Animal Cube - Fake Cash Game? - Legit or Scam? (Secret Revealed)

Animal Cube is a new mobile game that is gaining popularity, claiming users can earn real money by playing it. If you're in search of a play-to-earn game, Animal Cube might seem like what you're looking for. However, the question remains: does it keep its promise of offering money rewards and payouts?

The main question is whether Animal Cube is legit or a scam. In this article, we will take you step-by-step to uncover the truth. By the end of this review, you will have all the information you need to decide whether to install the game or not.

How Does Animal Cube Work?

Animal Tap is a mobile puzzle game that you'll love if you enjoy easy games. Currently, we can't provide a clear explanation of how the game works exactly. The image above displays the game's dashboard, allowing you to see how the game looks and try to understand its mechanics.

What attracts numerous people to this game is the video advertisement claiming it's a real money game, asserting that players can earn real money by simply installing and playing. Beyond the video ad's claim, we tested the game ourselves to verify and found that users can indeed accumulate money in the game. However, the crucial question now is: does it pay the money it promises to users? Is Animal Cube Legit? Let's delve into uncovering the truth, shall we?

Does Animal Cube Pay?

After thorough testing and comparing Animal Cube with similar games, we have concluded that it's a deceptive money game designed to trick unsuspecting individuals. Continuing to invest your time and data in this mobile game might result in nothing but a complete waste of resources. You may find yourself dedicating time and hoping for payment, only to receive nothing more than disappointment. Proceed with caution to avoid such disappointment.

Things To Know Before Installing Animal Cube On Your Device:

1. Contains Video Ads:

Be prepared to watch video ads. Animal Cube contains video ads that will play automatically, and sometimes it will offer rewards to lure you into clicking and watching. This is an important aspect to keep in mind.

Is Animal Cube Legit or Scam?

As of now, we can't confidently label Animal Cube as a legitimate money-making game. After thorough testing, gathering information from various sources, and comparing it with similar games, we've found some red flags. Proceed with caution, as there's uncertainty about whether Animal Cube is a legit game that will actually pay you. It's essential to be cautious to avoid falling victim to potential scams.


Animal Cube seems to be a deceptive money game, primarily focused on tricking users into watching ads. If you're seeking an opportunity to earn money through gaming, Animal Cube may not be the right choice.

It's crucial to clarify that the advertisement promoting this game, asserting it's a real money opportunity, is misleading.

Finally, please be aware that the information provided here was accurate at the time of publication. The game app may receive updates in the future that we might not be aware of. For the most up-to-date information, conduct thorough research and gather insights from various sources.