Money Search - Legit or Scam? - Real or Fake? (Review)

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Money Search

A banknote-themed game


Money Search claims to offer players the chance to earn real money while playing its game. However, concerns about its legitimacy have been raised, leading to questions about whether it's a genuine opportunity or a scam.


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What is Money Search and How Does It Work?

Money Search is a game where players match identical money symbols on a board to eliminate them. The game promises to reward players with real money, which can be withdrawn once a balance of $300 or more is reached. However, doubts about its legitimacy arise due to these claims.

Does Money Search Pay Real Money?

After conducting an investigation, it's evident that Money Search does not fulfill its promise of paying real money. It appears to be a deceptive game designed to mislead users with false claims of monetary rewards.

Is Money Search Worth Your Time?

In terms of entertainment value, Money Search receives a poor rating as it lacks the challenge to keep players engaged. Therefore, it may not be worth investing time in this game.

Is Money Search Legit or a Scam?

Multiple red flags indicate that Money Search is indeed a scam. Numerous complaints about non-payment have surfaced, and the game's promise of high rewards within a short period further supports this conclusion.

Is Money Search Real or Fake?

Considering our findings and feedback from various sources, it's advisable to avoid Money Search altogether. Despite its promises, the game fails to deliver on its claims of paying users.


Money Search is not a legitimate opportunity to earn money. Users should be cautious and avoid any requests for payment to withdraw earnings. For reliable reviews and updates, follow our Facebook and Medium page Naijanewlife.