Earnglobal is a platform that claims you can earn $20 to $22 for each referral. Additionally, the platform claims you can earn by installing apps and games, and you can withdraw earnings at any time. Whether Earnglobal is legit or a scam is the question everyone is asking. In this review, we will unveil the truth, allowing everyone to determine if it's a legitimate site or a scam to avoid.

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So, without wasting any time, let's dive straight into unveiling the truth behind Earnglobal.co, shall we?

Platform Overview

Platform Overview



Released date:

March 2024

Number of red flags detected:


Legit or Scam?:





Available Worldwide

Pros 👍

Cons 👎

Offers high rewards: $20 to $22 per referral, $20 and above per game installed — a red flag
No withdrawal proof from users found
Numerous users claim it's a scam

What Is Earnglobal, And How Does It Work?

Earnglobal is a platform that was launched in March 2024, according to the information we obtained from a whois domain lookup.

Coming across Earnglobal is like a dream of becoming rich coming true.
 This platform claims that simply by getting your referral link and sharing it, you can earn $2 when someone clicks on it alone without taking any other action. When the person clicks the link and creates an account, the reward is a whopping $20. In total, you earn $22 per referral, which includes the reward for the link click and the reward for signing up.

 Another way to earn on Earnglobal is by installing apps and games. For each game you install, you can earn around $20 to $22 and above.

After extensively examining Earnglobal, it is clear that users can potentially make up to $1000 in just a day, which is impressive. However, whether Earnglobal is a scam is the question everyone is busy asking.

Is Earnglobal Legit or a Scam?

While Earnglobal might seem like a great opportunity, unfortunately, it's nothing more than a pure scam. Earnglobal is a scam site, and if you've been busy referring people in hopes of receiving payment, it's time to face the truth: Earnglobal.co does not pay a single cent.

Scammers created Earnglobal to deceive unsuspecting individuals, and this review serves as a warning for anyone encountering Earnglobal to exercise caution. If you're seeking a genuine opportunity to earn, Earnglobal, or whatever it's called, is not the answer.

Is Earnglobal Real or Fake?

Earnglobal is fake; proceed with caution. Before publishing this review, we conducted thorough research, gathering information from Earnglobal users to see if there were any valid successful withdrawals, but unfortunately, there were none.

Numerous users have been left disappointed, with no payments received. Earnglobal allows users to submit withdrawal requests, giving them false hope of payment. However, based on our recent investigation, it's evident that 100% of users haven't received payment.


This concludes our review. Thank you for taking the time to read, and undoubtedly, you've found the information you were seeking.

Please note that we cannot provide instructions on how to sign up for Earnglobal as we deem it a fraudulent site. So, if you were looking to learn how to get started on the platform, unfortunately, we can't assist you with that.

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