Farm City - Legit or Scam? - Real or Fake? (Farm City Review)

Farm City is a mobile app that purportedly offers users a genuine money-making opportunity. It takes the form of a virtual farm, where users can supposedly plant crops within the app and harvest them to generate income. The question: is this app legit, or is it a potential scam?

Advertisements promoting this app assert that users can earn actual money and receive payments. However, the pressing question remains: how accurate are these claims?

In this review, we will closely examine Farm City to ascertain its legitimacy. The truth will be revealed promptly, so stay connected to uncover the reality behind the app. This assessment aims to aid you in making an informed decision on whether to proceed with the application or not.

What is Farm City, and How Does It Work?

Farm City is a mobile app designed in the form of a farm that allows users to plant crops. Once the crops mature and yield fruit, users can harvest them. Upon completion, the app rewards real money, starting from $4 and potentially offering lower rewards at times. The app promises that users, upon fulfilling the necessary requirements, can request payment and subsequently receive it. However, how true are these claims? Let's find out:

Does Farm City Pay?

After thorough testing and comparing it with similar apps, we have concluded that it's a deceptive money app designed to trick unsuspecting individuals. Continuing to invest your time and data in this mobile app is nothing but a complete waste of resources. You may find yourself investing time and hoping for payment, only to receive nothing more than disappointment.

Things To Know Before Installing Farm City On Your Device:

1. Contains Ads:

If you choose to install the app, be prepared to watch video ads. The app contains ads and may occasionally entice you with rewards to encourage clicks and views.

Is Farm City Legit?

Farm City is flagged as a scam. The app places itself under early access on the Google Play Store, employing a tactic to prevent users from leaving reviews that could expose its deceptive practices.

Initially, the app entices users with promises of real money rewards, claiming to pay them upon completion of necessary requirements. However, it appears that the app never pays out anyone. One of the red flags supporting this claim is the excessively high rewards it offers; users can amass a significant balance within just a few minutes of using the app.

Is Farm City Real or Fake?

While the app suggests the potential to earn a significant amount of money daily, the reality is disappointing. Requesting a withdrawal and waiting for payment proves to be a futile effort. Farm City rewards users with fake money, and the promised rewards are never paid out. It's essential to be cautious as the app doesn't deliver on its claims of real earnings.

Farm City App Withdrawal:

To submit a withdrawal request, you will need to plant crops and reach level 15. After reaching this level, the app permits you to submit a withdrawal request. However, it's crucial to understand that even if you can make a withdrawal request, you won't receive the money. Avoid wasting your time and mobile data, as Farm City does not fulfill its promise of payment.

Farm City App Download:

If you're curious about trying Farm City to see how it operates and if it pays, you can find the app on the Google Play Store. Simply open Google Play, search for Farm City, download, and open the app to get started. It is accessible for download worldwide.

Is The Farm City App Safe?

During our testing, the app was found to be safe for users, with no detected threats. If you have concerns about its safety, rest assured that it is safe based on our evaluation at the time of this review. However, keep in mind that circumstances may change, so it's advisable to exercise caution and stay updated.


Farm City is not a legit app for earning money. Despite promising unrealistically high rewards starting from $4, the app falls short when it comes to withdrawing the earned money. It does not pay users, making it crucial to avoid potential scams.

It's important to emphasize that the information provided here was accurate as of the time of publication. However, future updates to the app may occur, and we may not be aware of them to update this review accordingly. In such cases, we strongly recommend gathering information from various sources, especially when verifying the legitimacy of something. Stay informed to make cautious decisions.