TP Pro claims to be a mobile app where you can stake TRX or USDT and make daily profits, ranging from 2.56% to 4.95% and even higher, depending on how much you stake. The big question is, can you really trust TP Pro, or is it a scam?

This review is all about figuring out if TP Pro is for real, specifically focusing on whether it's trustworthy. If you're curious about how the TP Pro app works, we won't be going into those details here. Let's dive straight into the main question:

Is TP Pro Legit or a Scam?

We did a thorough investigation, gathering info from different sources and comparing TP Pro with similar apps. What we found raised a big concern – there's a red flag suggesting that TP Pro might be a potential scam. Despite saying it's legit and offering daily returns of 2.56% to over 4.95%, we think it's important to be cautious.

We strongly advise only depositing an amount you can afford to lose. This is crucial because our investigation uncovered potential risks connected to the TP Pro platform.

It's essential to know that TP Pro isn't just a mobile app; it also has a website: [ ]. Both the app and the website seem to provide a similar experience.


Our evaluation of TP Pro suggests being careful. Our investigation highlighted potential risks, stressing the need to do your homework before getting involved. Whether TP Pro is a genuine opportunity or possibly leaning towards being a scam, we recommend users approach it with caution and carefully think about the possible outcomes of their investments.