Walkward - Fake app or Real? - Legit or Scam? (Walkward Review)

Walkward is advertised as a pedometer app that not only tracks your daily activities, especially walking but also promises to let users earn real money while doing so.

Many apps make similar promises, but a significant number of them fail to deliver on their commitment to reward users for their physical activities. Before jumping into installing Walkward in the hope of earning money, it's advisable to take a moment and read this review. Understanding the potential risks and reliability of the app can help you make an informed decision and avoid wasting your mobile data on an app that might not live up to its promises.

In this review, we will delve into the details of Walkward, examining its legitimacy and whether it does indeed delivers on the claim of providing monetary rewards for walking. Stay tuned for more information to make an informed decision before deciding to use Walkward.

What Is Walkward, and How Does It Works?

Walkward is a mobile application designed to encourage physical exercise and improve health by tracking the user's steps. The app allows you to monitor your steps and distance while walking, functioning as a pedometer. It counts your steps and measures your distance as you walk, making it an excellent tool for anyone aiming to stay active and monitor their progress, whether you're a regular runner or someone who enjoys leisurely walks.

While Walkward is considered a useful app, what particularly caught our attention and prompted this review is its promise to provide real money rewards for walking and completing other activities. Now, without taking up much time, let's delve into examining these claims of offering monetary rewards.

Is Walkward Legit or Scam?

After thoroughly examining Walkward and gathering information from various sources to verify its legitimacy, we've concluded that it doesn't exactly live up to its claims. While the app does provide information about the number of steps you take, the assertion that users can earn real money and receive payments is entirely false. Let's be clear: if you're seeking an opportunity to earn money while walking with the expectation of receiving payment, Walkward is not the app for you. Downloading it with such hopes will likely result in disappointment, as you may feel cheated when you realize the app doesn't fulfill the money-earning promise you anticipated.

Conclusion: Is Walkward Real or Fake?

We compared Walkward to a similar app called Walkingwin. Walkward was designed to track users' steps and provide information about the calories burned during activities. It's important to note that while the app attempts to give accurate step counts, it may not always provide entirely precise information. Notably, the app can mistakenly register shakes as steps, leading to potential inaccuracies.

After thoroughly examining the app, we refrain from labeling it as fake. However, users should be aware of its limitations, especially in accurately capturing physical activity.

It's crucial to mention that the information presented here is accurate as of the time of this review. Future updates to the app may not be reflected in this review due to our potential lack of awareness. For the most up-to-date information, we recommend checking various sources. If you are actively using the app, periodic research will help you stay informed about any new developments or changes.