Cashzine Review - Get paid to read Articles - Legit or Scam?

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Cashzine is a mobile app that allows users to earn money by reading news articles and engaging with various content.

Cashzine is a free app available for Android users that offers rewards for reading news articles. The app curates content from various sources and incentivizes users to engage with this content through a point system.

Getting Started:

To get started, you need to download the Cashzine app from Google play store. Once app is installed, open it, and sign in with your Google account, or you can signin with your Facebook account. Before you start earning, make sure you check out the payment options available to you.

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Ways to Earn on Cashzine:

Cashzine offers several ways for users to earn coins, which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards, or other options (varies by country). Below are detailed explanations of each earning method:

1. Reading Articles:

The primary way to earn coins on Cashzine is by reading news articles. Here’s how it works:

Select an Article: You can choose from a variety of articles in categories such as health, lifestyle, novels, and sports.

Scroll and Read: A timer appears once you start reading. You need to scroll through the article to keep the timer running.

Earn Coins: When the timer completes, you receive coins. Typically, you earn around 50 coins per minute of reading and the total amount of coins you can earn per day reading articles is 1,000.

Quality Check: Cashzine's system detects if users are genuinely reading or just scrolling mindlessly. High-quality reading (engaging with the content properly) yields more coins.

2. Daily Check-Ins:

Cashzine rewards users for regularly checking in to the app:

Daily Bonus: Users earn a small number of coins each day they check in.

Streak Bonuses: Checking in consecutively for multiple days increases the bonus amount. For example, a 7-day streak may offer a significant bonus compared to individual daily check-ins.

3. Sharing Articles:

Users can earn additional coins by sharing articles on social media:

Social Media Sharing: Sharing articles on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter can earn extra coins.

Reward Amount: The app typically gives an extra 100 coins for each shared article.

4. Referral Program:

The referral program is a substantial way to earn coins:

Invite Friends: Share your unique referral code with friends.

Referral Bonuses: Earn coins when your referrals sign up and start using the app. For instance, users can earn 8,000 coins as a sign-up bonus for using a referral code.

Ongoing Earnings: You can continue earning a percentage of the coins that your referrals accumulate through their activities on the app.

5. Quizzes and Contests:

Occasionally, Cashzine hosts quizzes and contests that provide additional earning opportunities:

Quizzes: You can participate in quizzes available in the tasks section. Correct answers reward you with coins.

Contests: You can engage in various contests that may offer substantial coin rewards for winners.

Additional Earning Opportunities:

While the primary methods above are the most common, Cashzine also provides other earning options:

• Lucky Wheel: You can also earn by spinning the Lucky Wheel, up to 40 times per day to win coins, with prizes potentially reaching up to 50,000 coins.

• Offers, Surveys and Games: There are various offers and surveys available. Cashzine has partnered with offer providers like Tapjoy to offer various offers and surveys. Additionally, you can also earn by playing games, these games are offered by Adjoe Bonus, you can select from a variety of games, play, earn coins per minutes and so on. 

You can earn by engaging with offer walls and surveys to earn coins, though the availability and rewards for these can vary by location.

Earning Potential:

The earning potential of Cashzine is relatively low. For example, in the UK, users need 400,000 coins to redeem £5, which requires significant time spent on the app. Users in Malaysia have reported needing 4.7 hours to earn RM1. The exact amount can vary based on the region and the exchange rate for coins.

Is It Worth It?

Cashzine can be worthwhile if you regularly read news and want to earn a small amount of extra money, you will find interesting stories to read. However, the effort required to reach payout thresholds is substantial. The app is better suited for casual use rather than as a significant income.

Important Things To Know:

Contain Ads: You will encounter numerous ads on Cashzine. For example, when you try to earn by spinning wheel and others, the app will play video ads. 

Payment and Legitimacy:

Cashzine has a good track record of paying users via PayPal and occasionally through gift cards. Users typically receive their payouts within 1-5 business days after requesting them. Reviews indicate that the app is legit and does pay out, though some regions, like the Philippines, have experienced issues with payment. It's important to note that the exact payment options can vary by country, in some countries, Mobile top-up and others can be available.


Cashzine appears to be safe to use, with standard data privacy practices in place. However, you should always review the app’s privacy policy to understand how their data is being used.

Customer Support and App Interface:

Cashzine customer support can be reached at

The app interface includes categories like health, lifestyle, and sports, making it easy to navigate and find content of interest. However, some users have reported that the app is cluttered with ads and notifications.

Pros and Cons:


Free to use and offers a variety of content. 

Earn small rewards for activities you might already do.

Reliable payment history.


High minimum thresholds for cashing out.

Significant time investment required to earn meaningful rewards.

The app is only available for Android devices and in certain regions.

The app interface can be cluttered and sometimes unprofessional.


Cashzine is a legit app that pays users for reading news articles. It’s best suited for those who enjoy reading and don’t mind earning slowly over time.