Earnytbvideo.homes Review - Legit or Scam - Real or Fake?

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A Paid-to-watch site


Earnytbvideo.homes is a website that promises users can earn money by watching YouTube videos. But is it trustworthy or a scam?

Welcome to Naijanewlife. In this review, we'll determine if Earnytbvideo.homes actually pays users for watching videos or if it's a fraudulent site.

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How Does Earnytbvideo.homes Work?

Earnytbvideo.homes is a platform that supposedly pays users for watching YouTube videos. It's been operating for over a year.

Users can supposedly earn money by watching videos embedded from YouTube. Upon signing up, new users are promised a $10 reward. They can allegedly earn between $2 to $77 per video, and there's also a referral program.

To withdraw earnings, users need to have at least $100 in their account. The platform claims that once this threshold is met and a payment method is selected, earnings will be paid out instantly and automatically.

Does Earnytbvideo.homes Pay?

No, unfortunately, Earnytbvideo.homes does not pay. Users who expect payment for their activities on the site will be disappointed.

Is Earnytbvideo.homes Legit or a Scam?

Earnytbvideo.homes is a scam. Despite promising payments, it fails to deliver. Many users have reported not receiving any payments.

Beware of similar sites as they are likely scams too.

Is Earnytbvideo.homes Real or Fake?

Earnytbvideo.homes is fake. It offers fake rewards and falsely claims to make payments.

Earnytbvideo.homes Withdrawal Proof:

There is no evidence to support the claim that Earnytbvideo.homes pays users. If you're expecting payment from this site, it's unlikely to happen.


Earnytbvideo.homes is not a legitimate platform. Don't waste your time and effort on it. Thank you for reading. Stay updated by following us on Facebook.