DollarTub - Legit or a Scam? - Real or Fake? (DollarTub Review)

DollarTub is a new platform that promises users a real money-making opportunity. The platform makes everything seem easy by allowing users to earn money by watching videos and performing tasks that involve downloading apps.

The question now is: Is DollarTub a legit platform, or is it a scam? Does it pay at all?

In this review, we will guide you through a few steps to provide you with everything you need to know about this site. You will see for yourself whether it's a legitimate site or one designed to scam unsuspecting individuals. Stay connected for more information.

What is DollarTub, and How Does It Work?

As mentioned earlier, DollarTub is another website that enables users to earn money by watching videos, performing tasks, and referring people.

DollarTub, located at, has been around for more than a couple of months. Here's how it works: When you visit the site, you will be prompted to earn through watching videos. Clicking on the button redirects you to a sign-up page to create an account.

After creating an account, you gain access to your account's dashboard, where available videos are displayed. Each video lasts for 30 seconds, and once the 30 seconds are over, rewards can be granted. The amount paid for each video varies; it can be $1, $0.70, and so on.

Watching videos is not the only way to earn on this platform. Checking its navigation page reveals an option to earn through performing tasks such as downloading apps. Additionally, it has a referral program for users to earn by referring people. For each person you refer, the reward is $5, along with 10% of your referral's daily income.

While DollarTub makes earning money seem easy, as with any online opportunity that appears too good to be true, the question arises: Is DollarTub a legitimate platform, or is it a scam? Let's explore that.

Is DollarTub Legit or a Scam?

DollarTub, a site claiming to turn watching videos into a money-making opportunity, has turned out to be a scam. If you're investing time in it, be aware that you're simply wasting your precious time, as not even a cent will be paid out to you.

We tested DollarTub and compared it with similar platforms to verify its authenticity. The truth is that DollarTub operates similarly to many other fake money sites, such as "Money Easily."

Proceed with caution to avoid investing your time and mobile data in watching videos, only to find out that you won't receive any payment.

Is DollarTub Real or Fake?

Based on our findings, DollarTub has been flagged as a fake site. After a thorough examination and gathering information from various sources, we discovered that this site is not genuine. It promises users a large amount of money and claims to pay upon reaching at least $100, but the harsh truth is that it does not pay even a cent.

So, don't waste your time and mobile data in vain. You can use your mobile data to watch videos on YouTube rather than getting scammed here.

DollarTub Payments:

DollarTub offers various payment options, from PayPal to Paytm, CashApp, and Bank transfer, claiming that users can choose any of them to receive payment when they accumulate at least $100 in balance. However, here is the hard truth: It does not pay even a single cent.

Final Verdict:

The truth bites harder: DollarTub is not a legit site. Many of its users, during our investigation to gather information, expressed disappointment in not receiving payment.

Users are left to submit a payment request and wait indefinitely, hoping for something that will never happen.

Finally, it's important to note that the information here was accurate as of the time of publishing. The site, DollarTub, may change its operation in the future, and we might not be aware to update the information here. For accurate and up-to-date information, we recommend gathering information from various sources and not relying solely on one.