watch the same music video as many times as you want, earning 4 points for each viewing. It's a straightforward way to accumulate points by enjoying music videos on the platform.

Things To Know Before Installing Musifiq On Your Device:

1. Lots of Ads:

Be prepared for a significant number of ads, as Musifiq generates its revenue through them. Every click on the app will likely lead to an advertisement, which might affect your overall experience. If you're not comfortable with frequent ads, it's advisable to consider this before using the app.

2. Indian Music and Videos:

Musifiq predominantly features Indian music and videos. You might find a limited selection from musicians in your own country. The app seems to lack location-based content, so if you're not a fan of Indian music, it's wise to reconsider installing the app to avoid potential dissatisfaction with the content available.

Is Musifiq Worth It?

In our assessment, Musifiq doesn't appear to be worth it, particularly regarding the rewards for streaming music and viewing videos. The rewards offered may not justify the time and mobile data spent. The presence of frequent banner ads and videos contributes to a less-than-ideal user experience.

Earning 4 points for each music stream or video view, and with a minimum withdrawal requirement of 2,000 points (equivalent to $2), reaching this threshold would likely take several days of streaming numerous music and videos. As of now, the balance between effort and reward may not make Musifiq a worthwhile choice for users seeking meaningful returns for their time and data.

Is Musifiq Legit or a Scam?

Based on our thorough examination and information gathered from various sources, Musifiq is considered legit and not a scam. However, it's crucial to clarify that if your goal is to earn money through streaming music and viewing videos, Musifiq may not be the most rewarding option due to relatively low rewards. As for the part where musicians earn by uploading their music or music videos, we currently lack sufficient information to determine its worth.

It's important to note that the legitimacy of Musifiq is based on the information available at the time of this review. Future changes cannot be predicted, so exercising caution is advisable when considering any platform for earning money.

Is The Musifiq App Safe?

The Musifiq app is deemed safe based on our testing, as we didn't encounter any threats or fraudulent activities. However, it's essential to recognize that predicting the future is uncertain, so exercising caution is always advisable when using any app or platform.


Musifiq is a real app, not a fake one. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that certain experiences might arise, leading to a perception of the app being fake. The information provided in this review was accurate at the time of publication. For the most current and reliable information, it's recommended to conduct periodic research and consult various sources. Keep in mind that app experiences can vary, so staying informed is key.