Treasure Blocks Quest is a mobile puzzle game, and its advertisement promotes bold claims that players can earn a lot of money while playing. Discovered through a video ad a day before publishing this review, Treasure Blocks Quest was touted as a game where large amounts of money can be earned within just a few minutes. But is that true? Is Treasure Blocks Quest real or just a fake money game?

The answer to this question is that Treasure Blocks Quest is a fake cash game designed to deceive unsuspecting individuals. Want to see how this game deceives unsuspecting individuals? Continue reading to find out more.

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What Is Treasure Blocks Quest, and How Does It Work?

Treasure Blocks Quest is an easy-to-play mobile puzzle game that recently became available on the Google Play Store. It's already gaining popularity, and the secret to its appeal lies in its advertising claim of rewarding players with real money.

The way it works is exactly as you can see in the image above. When you play, it rewards you with money and promises that you need to reach a specific balance amount to request payment.

Is Treasure Blocks Quest Legit or a Scam?

The truth is, Treasure Blocks Quest is a scam. Why? After thorough testing and gathering information from various sources for legitimacy verification, comparing it with other games that promise money rewards, we have confirmed that it was designed to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals.

Designed to scam people, Treasure Blocks Quest rewards players with real money for playing, setting a threshold to meet before requesting payment. But the truth is, it does not pay even a cent. Reaching the threshold might lead to additional conditions or waiting for payment indefinitely.

Is Treasure Blocks Quest Real or Fake?

Treasure Blocks Quest is considered a fake money game because it rewards players with money and promises to pay upon reaching the withdrawal conditions. However, the truth has been uncovered: It is not a legit game, so anyone coming across it should exercise caution to avoid falling victim.


The truth is: you can't withdraw even a cent from Treasure Blocks Quest because the game was designed to deceive players and trick them into watching video ads. You have two options: either play the game for fun or uninstall it. Expecting money payment from it will only lead to disappointment.

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