Rateglo is a site that claims you can earn real money. According to the site, all you need to do is sign up, access your account, and start reviewing brands to earn $35 per hour.

It sounds like a great platform, but opportunities like this are often scams. Encountering Rateglo might make you feel like you're about to become rich. Imagine earning $35 hourly for simply doing something that costs you nothing. Rateglo seems too good to be true. Today, we will unveil the secret behind it.

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Without wasting any time, let's go straight to uncover the truth behind Rateglo, shall we?

Platform Overview

Platform Overview



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Bad reviews from users: We found numerous reports from users, claiming it's a waste of time
No valid withdrawal proof from users found

What is Rateglo and How Does It Work?

Rateglo positions itself as a platform where people can review brands and earn money in return. Additionally, it pays users $1 per referral, claiming that all a user needs to do is get their referral link and share it. When someone signs up using the link, the referrer earns a reward of $1, while the new user receives a $5 welcome reward.

Furthermore, there are other ways to earn from this platform. It claims you can complete offers, which involve installing apps, and earn $5 to $6 and above.

Rateglo claims to make earning money online easier. It boldly asserts that each user can earn $35 per hour, and when they make up to $80, they can receive payment via PayPal, cryptocurrency, or any other supported payment system. While this may seem like a great opportunity, the truth is, Rateglo is a pure scam site.

Is Rateglo Legit or a Scam?

Rateglo rewards users with dollars for every activity they complete on it and promises to pay when they reach at least $80. But here's the truth: Rateglo is a scam.

We have tested this platform, gathered information from users, and also from other trusted sources to verify its legitimacy. If you are investing your time on Rateglo in hopes of receiving payment in the end, it's time to face reality: It will not pay you even a cent.

Is Rateglo Real or Fake?

Rateglo is not a legitimate money-making site but a fake one designed to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. This site claims to pay for reviewing brands, but it's just a trick invented by the owner to generate traffic to advertising links in order to earn advertising revenue.

Even if you accumulate up to $1,000 in balance, Rateglo will not pay you even a cent.

Rateglo Withdrawal Proof:

Unfortunately, we found no valid withdrawal proof to establish Rateglo as a legitimate and trusted platform for earning money. Research showed that no single person has received payment from it since its launch in 2023.


Rateglo does not pay; it's not a legitimate platform, so anyone coming across it should exercise caution to avoid falling victim.

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