Earnit - Legit or Scam? - Real or Fake? (Earnit.gg Review)

Earnit is a platform that promises rewards for tasks like surveys, videos, and games. In this review, we'll examine if it's trustworthy.

We'll explore its offerings and assess if users can genuinely withdraw their earnings, providing you with clear insights before consipdering signing up.

What Is Earnit and How Does It Works?

Earnit is a platform designed to reward users for completing activities such as answering surveys, installing apps, playing games, and other tasks. These types of platforms are often referred to as GPT, which stands for "Get-Paid-To."

Earnit is a site that compensates users for completing simple tasks. If you're seeking an easy way to earn extra cash online, Earnit could prove to be a valuable platform. While the rewards may not be substantial, it can serve as a means to earn some additional income. Now, let's take a step-by-step look at the earning opportunities that Earnit offers:

Ways To Earn Money From Earnit:

1. Watching Videos:

Earnit offers a simple way to earn rewards by watching videos. While these videos are not directly hosted on the Earnit website, you can access them through external platforms like Hideout and Loot. The rewards, referred to as "diamonds" by Earnit, are what users earn for their participation.

To watch videos and earn, log in to your Earnit account, where you'll find available opportunities. Navigate to the video section to discover the selection of videos. Click on the video of your choice, and you will be redirected to another platform, such as Hideout.tv or Loot.tv, to view the content. 

It's important to note that you aren't paid for watching the video itself but for engaging with ads that appear either in the middle or at the end of the video. This simple process allows you to accumulate diamonds and boost your earnings on Earnit.

2. Completing Offers:

Earnit makes it easy to earn by completing offers.

Offers on Earnit are simply tasks that give you rewards when you finish them. These tasks could involve answering surveys, downloading apps or games, or signing up for websites. In your Earnit account, you'll discover different offer providers such as OfferToro, Adgem, and more.

To start earning, pick an offerwall and check out the available tasks. Once you find one you want to do, click on it, read the instructions carefully, and proceed to finish the task. Each offer tells you how many coins you'll get when you successfully complete it. It's important to follow the instructions closely because missing even one step might stop you from finishing the offer and getting the reward.

After successfully completing the offer, the reward will be added to your Earnit account balance. This simple process lets you collect coins by doing different offers, adding up to your overall earnings on the platform.

3. Referral Program:

Another way to earn from Earnit is through its referral program.

You can earn by referring people. Simply obtain your referral link and share it with others. When they click the link and sign up as Earnit members, they become your referrals. Every time your referral redeems a reward from Earnit, you receive a 5% commission. It's an easy way to boost your earnings by inviting others to join the platform through your unique referral link.

Is Earnit Worth It?

While Earnit may offer slightly lower rewards compared to other sites, it's a worthwhile and recommended platform. Earnit does pay, and it provides various payment options, including the ability to withdraw in the form of bitcoin. However, it's important to note that the withdrawal process may take a bit longer.

One drawback is that to receive a referral reward, your referral must complete a withdrawal. This differs from other referral programs where you typically earn a commission every time your referral earns, which can be a more lucrative system.

Despite this, Earnit is still worth joining. Before creating an account, it's crucial to understand that it serves as a means to earn extra cash, and setting realistic expectations is essential. While you won't make a significant amount of money, it's achievable with time and dedication, keeping in mind that substantial earnings require considerable effort.

Earnit Withdrawal:

To redeem a reward on Earnit, you must accumulate a minimum of 5,000 coins, equivalent to $5. All the earning opportunities provided by Earnit reward you with coins.

These coins can be used to redeem a variety of rewards, such as in-game items for CS:GO or in-game currency for Roblox. Additionally, you have the option to convert your coins into Steam or Discord gift cards. For those interested in cryptocurrency, Earnit allows you to convert your coins into crypto options like BitcoinCash or Litecoin. This flexibility provides users with diverse choices when it comes to redeeming their hard-earned coins on the platform.

Conclusion: Is Earnit Legit or Scam?

Earnit has been in operation for several years and is indeed a legitimate platform that pays its users. However, one drawback is the potential delay in receiving payments after requesting them, which can take several days to arrive.

It's important to understand that Earnit is not a quick or substantial money-making solution. Earning even a small amount requires significant time and mobile data investment. If you're seeking a reliable and consistent source of income, Earnit may not be the best option, and it's crucial to set realistic expectations.

Our investigation confirms that Earnit is legitimate. However, it's essential to note that circumstances can change over time. The information provided here is accurate as of the time of this review, but it's wise to gather information from various sources to avoid relying on potentially outdated or inaccurate information in the future.