Coin Winner Review - Legit or Scam? - Real or Fake?

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Coin Winner

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Coin Winner is a mobile gaming app that claims to offer players the opportunity to earn real money, which they can withdraw upon meeting certain requirements. A video advertisement suggests that by downloading the game, users will receive an immediate $100 new user reward and can earn substantial amounts of money per round.

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What is Coin Winner and How Does It Work?

Coin Winner is a mobile coin-matching game where the objective is to group coins of the same color together in the same coin dispenser.

Key Points to Note About Coin Winner:

1. User Experience May Vary:

Our investigation reveals that Coin Winner is designed in a deceptive manner. While some users may encounter features such as the ability to earn real money and promises of cash withdrawals, others may find themselves earning only in-game coins with no real monetary value.

Highlighted Points:

Coin Winner was initially advertised as a legitimate game that allows players to earn money, with video ads even claiming a $100 credit for new users. However, our investigation raises questions:

Does Coin Winner Pay Real Money?

Unfortunately, no. Our findings indicate that Coin Winner is not a game that rewards players with real money. It appears to be designed to deceive users with false promises and fake rewards, all aimed at generating advertising revenue.

Is Coin Winner Worth Your Time?

While Coin Winner may provide entertainment value, its misleading advertising as a money-making game raises concerns about its legitimacy. We cannot recommend trying Coin Winner, as it appears to be a deceptive app that wastes users' time and data.

Is Coin Winner Legit or a Scam?

Our investigation concludes that Coin Winner is a scam. Despite being promoted as a legitimate game offering real earnings, our research reveals otherwise. Users should be wary of trusting Coin Winner, as it seems to deceive users into believing they can earn real money.

Is Coin Winner Real or Fake?

Despite advertisements suggesting Coin Winner is a legitimate money-making game, our investigation reveals it to be false advertising. Coin Winner does not pay players for their time and efforts, making it a fake game that disappoints unsuspecting users.

Coin Winner Withdrawal and Withdrawal Proof:

While some individuals claim to have received payments from Coin Winner, others report falling victim to its scam tactics. Our research suggests that Coin Winner fails to deliver on its promises of earnings withdrawal, leading users to invest time and data without any returns.


In conclusion, Coin Winner appears to be a deceptive mobile gaming app. Users should exercise caution and avoid paying any fees for withdrawal, as it may be a scam tactic. For more reviews, follow our Facebook page (Naijanewlife).

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