If you are a fan of puzzle games, Block Puzzle Master has been around for over a couple of months now, making bold claims of paying users a large amount for playing it.

Block Puzzle Master is a mobile puzzle game that rewards you with coins when played. It claims you can exchange these coins for cash and withdraw them via your preferred payment system.

Additionally, Block Puzzle Master is advertised as a game where users can rack up a large amount of money in just a few minutes. Today, in this review, the truth behind this game will be unveiled, and you will gain a clear understanding of it so you can decide whether to proceed with installing it or not. So, without further ado, let's delve straight into uncovering the truth behind Block Puzzle Master, shall we?


Want to see Block Puzzle Master yourself? See link to it on Google Play


What is Block Puzzle Master, and How Does It Work?

Block Puzzle Master is a mobile puzzle game. The way it works is there is an empty board designed to contain a certain number of blocks, and these blocks are already dropped separately. As a player of the game, you are to touch and drag the blocks to fill them in the empty board.

Each round of this game rewards you with coins, and according to the game, when you reach a specific amount of coins, you can exchange them for cash and get paid.

Is Block Puzzle Master Legit, or a Scam?

The truth is, Block Puzzle Master is not legit. That's the truth, and if you've just come across the game, know that it's highly deceptive.

Here's the reality: This game allows you to enjoy playing and rewards you with coins to make you feel the spirit of receiving payment in the end. But when you finally reach the required amount for payment, it will turn everything down and may come up with different conditions to meet or simply allow you to submit the withdrawal request and wait. However, the truth is, you will never see any money sent to you.

Is Block Puzzle Master Real or Fake?

Block Puzzle Master uses false advertising to make it seem like a legitimate game for playing and earning. However, the truth is, it's just a fake money game designed to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals.

This game does not pay even a cent. Its focus is solely on displaying numerous ads to users. It will continuously prompt users to watch ads and claim rewards. So, if you are busy playing Block Puzzle Master with the hope of receiving payment, just keep in mind that it's better to play the game for fun rather than expecting money.


This puzzle game has been falsely advertised to gain online popularity. It's marketed as a game that helps users earn money, but in reality, it does not. Therefore, anyone coming across it should exercise caution to avoid disappointment.

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