Ball Match: Heaven Quest Review - Worth It? - Legit or Scam?

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Ball Match: Heaven Quest

A puzzle game


Welcome to the review of Ball Match: Heaven Quest, a recently launched mobile game promising users hours of fun and entertainment.

Throughout this review, you'll gain insight into this game, from its mechanics to all the necessary details you need to know.

What Is Ball Match: Heaven Quest?

Ball Match: Heaven Quest is a new mobile puzzle game designed to keep players engaged from level to level. It's a captivating puzzle game that can provide hours of enjoyment and help you pass the time.

Are you ready to give Ball Match a try and dive into its intuitive gameplay and mechanics to experience the real fun and entertainment it offers?


Want to give Ball Match: Heaven Quest a try? Here's link to it on Google Play Store

How Does Ball Match: Heaven Quest Work?

Ball Match: Heaven Quest's gameplay is simple yet entertaining and addictive. The objective is to rearrange balls and match them with their identical counterparts.

These balls come in various forms and are contained in test tubes, with an empty test tube (sometimes containing only one ball) separate from others filled with balls. Your task is to solve the puzzle by rearranging the balls in those tubes, ensuring each tube only contains balls of the same kind, unlike before when they were mixed together with others.

Is It Worth Playing?

Certainly, Ball Match: Heaven Quest is worth playing. As you progress through levels, you'll find different game modes: Easy, Medium, and Hard, offering you a range of challenges to suit your preferences.

Important Features Lacking:

Ball Match: Heaven Quest lacks some important features. Based on our testing, it seems the game still needs improvement to provide players with an entertaining gaming experience:

1. Lack of Background Music:

During our testing, Ball Match: Heaven Quest didn't have background music. Background music is crucial in puzzle games, as it helps keep players engaged and entertained.

Important Things to Know About Ball Match: Heaven Quest:

1. Contains Ads:

Ball Match: Heaven Quest contains ads. It's important to be aware of this, but keep in mind that these ads are not intrusive; you'll only see them at your own discretion.

2. Contains In-Game Purchases:

You may encounter situations that require you to make in-game purchases, such as buying in-game coins to unlock more features or gain access to additional benefits.

Can You Make Money?

No, you can't make any money from Ball Match: Heaven Quest. It's a mobile game designed solely for entertainment purposes. If you're looking for a puzzle game to play and earn money at the same time, unfortunately, Ball Match: Heaven Quest is not the one.

Is Ball Match: Heaven Quest Legit or a Scam?

Ball Match: Heaven Quest is legitimate and not a scam. Our investigation found no information suggesting it's a fraudulent app.

Is Ball Match: Heaven Quest Real or Fake?

We tested the game and found no red flags indicating it's a scam or fraud. Ball Match: Heaven Quest is real and not a fake game.

Advice: Proceed with Caution:

Over the years of testing games, apps, and websites, we've encountered numerous scams and fraudulent schemes. While we're not saying Ball Match: Heaven Quest is one of them, users' experiences can vary. Be cautious and avoid games that appear suspicious to protect yourself from scams and fraud.


Ball Match: Heaven Quest is a mobile puzzle game worth playing. It offers players an entertaining experience.

That concludes this review. For more updates, please connect with us on Facebook to share your experience or follow us. Thank you for reading.

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