Pulse Video Review - Legit or a scam? - Real or fake?

Pulse Video is a new mobile app that claims to make earning money online easier. This app asserts that by completing simple activities, users can earn its coins, which can then be withdrawn for cash via PayPal.

Pulse Video was launched on the Google Play Store on January 31, 2024.

It's essential to note that this app is heavily laden with ads. Be prepared to encounter a barrage of both video and banner ads.

Thank you for visiting to read this Pulse Video review. It's worth noting that the app's name on Google Play is different; it's called Payoutpulse. So, if you're searching for it on Google Play, look for Payoutpulse instead of Pulse Video, the name that appears after installation.

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Want to see Pulse Video yourself? Here's link to it on Google play store


What Is Pulse Video, and How Does It Work?

Pulse Video is an app designed to reward users for engaging with its content. This app features various activities such as spinning the wheel, scratching cards, and watching videos. Users earn rewards by engaging with these activities.

Upon opening the app, no registration is required. You'll see the "Start" button; clicking on it will open a page with numerous earning options. Select the one you prefer and proceed. Each completed activity will reward you with coins. According to the app, you can withdraw your coins for cash via PayPal once you reach the withdrawal threshold.

Is Pulse Video Legit or a Scam?

While Pulse Video may seem promising, unfortunately, it falls short. Thinking of downloading Pulse Video to earn some money? Regrettably, it won't deliver. This app appears to be a waste of time, primarily due to the overwhelming number of ads it bombards users with. Users often find themselves redirected to other websites or confronted with intrusive pop-up video ads with every click.

Now, let's examine the withdrawal process of Pulse Video. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that it will pay out. Based on our comprehensive examination of the app, we uncovered several red flags indicating that it may not fulfill its payment promises. If you still choose to use it, proceed with caution.

Do We Recommend Pulse Video?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot recommend downloading this app if you are seeking to earn money. Our recent investigation suggests that it may not pay out in the end. However, if you decide to proceed, remember that our lack of recommendation does not necessarily mean you should avoid downloading it altogether. Exercise caution.


After testing Pulse Video and comparing it with similar apps, one thing to bear in mind is that Pulse Video may not fulfill its payment promises. We do not recommend downloading it if you are looking to earn money.

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