WalkBoost - Legit or Scam? - Real or Fake? (WalkBoost Review)

Imagine earning money while walking. That's exactly what a mobile app called WalkBoost promises its users. It sounds like an easy way to earn money, but is it legitimate or a scam? WalkBoost claims that by downloading it to your phone, launching it, and starting to walk, you can earn real money.

Now, here is the truth behind this app: It's not legitimate in any way. If you're busy investing time and mobile data, expecting to get paid for the earnings you've accumulated, be prepared to find yourself disappointed by a deceptive app.

Thank you for visiting to read our WalkBoost review. Today, the truth behind a mobile app called WalkBoost will be uncovered, and everyone will see if it's legit or not.


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What Is WalkBoost, and How Does It Work?

WalkBoost is a mobile app designed to function like a pedometer. When active, it strives to provide users with an accurate step count and other information such as walking distance and calories burned.

Another feature of WalkBoost is that it rewards users with coins for every activity they complete. As promised by the app, these coins can be exchanged for cash. It displays various payment options, claiming that users can choose their preferred method to receive payment. While this may seem enticing, the question remains: Is WalkBoost a legit app or a scam? Let's delve into that.

Is WalkBoost Legit or a Scam?

After extensive research, several pieces of information suggesting that WalkBoost is not a legit app were uncovered. Firstly, WalkBoost appears to be a clone of similar apps like Sweat Walker and others, as it operates similarly to them.

Additionally, information gathered from other sources confirmed that WalkBoost is not legitimate; it does not actually pay out the money it rewards users.


Stumbling upon WalkBoost advertised as a legitimate app to earn money by simply walking might have seemed like a great opportunity to make easy money. However, the fact that WalkBoost has remained under "early access" on the Google Play Store since 2023 is the first red flag.

If you are using this app, walking and completing other activities in hopes of receiving payment at the end, be aware that it will not pay you even a single Naira.

Regarding the pedometer aspect of the app, we cannot recommend it. After thorough testing, it appears that the app can even count shakes as steps.

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