Us Product Testing Review - Legit or Scam? - Worth It?

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US Product Testing

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US Product Testing promises an opportunity to earn money and vouchers by reviewing products. Sounds enticing, right? But before you dive in, let's unpack whether it's legit or just another online scam.

What's US Product Testing all about?:

Well, it's essentially a platform where you can earn rewards by testing products, as the name suggests. It's legit, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Let's dig deeper.


Want to give US Product Testing a try? Here's link to the website

The earning opportunity: Product reviews:

The main way to earn on US Product Testing is by doing product reviews. You pick a product, fill out a form, and hope to get accepted. But here's the catch: they only select a few testers each week. Your chances? Slim.

And when you apply, you're also signing up to share your data with sponsors. Expect a flood of promotional emails. Not fun.

Payment and earning potential:

Sure, you get to keep the products you review and might snag a gift card or PayPal cash. But most rewards are in the form of vouchers, and the chances of earning are low due to the limited number of testers.

Mobile use and membership:

The site is Mobile-friendly, but while it's mobile-friendly, there's no app. And it's only for US residents. No member dashboard, this means you have to go through the registration process every time you apply for product testing.

Support and final thoughts:

Support options are limited, and there's no FAQ page. While US Product Testing has its perks, like high rewards and mobile-friendliness, the cons outweigh the pros. Limited tester acceptance, spammy promotional emails, and the hassle of applying repeatedly make it not worth the effort.

In conclusion, if you value your time and inbox sanity, you might want to skip US Product Testing and explore other, more user-friendly product testing sites.

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