Imagine playing a dragon game and earning around $30 to $50 per round. It seems like a great opportunity, but is it really one? Of course, it would be a great opportunity. Angry Dragon 3D is a mobile game where you can earn money while playing, with the promise that you need to have a minimum balance of $300 to request payment.

This game has caught the attention of many with its generous rewards. Each round rewards around $30 and above. But is it legit or a scam? That's the question on everyone's mind.

Welcome to Naijanewlife. Today, we'll uncover the truth behind this popular mobile game that claims to make players rich within just an hour.

We'll reveal everything you need to know right here, so make sure you stay connected to see if it's a legitimate game or not.


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What is Angry Dragon 3D, and How Does It Work?

Discovered recently, Angry Dragon 3D is a mobile game that you can download and play on your phone. In the game, your character is a dragon, and your opponent is a rotating stacked pillar. Your role is to tap on the screen; when you do this, the dragon will shoot balls at the rotating pillar. The more balls hit the pillar, the more it breaks until it's destroyed.

It's a fun and entertaining game where you earn money each round, with the promise that you must earn at least $300 to receive payment.

Does Angry Dragon 3D Pay?

Unfortunately, Angry Dragon 3D does not pay. Based on our findings, when you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold, this game will not pay you even a cent. So, if you're playing it with the hope of receiving payment, keep in mind that it will not pay you.

Is Angry Dragon 3D Legit or a Scam?

We have tested Angry Dragon 3D and compared it with similar games, but unfortunately, it's not a legit game. This game deceives users, allowing them to play and accumulate a large amount of money with the hope of receiving payment in the end. But here's the truth: it does not pay even a cent. Our thorough investigation confirmed that it's not legitimate, so anyone coming across it should exercise caution to avoid falling victim.

Is Angry Dragon 3D Real or Fake?

Angry Dragon 3D is a fake money-making game. Here's how it deceives users: it promises that by playing, they can earn money rewards added to their in-game balance. When they reach a minimum of $300, they can request payment, and the app supposedly sends the money to their provided payment option. However, upon investigation to verify its legitimacy, the truth is, it does not pay. Users are left waiting for payment they will never receive.

Angry Dragon 3D Withdrawal Proof:

Below are the screenshots of the withdrawal proof from Angry Dragon 3D. It promises that by reaching at least $300, users can receive payment, yet users cannot receive any payment.


If you are seeking a game to play and earn, Angry Dragon 3D is not the one. While encountering it might seem like a promising opportunity, unfortunately, it's not. Instead of being an opportunity, it turns out to be a disappointment, as it does not pay users even a cent as promised.

The advertisements promoting Angry Dragon 3D claim it's legitimate, whereas it's a fake money-making game.

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